SAFE RECOVERY on Blog talk radio- Tearing Up The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Tuesday @5:30 pm pst September 24, 2013


Join us for a 45 min show “tearing up the Big Book” and all it’s ridiculousness!!!


Have you or someone you know been told to stop taking your medication in AA?

For years AA members have been playing God, Doctor, therapist, and marriage counselor.

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Does The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Need to be rewritten? Many say…OMG YES…

Join bloggers Massive & gunthar 2000 for a 1 hour show on Blog talk radio


SAFE RECOVERY at 4pm PST & 7 PM EST. Tuesday April 2, 2013

WHere in we will debate, dissect and dismember those gnarly, outdated, antiquated rubbish ridden chapters of AA literature.