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Join me for a one hour show with Melanie Soloman to discuss her book and work in regards to Substance Over use and Mental Health.

Melanie’s Bio: After battling a twelve-year addiction, and being trapped in the “recovery merry-go-round” nightmare, I have finally woken up after almost dying several times. My second edition of “AA-Not the Only Way” which is also at has just become available, where you will learn about my life, as it has taken both its ups and downs, and how I have come out on the other side ok. There is also a multitude of alternative self-help groups to find out about, and other ways to assist you in either stopping your drinking or using, or moderating it to a harmless level. In this new edition, I have also added alternatives such as hypnosis, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Add to that a directory of licensed professionals and treatment facilities, if that is determined to be what you need, both within the U.S. and abroad, including all of their contact information…

So she became the consummate researcher, finding new purpose in compiling information on evidence-based alternative recovery options that might better suit the complex and individualized needs of people suffering with substance abuse problems.  In the process, she discovered that she was far from being alone in her AA “failure.”   Indeed, it was instead a customized path that would help her create enduring sobriety.  The result was her book, “AA Not the Only Way- Your One Stop Resource Guide to 12-Step Alternatives,” an bestseller in its 2nd Edition.

Marianne Williamson Slams Gabrielle Glaser – re MSNBC – Chris Hayes Show

Well I guess author of Her Best Kept Secret, journalist Gabreille Glaser has struck a nerve in a few places. For one in the anti stepper camp, Gabreille is our hero, someone who seems to tirelessly stick her neck out, write another intelligent, evocative piece and get herself on the airwaves, radio, or TV, Katie Couric or CBS 48 hours The Sober Truth.

But it was this recent appearance on Chirs Hayes’s show on MSNBC that is bringing out the big guns….who will be next Oprah? Who knows, but I expect it will be someone good.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.56.14 AM

A big Thank you to Chris Hayes,  and MSNBC for having Gabrielle on the show !

The Atlantic published her piece on Tuesday, just three days ago. There were over 4,600 comments by end  of day three. At first it was filled with pro AA’ers blasting Gabrielle and how did she DARE say such things about a program that had helped their father, their mother and the baker down the street!

But what really got me going was when a poster shared what Marianne Williamson, LA self appointed new age guru wrote on her FACEBOOK page. With quite a bit of followers, seems to me that Ms Spirituality lost her shit and spewed her venom on over to spray on Ms Glaser’s parade.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.52.52 AM

SO a whole crew of us descended on her public page and laid our truth out for all the steppers to see. I bet they are still calling me “vile” and what Gabrielle did “dangerous” .

I find it interesting that they think AA is above reproach.  Why are they so arrogant?

Gabrielle Glaser Hammers Alcoholics Anonymous on THE DAILY BEAST ! GO Gabby!


One more round of Journalist , author  Gabrielle Glaser, of  “Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”, of hard hitting what is wrong with AA, Karla Brada Murder and the passing of Elizabeth Pena. The Daily Beast contacted her and asked her to write a piece.

She even gave me a mention. Sweet !!! Thanks Gabrielle….

Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women

Read full story here and comment..the haters are out for sure…


Suing Alcoholics Anonymous, your “EAP” employer, 12 step rehabs and your Insurance Company that pays for a religious 1930’s never updated peer support groups. No Mental Heath and NO real Health Care provided there ma, so whats the deal? What can you do?

Is AA like a wind up  phone circa 1930’s…oldphone1930

and Smart Recovery is like an IPHONE.


Why in America are we so stuck back then, when it  comes to addiction, alcoholic overuse and dependency? At first I thought AA just grew as a grassroots organization. I thought that because the readings at AA meetings and the folklore that is perpetuated in meetings, makes one think that. Our TV  shows like “MOM”momtv show pic

and FILMS like “FLIGHT”

flightpicwith Denzel Washington   promotes it all flagrantly like its sweet cookies and milk support group that is run by professionals  and  secular, which we all know is not true! …

so hear is the thread you have requested….:)

Hi.  Have you been coerced or bullied into AA? Are you a Doctordrsmokingpic

or a pilot? AA was formulated when cigarettes were promoted as being good for us as we see here in this ad. Well, is AA still good for the masses? Never updated, never researched  or never vetted? For 75 years…

pilots pic

I have just come back from interviewing a Pilot and a Doctor.  I was so shocked I had a hard time watching the footage when I got home. I got up from my desk, went downstairs and told my husband it was too depressing…I could not handle it …how sad he is…. Thank God my editor is more detached! LOL Thanks … Barry RUBINOW.

The coercion within the FAA and pilots is so fucked up that it broke my heart. This pilot /doctor was so sad that I have no words for what I felt from him. We could not film him in the light and we will have to pitch his voice for fear that he will be so retaliated upon and loss his license.

Things are very bad when the FAA is sending you to an AA psychiatrist who is called a something …blah blah medical Sponsor with some silly other word preceding it. They charge $1,500. for one session. There are only 2 of them in Northern Cali. They force the pilots to go to an expensive $40,000 bullshit rehab called HAZELTON !!!!!!! filled with stepper shit….OMFG!

I want you to know this….You are not alone. There is an attorney who can help you. Please contact me for now and we  will begin to see how to handle all the emails.

Life and Death…not taking the ones we love for granted. Spending more time with them now that we left AA.

loving life ppic

Being in Toronto and getting to meet a blogger I met here, and just life has got me thinking. How much time did AA take away from  my time with my children?

Now hold on…there are about 10 years when they, my children were born  1990 and 1994,  were born where I really pulled back from AA and only went once a month to a couples meeting in private homes. Yet I did run to Alanon 1 time a week , for a short time, when my marriage was falling apart. Did AA hurt that first marriage. HELL YES!

I wonder if I knew what I know today how that would have played out differently. I’ll never know.

I know that when a woman like me did so much work on me…that after 4 years sober I should have left AA at age 22. But I did not. I have been thinking about doing EMDR work for my AA trauma. All the nonsense.

enjoy ifepic

How would my life be different. I would have attended a real University, maybe taken up swing dancing, krav , cooking….I am sure I would have made films sooner….written a book by now, played and sang music around the world…or just have spent more time with them on those nights I went to my woman’s meeting in those last 6 years. …:(

How did AA effect us socially. I think not drinking a drop absolutley effects how you interact  with even moderate imbibers . AS I write this…some of it makes me sad. But on the good side I did experience real normalcy when socializing with other documentary film makers in Canada.whitewinepic

I felt certainly a part of the world, a part of that community and I was really embraced by many who hate AA around the world and they are glad I am making this film.

What are some things that you missed and how do you deal with that now. I plan on taking those swing dance lessons this month. 🙂swing dance pic

Lance Dodes, M.D. author of The Sober Truth on blog talk radio SAFE RECOVERY- Wednesday March 26, @ Noon PST, 3pm EST

The sober Truth

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Join host Monica Richardson for a 1 hour in-depth interview with Dr Lance Dodes who has just released his new cutting edge book, The Sober Truth, DEBUNKING THE BAD SCIENCE BEHIND 12-STEP PROGRAMS ABD THE REHAB INDUSTRY.


Alcoholics Anonymous, Fort Collins, Colorado…Cleveland, Ohio -When AA Doesn’t Fit… What Options do you have?

bill and saturday evening post oic

This is what an AA meeting looked like when Bill Wilson posed for his first big marketing plug in one of the biggest Magazines of the times …thanks to Marty Mann the PR genius with all the sweet hookups and …trust me she know all of the High Society and she connected Bill Wilson with all of these people. AA would not  have existed without Marty Mann. Here are some other pics to remind us of how medicine use to be

insane a pic

If you are feeling that maybe AA is very outdated and toxic…you are not alone.


fear imageImagine using this puppy for medicine today…so why are 95% of rehabs using AA from 1935 and religious cultish pop psych lay person groups for a mental health issues or a behavioral issue????Why why why…

antiques medical image

So why has AA held such a strong hold on alcohol and drug over use problems in our society. If a government can control and weaken its people they might like that. AA is a philosophy and culture that dis empowers its members at every level. Think about it.

Join the many who are Leaving AA and trying sane alternatives to that wacky dangerous culture. Remember cigarettes were once good for you! There’s always Smart Recovery online.

smart image

Smart has a chat 24/7…I like this option. The other alternatives that are free.

I hear there is one young peoples Smart Meeting. Sorry no perverts allowed …smart has rules about who can come to a minor’s meeting unlike AA …

I don’t know about Cleveland  Ohio …I will post those options when I get there. Also , if you want to start an SOS meeting just contact Jim Christopher and he will send you a starter kit.

sos logo

Moderation Management …I suggest if you have been in AA to deprogram first throughly before you …cheers! 🙂

Harm Reduction, Hams Network see Ken Anderson for this option, and The Sincliar Method with the use of Naltrexone.

There is a great resource page on with every book you could imagine to read to help you.

Just a few more tips…

You are not broken.

No one labels themselves in any other newer modern program.

You have no disease.

No other program is religious, none have sponsors. none require you to come for LIFE!!!

Gabrielle Glaser has OP-ED Piece in The New York Times!!!!

Breaking News…Gabrielle Glaser author of Her Best Kept Secret has a piece in the NEW YORK TIMES…WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!


Cold Turkey Isn’t the Only Route

Published: January 1, 2014 2 Comments

THIS New Year’s, a good number of those who struggle to control their drinking will resolve to abstain from alcohol. No halfway measures. Quitting is the only way.

Anna Parini


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The cold-turkey approach is deeply rooted in the United States, embraced by doctors, the multibillion-dollar treatment industry and popular culture. For nearly 80 years, our approach to drinking problems has been inspired by the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Developed in the 1930s by men who were “chronic inebriates,” the A.A. program offers a single path to recovery: abstinence, surrendering one’s ego and accepting one’s “powerlessness” over alcohol.

But it’s not the only way to change your drinking habits.

Read the whole story here…

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i am not powerless


WOW. A mile to be sure.

Thanks for all your support. 🙂 Any suggestions for shows or guests you would like to hear on my show just drop me a line. Exposing the dangers of AA was my first priority and then moved to also interviewing the leaders of the other options available to help with alcohol and drug overuse, both free and for profit.

Books are a great way to educate ourselves so if you’ve found a great new author that I have not interviewed Im interested in that as well!

We will be launching my KICK Starter campaign around August 6th! STAY TUNED!!!

you can always download and listen for free on itunes on any device.


What could be a tide changer? What have we been working for? Is it that we want the public and media be warned about AA and now the truth about what is going on in AA, its culture and its rooms….right.

Well Gabrielle Glaser, Her book, Simon & Schuster and her publicist have all been working oh so hard. I hope you have ordered or bought the book. Please remember to write a review as well.


I will not spill the beans till tomorrow night. I am in NYC right now. They flew me here. nuff said. Its happening !!!!