Barry Lopez’s Story in January 2013 Harper’s Magazine about Confronting Trauma of sexual abuse. Once Again AA members hide a Pedophile.

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WHAT A STORY…when I opened up my January issue of Harper’s Magazine, I had no idea what I was in for. I was tired and wanted a break from the AA stuff…hmmmm. I guess that was not gonna happen.

HOLY SHIT…Barry Lopez is a fantastic writer and tells this harrowing tale of a man who serially sexually abuses him from the age of 7, for 4 years.

For those of us on this blog, we know what is going on in AA. Yet I had no idea this story includes more Alcoholics Anonymous members covering up a hideous sex offender, pedophile. You can listen to the radio interview. But I hope , please read the full artilce from Harpers here. I think you have to be a subscriber to read the whole thing so I will try to see if I can get it for you somehow. Its unF**king believable. I think it explains how deep the history of cover up is in AA…not by Barry Lopez, but by his step father who became a big wig in AA in NY and a 1st cousins of his mothers in California.

Sliver of Sky by Barry Lopez…Read Full Article here…

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13 thoughts on “Barry Lopez’s Story in January 2013 Harper’s Magazine about Confronting Trauma of sexual abuse. Once Again AA members hide a Pedophile.

      • Well hopefully history will repeat itself and others will pick up on this story. With the exposing of the coverups in the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts in recent years, I believe that it is time for the “fellowship” of Alcoholics Anonymous to be exposed on a national and global scale.

        The internet “chatter” about the problems in AA has steadily increased in the last few years and it has turned from the usual it’s “Spiritual, not Religious” play on words from people recruited from jails and prisons who have to play that game to stay out of jail to the reporting of the daily “incidents” of sexual, violent and financial crimes these recruits perpetrate on the people going to AA. The main problem appears to be that the majority of the people in AA go their because of court actions in the US and a handful of non-criminals go there because they don’t know about the criminal element. These people are the ones that get taken advantage of.

        Many people do not realize that part of the “cure” that Alcoholics Anonymous entails is going to jails and prisons through “Corrections” and “Hospital and Institutions” (H&I) committees to recruit them into AA. I fail to see how that is supposed to be a “cure” and find it very dangerous.

        • jr- this story if we dig deep here in los angeles could bring hundreds of men his age to come forward. Then we could also research was he an AA member as well, I suspect he was…interesting that he wasn’t a real Dr and pretended to be.

          I have sent this article to upper ranking ex board members and previous AA trustees as well. I will forward it to some reporters I have spoken to and I will ask him to be a guest on my radio show. I have already asked Anne Fletcher who just released INSIDE REHAB. I hope she will be on.

  1. Harry Shier ran a Sanitarium in San Fernando Valley California dealing mainly with Alcoholics in Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 93 covering Districts 1, 2, 7, 11, 16 an 17 . In a shocking expose’ by his victim Barry Lopez, the lax controls of the people who often run these facilities and the link between Alcoholics Anonymous enabling them through their active participation in these “autonomous” organizations is glaringly shown by a heart wrenching story of the abuse of the victim of this pedophile. It should be remembered that Alcoholics Anonymous actively recruits its members from jails and prisons and it is not just for DUIs anymore. They go after the violent criminals, rapists and con men also and they use the court system under their “Cooperation with the Professional Community” (CPC) committees to get as many new prospects as possible.

    A more recent story of then 7 year old Barry Lopez is the story of the arrest for attempted pedophilia of 12 Step Councilor David Scratchely and director of the Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center of Seattle Washington in Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 72 in 2011. The Harry Sheir story mirrors the David Scratchely story almost exactly, except for the fact the child was saved before being raped. David Scratchely was not a “Doctor” also and upon examination his credentails were false, just like those of Harry Sheir.

    For more on David Scratchely, see –

    The Catholic Community Services of Western Washington and The Matt Talbot New Hope Recovery Center, in King County Seattle, Washington is also being sued by the patients of David Scratchely for failure to do adequate background checks on him, see –

    Hopefully,Mr Lopez coming forward with this information will get other people to come forward also. This is the only way to stop the very dangerous trends of pedophilia, rape, assault and financial scams which are often covered up in Alcoholics Anonymous.

  2. I think it’s only time before 12Step organisations will be investigated by the mainstream media. It’s great to see the ever-growing numbers of ex-members on the internet over the last few years. It was the internet that is bringing down Scientology & other cults.

  3. I had a hard time with the way his step-father and aunt (cousin maybe?) gave him the “but you have to understand” line about how his rapist was so helpful to Alcoholics and Alcoholism is the WORST DISEASE IN THE WORLD (in other words, AA people are soooooo special and chosen that if one of our chosen “healers” rapes some kids along they way, please realize it was for a good cause).

    I don’t think the Catholic Church as actually said anything that disgusting; they just try to keep things hushed up and play the priest shuffle to keep from getting caught. Telling someone who was raped as a kid “but you have to understand” is abusive in itself and shows the extreme mentality that AA members so often take on. To me this is similar to the way “serene” AA members will justify attacks and even threats on anyone they feel is a detractor to their chosen path. This is some very sick thinking.

    • Unlike the Catholic CHurch AA and its members are spread all over the place.

      Its on big cluster F**k! AM I cursing alot…..I think I am . Im so sick of it all. At least Im back to making my Documentary. The editor I am working with can not believe what I am documenting, the news stories, blog stories sent to me and how AA and the judges are breaking the law.

      Im mad as hell and Im not gonna take it anymore!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi my name is Valdis an I am a former AA member, I work as a reporter in Iceland and I am writing an expose on AA and also an article about the mind control of the word alcoholic. I would love to get in tough with some of you to include in these 2 articles. Please if you are interested send me an email on or my work email
    hope to here from a lot of you
    Valdis R. Samúelsdóttir

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