BTR Podcast with ex steppers MOCK AA Meeting to vent your “resentments”

Join host Monica Richardson for a 1 hour show where ex steppers can air their grievances in a way that most likely would  never be possible.

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8 thoughts on “BTR Podcast with ex steppers MOCK AA Meeting to vent your “resentments”

  1. I left AA and don’t have any bone to pick with the people in AA and while I was in AA there were a bunch of good good people I met. No one makes you believe in something you don’t have to. I don’t get the hate towards AA if you don’t like it just don’t go. And the lady in this podcast seems like a very bitter person.

    • Hi Jimbo- so you left and you had no probelm with any AA member. even without the predators- Honestly I was sick of mentally deranged people – some who had 35 years sober —- and If you heard the stories and met the parents of the dead children who went to AA and met a killer or a rapist you might be angry,. ANGER is a good – NORMAL emotion dude… AA has Brain Washed you into thinking you are not human and cant get angry.

      So I ask you why are AA meetings the most angry group of people I have ever met sitting in one place? Maybe you could create a LEAVING AA but still love it blog. You can move along now.

      • AA is filled with some angry people and weirdos, but a lot of the people I met were down to earth and good people. Sure I get angry who doesn’t? AA hasn’t brain washed me lol . I don’t understand the need to bash and entire organization because of the acts of a few people. You seem bitter too.

        • jibo – its not just a few bad apples. Every organization should be up to handle criticism. Its 80 years old and only helps 5 %.

          The Church helps Billions but they were doing some very bad things sexually. They needed to be exposed.

          So does AA. AA is not above the law. WHY do you defend it so .

          • Who said AA is a perfect place and a utopia to go to. It has its problems. I am not defending it, I am saying that through my experience of going to meeting I met a lot of great people no rapists. Although I did see some older women hitting on younger newly sober members.

  2. Got the living shit beat out of me there. By put downs, by manipulation through shame, it stunk for me. And when I tried to make a comeback I got “much more of the same.” No more! Good luck to people that it worked/works for. NFM (not for me!). Bud

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