Domestic Violent charges gets AA meetings in stead of JAIL – OH NO ! WHY – why- why?

Once again we see a Football star gets AA instead of jail time –

WHY_ geez – folks – If a Pilot did this – his life would be ruined and he would be forced to comply with an AA Nazi style regime that could last 5 years or his entire career.

The 13th Step -The San Antonio Film Festival-July 30th- plus more festivals added!

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We are happy and excited to announce that The 13th Step, is screening at the San Antonio Film Festival. this Thursday @ 9pm, July 30th, 2015 in San Antonio Texas, at The Tobin Center. Please go here and buy tickets. Invite professionals you know to the screening.

Please come down to see the film there if you live in the area. There will be  a Q & A after the screening.

We will also be screening at The Voiceless International Film Festival in San Francisco August 14th, 2015. Please go here and buy your tickets. I will be attending this festival .

The Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood in Association with The Center for Inquiry is also doing a screening early in September, with the SOS crowd. I will be attending this screening and hold another Q & A after.

Next: we just got accepted to another festival in Action in Film Festival, located in Monrovia, California. This is a great opportunity to have the people who live near Los Angeles see the film . Please post on Facebook and Twitter and all social media to share with friends and family and professionals in the local area.

Stepper Man “Eric Allen Earle GETS MURDER 1… Convicted for killing Karla Brada

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Whom he met in an Alcoholics Anonymous  meeting!!!


Thank you to a GREAT DA Ms Abramson!!!! Prosecutor who did a fantastic job!!! Also a great Judge!

Eric Earle was mandated to AA meetings over 55 times , over 22 years. Forced to attend a religious pod of lay people for a violent temper and a drinking issue.

He punched his own mother in the face at one time. Put a pillow over his wife Jennifer’s face and tried to kill her in front of their small children years ago.  Yet many judges shipped him off to AA in a lay persons pods instead of sending him to jail.

This case, along with CSB News  ( which will air soon) and my film, will expose AA and what our courts are doing.  Most don’t even know. I had no idea when I was still in AA.

The DUI coercion is disgusting and must be stopped as well.

Karla’s parents, Jaro and Hector Mendez, and I will go to Washington  DC and to Sacramento to address this and make changes in the law after the film is finished and out there.

The LA Times Homicide Reporting


Thank you for all your blogging and support.

ATTENTION all Ex Stepper’s bloggers who have been harmed by AA WE NEED YOUR HELP- CALL To ACTION!

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We are having some progress with our activism with the help of Jaro, Karla Brada’s Mother. We have sent letters to President Obama and Michelle and VP Joe Biden and Jill BIden and Governor Brown.

No one but Jerry Browns office have responded. But today , Senator Alex Padilla’s office responded and called Jaro, Karla’s mom.

He is going to investigate what is going on in AA in California.

SO WE NEED YOU TO  DO SOMETHING for Karla, for Jaro and Hector….please!!!

Under the FIle a Complaint thread please tell us your complaint directing it to Alex Padilla and I will cut and paste these stories and send them to his office. Or send them to his office and copy the story here so we can track them. 

Each step we take I will be telling you and we might go to Sacramento and to Los Angeles CIty Hall and Los Angeles Superior Court where we heard today by a very reliable source that 100-200 men have been court ordered to AA. VIOLENT OFFENDERS TO BOOT! Every friggen day…Oh my dear GOD help us.

Also, please tell us what state you are in.