Country Singer-Mindy McCready Dead Of An Apparent Suicide- Another person not WANTING AA REHAB!

This is very very sad.

On Jan. 30, a judge has ordered McCready to be committed to a treatment facility to deal with mental health and alcohol issues. However, after undergoing a series of tests, she was released from the facility the following day and allowed to enter into an outpatient program.

mindy mcgready pic

How can we reach the media. How can we reach these parents?

Forced to a life of AA steppers wacko 1939 religion and cult. Not everyone has the strength to fight their controlling ways. Her father had his part in it. He had her children taken away. Is he a stepper? I don’t know.

I’m glad I found Stanton Peele’s books, ADDICTION PROOF YOUR CHILD, ALBERT ELLIS Books, The Sinclair Method, Smart REcovery, SOS, AMY LEE COY, and so I could see AA for the nut house it is.

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