Blog Talk Radio ” Live” Today at 4pm PST 7 pm EST SAFE RECOVERY with host Massive.

Call in 818-475-9211

A show for the young and the old. If AA or any 12 step has not worked for you maybe there is hope. Tune in for a one hour show of honest in depth discussion on all the other fabulous choices for healing alcohol and drug over use.

There are many non 12 Step approaches to getting help from alcohol and drug overuse. SO why all the free propganda in some new big films like FLIGHT with Denzel Washington and SMASHED a small idie film? Is it possible that these actors, film makers and writers have no idea SMART and SOS and Moderation, Harm Reduction, Amy Lee Coys way, Hank Hayes  with On Track and Beyond and Drink Link Moderation exist?

Sadly to say, I didn’t know they existed until 2009.

If you know a young person who dislikes AA or NA and wants to quit illegal drugs, cut back on destructive drinking,  but wants to have a beer once in a while and not be abstinent the rest of their lives, you should join us for this show.

I will be taking calls from a young twenty something who is courageously dealing successful with a heroin use problem in the non 12 step way.

EMPOWERED not powerless… is our motto!

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4 thoughts on “Blog Talk Radio ” Live” Today at 4pm PST 7 pm EST SAFE RECOVERY with host Massive.

    • anon- thanks..I saw this. I was at the Courthouse all day yesterday with the family of Karla Brada. We waited all day to finally see Eric Earle the alleged murderer. Turns out that his lawyer comes all the way from Bakersfield. The lawyer also had trouble with the Law years back because he embezzled funds from a client.

      What an eye opener. We are criminalizing our youth. About 90% of all arressted were non violent charges, they were latino, and they were YOUNG! They give up all their rights because they had some drugs. Meth is a felony. Why a felony? Then they get probation. Then the probation officer sends then to rehab. The rehab is most likely 12 step focused. Abstinence is required. They are encouraged to take prescription drugs. Great> thats why prescription pills are so abused.
      The Judges says in essence ” you can’t drink, go near a bar, hang out with your friends, smoke pot in California, but you will have to go to AA meetings where the scum of the earth are hanging out these days.

      SO I guess after we send out letters to the Justices, the next place is probation officers. DO they a yearly conference. We should get a booth at one of these types of events and really educate them.

      Its a very very broken system.

  1. I read about that! “Recovering” people that become drug and and alcohol councelors go really deep down the rabbit hole. I’ve seen them get crazy drunk or on drugs many times. It appeas to be very hard to come back out of it too. My guess is that their entire persona was so wrapped up in the recovery world that once they’ve hit the wall and drank/used drugs for relief they basically are no more, they are exiles. It is a really scary way to live when I sit and think about it.

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