THE DOC ( Department of Corrections) is coercing Everyone out of Prison System to AA (alcoholics anonymous) Meetings, Sober Living, 12 step “treatment” (wtf is that)….etc…with American TAX Payers Dollars!

DOC image pic

First off I want to reiterate what Maureen Maher said in her pre video to the CBS 48 hours piece, The Sober Truth that AA is not a professional treatment. Its just a support group….a fellowship….a lay persons support group. So why would the DOC be sending every body there, even those with no alcohol or drug issues?

Last Tuesday I interviewed Barry Hazle on my blog talk radio show… who had sued the state of California, his probation office and the 12 step rehab he was forced to attend and won 1.9 Million dollars.

Barry Is an atheist.

During the interview I asked Barry a question . Something I have been fearing might be true. Something that makes AA and it’s intrencment into american society a scary reality. Yes it’s true that every person coming out of prison gets sent down some sort of AA rehabilitation tactics. Really. Well…Barry said yes this is true.

But my tax paying money is being used to do this? We are paying for AA religious indoctrination Bullshit daily. This made me really upset to think this is true.

Im not sure about you, but I know that we needed this CBS 48 hours piece. We need my film to come out and we need a lot more activism and education as to what AA is, why this needs to stop and then we need to stop it.

Even as I wrote this I can’t believe its true. SO pilots, Doctors, Foster care kids, everyone who get’s a DUI, everyone with a mental health issue and nurses and lawyers and …you get it….

Goodnight for now…