I have been working on a sizzle reel to sell a show to a major network . We decided to do this after a few people came forward to me to shed light on the corruption in these Rehab /Sober Living places in Florida and in California. Local and National Newspapers are reporting on this corruption.

The FBI is on to them . Chris Bathum is in jail awaiting trial. Soverigh  was raided but still open and operating. The FBI raided and shut down many places in Florida. The young people are dying in many of  these phony 12 step based Rehabs and Sober Living.

First off they have NO OVERSITE, especially in California. If you look up who over sees them you will see they are under The Health Department. The Description says they are NON MEDICAL. SO… Why is our insurance paying for NON Medical 12 step ideology from 1935?

There are many more places. ABOVE IT ALL in Lake Arrowhead is under a close watch.  ( I will add links later tonight )

I am speaking to you as a parent.

DO NOT SEND your children or loved ones to 12 step based places. Do not send them on to sober living after REHAB. LET THEM COME HOME TO YOU. YOU can help more then many of these places who are making Millions of dollars.

CALL The Center for Motivation and Change by JEFF FOOTE in NYC, or read his book Beyond Addiction,  Steven Slate, St Judes Retreats NY, The Center for Optimal Living headed by Andrew Tartarsky. In San Diego call Tom Horvath @ Practical Recovery.

CALL Dr Marc Kern, Dr Adi Jaffe and Dr Emily Cavell in  Los Angeles for PhD’s that are trained in non 12 step help and in Harm Reduction and Moderation Techniques.

Head to a SMART Recovery Meeting, Moderation Management, SOS, Women for Sobriety and Craft for families.

If you as a family member and need help they can guide you as well.  They know and can teach you and your loved one CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Non 12 created by Mary Ellen Barnes and Ed Wilson is great for professionals who need complete privacy.

Please ask many questions. Do not believe what is on their website for these 12 step based places.

Most people can detox  in 3-10 days.  Most people get well on their own. Some need help. .

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2 thoughts on “ATTENTION PARENTS – CHILDREN WITH ADDICTION PROBLEMS, alcohol, drugs, opiates

  1. I always felt bad for the youngest ones. It may have turned out bad in the end, but at least I had a life when I was 19+. Also of course the place is filled with dirty old men predators.

    Those old guys too, who said they showed up at 18 or whatever and here they are getting a 35 year medallion. Even when I was still going myself I kept thinking they had wasted their life. Took a while for me to apply that concept to myself. But at least I did.

    This is a good site, you do good work.

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