Have you, a  loved one or a friend got a DUI recently or ever? I have not, but from this work I  discovered about Court ordered coercion for DUI’s and for criminals, both sexual and violent offenders.  I am putting this problem in my film. It is the reason AA is so big.

Maybe you were court ordered by a judge which is against the Bill Of RIghts. Your 1st amendment rights!~

I know 3 people who are very close to me. One family, one friend and one friend of a friend.

I found out after I left AA that it is a violation to be forced to attend to AA/NA. Yet no body knows this. I am very disturbed by this and am taking  action to change it. I encourage anyone out there to join me. I have made pamphlets  to hand out and I have gone to a few AA meetings and handed out these pamphlets to those who are getting their court cards signed. They were very excited to see they had choices.

These are the professionals we need to get these pamphlets to:



DUI’s – those who get the tickets

Probation Officers

Those attending the class you are sent to AB530-

A woman called into the show yesterday and gave us some facts.

In the first 40 years of AA they sold 30 million Big Books.

In the the second 40 years they sold 30 million Big Books. What Happened?  Professionalizing of AA …called rehabs and treatment centers, and drug courts and stupid AB530 classes that cost $675.00 ….some sell  a book for $24,000 for one month in rehab! Some charge Insurance Blue Cross Anthem $1000.00 per day for AA crap, A bed on a floor and AA meetings galore.

If you will go to  one local courthouse, one AA meeting where there are many DUI’s and or contact 1 lawyer who handles DUI’s I would appreciate it.

contact me at makeaasafer@gmail.com Remember the ripple effect. Each person you tell will tell 3 more people and they will tell 3 people . so for every one you tell 50 more people will know ….if we have a person in every city …..then we have hundreds , maybe thousands to be educated and empowered. Stop AA coercion and AA will get right sized. Very very small…..think of the moose lodge….LOL 🙂


A New Critical Viewpoint Book on Alcoholics Anonymous and American History of Alcohol Use pre-order now ‘HER BEST KEPT SECRET” by Journalist Gabreille Glaser


In my mail on Saturday I got my hard copy of the book, herbestkeptsecretpicbookcover


Journalist Gabrielle Glaser, really tells the story… about AA, how it doesn’t work, about rehab, about the 13 stepping, about the history of woman drinking in America….

We have been talking for 2 years now. She interviewed many people all over the country. I was one of them.

I’m in it. My whole story with the Bullshit in AA that I went through those last 2 years. ..OMFG !!!

Okay its almost here.
Wow its really really good…Im still reading it…… on Simon & Schuster to boot.


Order on Amazon now if you want or buy it when it comes out. Post everywhere on anti AA blogs.

Abstinence vs Moderation Are AA Members Lying, smoking weed, etc… and even Drinking and Still Taking Cakes?


Anon, a resident blogger here has been documenting his journey, leaving AA,  after being abstinent in AA for 17 years. He is successfully moderating and proving AA’s…jails, institutions and  death, and destruction projection are all hogwash.

What would a meeting look and sound like if perhaps 25% of the room came out and told such stories, stating that they could take it or leave it, that AA and its 12 steps didn’t really help with life issues anymore after years of not drinking  and in fact staying in AA a long time made them feel so uptight and angry it was unbearable, so they drink moderately, smoke pot moderately, take pills here and there and do what ever…..moderately. Anon…you got me thinking and it would be a very funny scene for sure !!!:) Would they start cross talking and yelling at each other. Would there be a brawl like in an old western movie? Chairs flying….women yelling….Cowboy hats ….old western bar fight

I found his last two posts very insightful and I felt they need to be put here on the front page.

  1. Today is a good day to check into ye ole Moderation forum for an update. Moderate drinking after 35 years exposure and 15 years abstinence in AA? No problem what so ever. No signs of disease, compulsion, and no aspiration for self inflicted incarceration in the AA concentration camp, Stalag 12.
    I have alcohol in the house and little desire to drink it. Occasionally it’s fun to have a drink and even get a bit tipsy. It’s not fun to drink every day or feel tired after even the slightest excess.
    I guess my point is this; drinking and tobacco are enjoyable unless they cause an ill feeling. I have no desire to use either through that point.

  2. I went out to eat the other day with an old-timer friend with deep roots in AA. Three of the five members at the table admitted to using either weed, hallucinogens and or prescription drugs to ease anger. All take cakes in AA; all are well adjusted, successful, and wealthy.