ANYONE HERE have bad experience with Rehab and Sober Living fraud- kick back

I had an introduction to a reporter who wants to expose what happens in Rehab and Sober living –the kickbacks, Drugs, Sexual assaults etc . We will be working together on the many stories down the road. We will late tackle AA Members who are counselors telling people not to take their medication. We will address the Doctor , Nurse and Pilot extortion. But we will focus on one thing at a time. He has written for the Daily Beast and is a journalist who graduated from USC Annenburg School of Journalism. So for now only criminal and Fraudulent Rehab Sober Living Stories. If you need to remain private for safety or your job he can do that…but it better if you can fully speak out…but again not necessary. Thank you . This would include this place where Karla Brada went and was bused to Eden Ministries where she met her killer.

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6 thoughts on “ANYONE HERE have bad experience with Rehab and Sober Living fraud- kick back

  1. I felt responsible to float this Universal Recovery Support Group Idea. Im not on a mission to run it but to see if seeds will grow and spread and others will take over while i consult etc. Why doesn’t anybodyelse but you and a few others seem to try to do anything to resolve the BeAsTy PrOgRaM problem. You sound too busy. understandably. I wondered if you wanted a chance to take a look anyhow a be a organization board member or just comment. Thanks for being.

    does this repoter know Gabrille Glaser says its malpractice to prescribe the 37th best methods as primary care and AA harms those who relapse by telling them its their fault and never admits aa is not effictive for most tgus mentally entrapping them in psycologically unethical beliefs that they mnost work aa and go to aa based rehab over and over despite it not working for most.

    The whole AA thing is legally liable ? but its like convicting a ghost that is unaffiliated with earthly reality.

    the wordpress site has a forum link were beta mission statements are being developed – wish you all were here

      Universal Recovery Mission Statements & Meeting Guidelines draft

      Chairperson’s introduction
      Hello Everyone My name is Mr/Ms.. Blah
      This is a Universal Recovery Support Group 😎 😀 🙄
      We Welcome Whatever Works for you.

      Summarized Mission Statements
      1. Universal Recovery respects all SUDs and Individual Paths toward better and better Health.
      2. Universal Recovery respects and unites all recovery paths resolving the need to seperate and duplicate social resources.
      3. Universal Recovery respects individuals right to not be coerced or censor with any recovery biases.
      4. Universal Recovery respects the Individual’s right to diagnose yourself and your process.
      5. Universal Recovery supports recovery discovery for individuals by discussing all recovery information with equal respect.
      6. Universal Recovery supports empathetic motivation of individuals discovery and process.
      7. Universal Recovery refrains from direct cross talk and deliberate inflection intended to coerce others beliefs.
      8. Universal Recovery informs by Personal Experiences, Professional Oversight, Public Literature.
      9. Universal Recovery may focus on one topic or method while respecting all alternate recovery.

      Example if someone is curious or confused, its ok to share personal experience or info with a personal disclaimer rather than imposing one’s experience or info on others.

      Today’s topic is [ Chair person’s choice to share on topic or have open discussion]
      Would anyone else like to share their personal experiences or receive empathetic support for your process.

      Contact us with your input ideas criticism blah blah and support for developing Universal Recovery Support Groups.

      screening memebers for saftey and professional oversight is allowed including profesional speakers on all recovery topics with out being coercive just to share ideas with all seeking whate ever works for them rather than a imposing any method or ideas also deprogramming methods etc etc will be open for discyussion

      its just and idea i felt responsible to see if it floats or grows its there anyhow

  2. HI welcome – sounds interesting – but yes I am too busy – I plan to create a non profit. I don’t think AA has a place at the new table. Its outrageous to me what goes on in it, around it, and in our government and with professionals being extorted. Do I know you >… Massive

    • not really … i am “””somethingelse”””
      thanks for all YOUR efforts
      you may borrow any of the ideas i fudged together
      i asked ken anderson if he wanted the name and ideas

      basic human support with oversight whats the big deal?
      get some grants like the sierra club
      we take better care of trees?
      add some professional oversight
      screen for abuse
      no need for guruisms
      ok good fortunes to you!

    • Juno – I would like to start one. No time as of yet to do it. It would help those who are harmed by AA, pay for lawyers to fight AA coercion and AA extortion to professionals. It would pay for Advertising that there are other free options. That sort of thing.

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