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Were you ever sexually harassed or was your child molested by an AA member while you were “In Service” to Alcoholics Anonymous ?

BB imageFACT : AA is a 501c3. A non profit corporation.

Were you ever sexually Harassed by an AA member? Male or female….its happens to both.

Were you ever sexually assaulted by an AA member?

Were you ever ripped off financially by an AA or NA member?

Were you a child who was molested by an AA member or someone pretending to be.

Did you have a family member murdered by an AA member. Here are some ideas and suggestions. How would you handle ethos if this were the RED CROSS, The Boy Scouts, or the Catholic Church?

1. Document everything in writing.

2. Send letters to AA NY Headquarters and then report them to The State Attorney General Office in NY and in your state.

Send letters to your local AA office and Delegate. Keep records of all phone calls and conversations and what AA in NY and WHAT AA people say to you in your state.

3. Where you ever sexually harassed when you were “In service to AA” meaning a AA leader, Secretary, GSR, DCM , coffee maker, Treasurer.  If you were harassed while in service, you are then a Volunteer for the NON profit of alcoholics anonymous in many forms it takes on, and you can now be under the sexual harassment laws we have in the US for work. When you are volunteering you are officially working.

Once involved in AA as a treasure or secretary did AA in NY ever solicit you for money?

4. IF a crime occurs in AA or in its culture of by an AA or NA member, please go to the police and rape and crisis. Be prepared for an AA member to be working there. You may need to explain to some professionals, including a detective, police , or lawyer,  that  there are no leaders or anyone in charge in an AA meeting ….all the members who get the 300k a year are in a big ivory tower in NY CITY on Riverside Drive.

5. Call your local officials and Newspapers and see if anyone will tell your story.

6. Start your own blog and tell us about it.

7. Write letters to churches that hold meetings and warn them about sexual predators being sent there.

8. Be prepared psychologically that at every turn in exposing AA you may encounter an AA member in hiding. They are everywhere. Some even no longer go to meetings and keep it secret, but they are still promoting their anonymous agenda.

9. Some people have never even been to an AA meeting but tell you that it is great.

10. Write letters to TV shows who misrepresent  AA and say its something great and tell them “your story.”

11. Write emails and letters to shows like FRONTLINE- CNN- MSNBC- HBO- VICE- asking them to expose what happened to you .

btw VICE IS DOING A piece now. It resurrected itself. 🙂



WOMAN calls AA Central Office -Los Angeles- 1999 asks for help- Sexual Harassment ensues.


Today my cell phone rang…then hung up. Two minutes later that same # rang again. It hangs up faster then I can answer it. Now Five minutes pass and it calls again. This time I say Hi…hello and a woman says  ..”.hi Monica….it s me…so and so…I wrote you an email this morning…you gave me your number.”

So we talk for some 30 minutes. She doesn’t feel okay with writing it herself, but asked me to blog it . She gave me permission and I will keep her privacy.

She got sober at 32. After 14 years she relapses. They tell her to not take her medication for depression. She is not doing well. She is drinking again in that AA way. She calls the Los Angeles, CA Central Office. A man picks up the phone. She talks. Soon a man comes to her home alone. She has been drinking. He has sex with her.

Now I gasp and she is saying “well, its my fault I was drinking”, I say “no its not your fault…He should never have hit on you”. She tells me how she keeps hearing “whats your part in it?” I tell her “Its not your fault.” “That fucking pig”  I yell through my iPhone.

“OMG- do you want to sue”  I ask her. No she says, I have never told anyone but one other person this all these years.

We talk some more. ? What is his name, what did he look like,” I ask her.  I realized I may have know him through my General Service work. “Did he rape you?”  I ask. “No”  she says with more soft words about how she always blamed herself yet knew that something terribly wrong happened. She could never share it in a meeting either.

Recently, she went to a meeting and left feeling worse then before. She went home , turned on her computer an began to search into google and …poof….she found me. She didn’t feel okay about writing publicly here. She is now 60 years old and ….we emailed this morning and I gave her  my number right away.

This stuff has to be exposed . She said she wanted me to post it so maybe it will help someone else. Will it?

ARE YOU out there reading?  Maybe you were raped. Maybe you are ready to sue AA’s ass and go to the police or rape center.  I will go with you if you need me to. I will protest out side a meeting where a know rapist is preying. This shit needs to be written up in a major newspaper and talked about on TV. How will that happen?


Update- Stop sexual assault and sexual harassment in AA- Protesting -the 80 year Founders Day Celebration in Akron, Ohio- Will you join me?

rape protest

Change of plans….I have decided I do not want to spent my Fourth of July around 50 K AA people. So Ohio is better.  We are organizing a protest for this event.

I urge all of you to go see, HUNTING GROUNDS by Kirby Dick. A film about sexual assault on College campuses. This is laying the ground work for the film and our work. It really gave me some ideas.

If you have been harmed in AA in any way Sexual assault, rape, 13 stepping, raped by a sponsor, financially scammed.. ….My sign will say I was 13 stepped ..Say NO to  sexual harassment in AA, Someone’s sign will say Rape is hidden in AA, or I was raped by an AA member !!!! Maybe your sign will say. I was financially  scammed by my sponsor in AA, etc.

Will you join us?

Brada Murder Trial Convicts AA member Eric Earle – 26 to life. Now The AA Wrongful Death Lawsuit Begins.

karla pic smile
In October 2014 Eric Earle was convicted of committing Murder 1 for the killing of Karla Brada. 3 long years, her family had to wait for this outcome.

An original Lawsuit against AA, all three of its non- profits, located in NYC and AA in Santa Clarita, the AA sponsors and many more were filed in Sept of 2012. Last year John Noland, an Attorney based in Santa Clarita took over the case.

AA had to respond by Dec 1st which they did. They have hired, or commissioned a super huge Law Firm. I guess AA NY needs to use all those millions for something important like Defending their sorry asses when voting to NOT warn their members about safety.

When will Steppers in NY Headquarters take their 10 th step and see what their part in Karla’s death is. When will the AA members, and employee’s in the NY AA office ask God what they should do about woman being murdered, raped, 13 stepped, sexually harassed and scammed for decades?

Will their 300k salary + hefty pension be enough to sooth their greedy selfish souls? How do they sleep at night? Perhaps they need to be more “of service” and make more coffee at meetings,
puringcoffeepicor sponsor more new comers….

AA General Service Board has known for decades about murders, rapes, 13 stepping, Members giving advice regarding medication, which has caused many a suicide.

This trial, this case, moves forward in March. I look forward to seeing what happens.

And just for the record, Jaro , Hector and I have begun to contact supervising Judges to make sure that one day, No Judge, in America will say those words….”AA or Jail ” ever again!

I’ll see you in Court.

Courts and alcoholics anonymous are violating California citizens rights daily in Courts plus+

Attorneys Shaking Hands On Courthouse Steps

I can’t get over this and how rampant it is. And every turn as I dig and investigate, it just gets deeper. Finding out that a class A Trustee for AA was running the whole shebang here is a true David and Goliath story. I was told by a subject in my film that I in fact was living in one of the worse States when it comes to AA infestation at a government level. Why is that. How long has it been that bad. Who is responsible for that . I know its bad in MASS. We know now that AA got into Mass General in 1944. ..and never left.

So once the New Year begins I will hit the aground running. Get the film out and begin to do Indie screenings , unless I get Real Theatrical distribution, which I hope I do.

I will then address the judges that are supervising and go to Lawyers to show the film and educate as to what AA is, and what it is not. I think that lawyers need a talking to as well. Many lawyers have told me they have no idea what AA really is and how religious it is. Doctors also need to know.

Okay…back to resting.  🙂

HERBERT TRACY WHITE sober 17 years, Murdered, Cut up and stuffed in a BAG in Downtown Los Angeles

tracy white pic
Today in downtown Los Angeles, Herbert Tracy Whites family will meet one more time to see if the Justice system will give poor Tracy White’s family a trial date. Its been 4 Long years since he was murdered by these demonic killers (Edward and Melissa Garcia) pretending they wanted help.
ed an dmelissa garica killers pic

Tracy was known as a good Samaritan, a guy with a willingness to help others and carry “the message” he learned in Alcoholics Anonymous.

I was introduced to Tracy at a Chrstmas party 2 years prior and will never forget his kind words, His cowboy boots, his great smile, his lovely demeanor, as I played the piano at an AA Christmas party.

Tracy was not small. He was over 6’5 , in great shape, a generous heart and a great example of a ” good AA ” member. Problem is …that not only are the Karla Brada’s The Sober Truth CBS 48Hoursbeing targeted , but the criminals are also targeting the good people in AA who think those coming to AA or those approaching them are really genuine about getting help. How wrong Tracy was. He had no idea what they were up to when they approached him at an ATM machine in Hollywood, in Novemeber of 2010.
Murdered, Chopped up and stuffed in a bag in this Continental hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.
continental hotel pic

TODAY at 10:30 am at 210 West Temple , Los Angeles, CA. 9th floor, room 107 , Judge Fiddler will be there to hopefully give us and the Family and Tracy WHite and these killers a COURT DATE so that justice may be served.

I will be there. I hope we can make something happen and have justice served for him mother Elizabeth Peterson and his brothers and his wife and all those who loved TRACY.

more stories here

CBS 48 Hours will air the Karla Brada story this Saturday, 10 pm, on Channel 2. Murder, Rehab, Court Coercion and Alcoholics Anonymous

cbs 48 hours picBe sure to tune in this Saturday night to the new episode that will cover the long awaited Karla Brada story. Brought to us by Gabrielle Glaser, journalist, author of Her Best Ket Secret, who was introduced to 48 hours by a neighbor who read her book. The story in Pro Public where Gabrielle interviewed, Hector and Jaro Mendez, Karla’s parents was a precursor to this all.

In September of 2011, Karla Brada was brutally murdered by Eric Allen Earle who was court ordered to AA over 52 times over 22 years, instead of jail time in some instances. I follow this story in my film The 13th Step.

CBS has some 8 million viewers for this show. It will be the biggest out reach to date with and investigative journalistic approach into the dark under side of Alcoholics Anonymous and its relationship with our Courts and Judges. It will be the beginning of our work to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

We will relaunch the petition we already have up and contact Governor Brown to present this to him.

I will make appointments with the head judges of 8 courts in the Los Angeles area.  Santa Monica, LAX, Downtown, Inglewood, Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, San Fernando and Van NUYS, asking to show part of my film and explain/ educate what AA is and what it is not. Leaving them with information and instructions as a grassroots advocate for safety , to stop sending our citizens, especially young people to any AA or NA meeting.

This petition was already sent to the White House, President Obama, VP Biden and Both Michelle and Jill Biden. No response was received. We have contacted Jerry Brown’s office but have to send a written request to present by snail mail. Please sign and share this one if you have not done so already. We will proceed with this action.


Down the road…We will be contacting judges at The State level who will be asked to lay down the law that AA coercion on both sides is UNCONSTITUTIONAL…and add to it that if they insist on forcing our citizens to self support groups that are unsafe, and no leader is present , then they MUST by STATE law offer the 6 other free secular options.


IF you or someone would like to help with this work in your state or country, please contact me at

Thank you


Alcoholics Anonymous Sued for Wrongful Death of Karla Brada , Mendez vs The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc

lawsuit picture

Today ,  the server arrived at AA World Headquarters and served AA , all three non- profit corportations with a wrongful death lawsuit.

I will post more later.