BAD NEWS ! Washington-state-senate-bill-provides-12-step-sponsors-freedom-from-civil-court-testimony

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Here is it folks. A slippery slope- I hope there are some politicians and judges  who see how bad this really is. Honestly – I need a break. AA is just too big , too infested, too powerful- too HOLLYWOOD>..

Please call   your congressman , your councilpersons, your assembly man /woman and The Chief Justice of your State Supreme Courts, to discuss your bad experience and ask them to stop the practice of sending everyone to AA , always suggest the other option including The Sinclair Method using Naltrexone and Vivitrol for starters.

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11 thoughts on “BAD NEWS ! Washington-state-senate-bill-provides-12-step-sponsors-freedom-from-civil-court-testimony

  1. It’s because in Washington AA is now a religious activity and sponsors are now fully qualified religious counsellors assisting the damned in need of religious conversion having undergone the religious practice of simply not drinking in order to find a religion ooh im sorry did I say religion silly me its spiritual.

    • One little problem – anyone can say they are a sponsor and there is no way to prove otherwise.

      At least with clergy they go to school, get paid, there is a paper trail. No so much with AA sponsors.

      This is a whole new level of madness.


  2. Surely Unconstitutional! AA is a religion when it suits it, and not when it doesn’t. Complete legal ambiguity.

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