Another Doctor Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting against his will and in violation of his1 st Amendment Rights

Local News State suspends Iowa optometrist’s license for 30 days October 11, 2015 15:29 CDT CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) — Iowa will suspend a Cedar Falls’ optometrist’s license for 30 days this fall because his alcohol use violated a previous agreement with regulators. The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports ( ) the suspension is part of an agreement regulators made with Mark Davis. His suspension will start Oct. 26. The Iowa Board of Optometry says recent tests showed Davis was using alcohol. That violated a 2013 agreement he made after being arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs. Davis will also pay a $250 fine and serve four years of probation and chemical testing. He’ll also have to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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WHY is everyone told they cant drink alcohol as a part of a deal. Don’t they know that prohibition ended in 1933?

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12 thoughts on “Another Doctor Forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting against his will and in violation of his1 st Amendment Rights

  1. It’s a DUI, there’s no indication he was intoxicated while seeing patients. And here we go again with no real screening to see if he regularly over-uses alcohol, and of course no actual help if he does have a problem,

    If someone breaks the law, sure there should be consequences, but this is way over the top for his career to be on the line.

    • BCM = So true. AA is a bad idea for so many. Its an unprofessional self help lay person group filled with criminals and mentally ill people and a splash of good folks who are too brainwashed to leave.

  2. I don’t understand. I don’t get this site or its intentions. What is the goal here? What are you trying to accomplish? Is this site about creating a shortage of parties? I’m not on that page. I’m not about creating an artificial shortage of parties. Is this what the goal here is?

    • Dear Glam the Vamp,
      you are very disrespectful of everyone here.

      Do you really think that Bill Wilson’s intentions were to be a meat-market for grimly incompetent social fishes?
      He did not, and I know this, because I have recently channeled him.

      I decided to give the channeling racket a try, and see what I could conjure up. I figure if Bill Wilson could do it then so could I .

      After unbuttoning the top of my pants and procuring a space on the couch minus Sparky’s wet spot, I then sank into the abyss of trance, the shadow-land of spirit and mystery.

      And, lo and behold–I met Mr Bill Wilson! He talked to me! Here are his directives:

      “Never take your best gal to the Canteen Dances unless she wears a corset” and “Your modern AA is an abomination, it should be disbanded immediately, I myself wold never associate with such plebeian, ordinary men.”

      So there you have, Glam the Vamp, straight form the horse’s mouth.

      I’ll let you take me to dinner, though.

  3. All right then. I understand that this site is about getting people out of AA. Thats all good then. I had to endure nine months of meetings for the court and they were sometimes boring. Sometimes scary. Some people were rude, aggressive, creepy, you name it. Lots of creepers there. I am back in circulation now and am done with the courts. I am free to party and live life once more. Because of this I am very sensitive to any blog that wants to create a shortage of parties. This is one of the big problems in society today that never gets talked about, this lack of freedom to party. But that’s not the case here, this is not about snuffing out parties. Peace be with you then.

  4. I have an idea. I could come here once or twice a week and post scenes from the parties. The parties that I have been to and what has happened there. Surely that would help people leave AA. To be in AA is to give up all that rich meaning in life. Or be a hypocrite and have that and then lie about it at meetings. This could be the service work I never did at meetings. They wanted me to make coffee but I said no. I’m busy texting and playing Candy Crush on my phone. That didn’t go over well. They suck. Meetings suck. AA sucks. Peace be with you.

  5. Have fun Glam at parties. I go to Parties all the time . I go , I drink some, I dont get drunk, I laugh, I talk , Im glad you are over being forced to go to AA.

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