Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 Sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Community Labor for Hotel Arrest


I really feel sorry for this lady. I bet she has no idea that there are no such things as AA   “Sessions” I hope she finds out. There are only AA meetings that are run by no one who is trained  and no one will warn her that AA meetings are not safe. That a man there may be a rapist who is getting away with it because of the Anonymity feature.

ACTION on FILM FESTIVAL in Monrovia- Friday @ 4 pm – Plays The 13th Step a Documentary exposing predators in AA.

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We are happy to announce that The 13th 13th Step was chosen as a STAFF PICK!

Please join us for another screening in the Los Angeles area. stay tuned…



The 13th Step – Screening in San Francisco , Saturday August 15th

We are happy to remind everyone that The 13th Step will be screening in San Francisco this Saturday at 5:45 pm in The Mission @ The Voiceless International Film Festival , Voiceless_Filmfest_Poster_13_Steps_1

WILL the “Bill Cosby” Rape stories make some AA women come forward?

rape images

I have to think that there are many women and even men who are sitting at home, driving in their cars, listening to this all play out with Bill Cosby and rape.

How many AA members have been sexually harassed, assaulted and raped?

I hope they come forward in droves and expose what is really going on and hidden in AA

The 13th Step invited to The San Antonio Film Festival! July 29th-August 2 , 2015.

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Well another festival has invited the film The 13th Step! Woo hoo….I am so happy that I will be able to go here to be  apart of this. Any of you bloggers in Texas. I just called an old ex  ex stepper who lives in Texas who really helped me leave when I use to blog on 2009-2010.

Please share this info on all social media and with those that care…..:)

The 13th Step, A New Documentary Private Screening @The May Fair Hotel, London, England, Wednesday -May 27th 7pm !

Happy to announce the screening of The 13th Step in London.

You must be invited or make a reservation at the website .

Early arrival can meet and greet in the Foyer near the theatre. ( each reservation provides 1 drink or juice) Doors open at 6pm- seating in theater will begin at 6:45 Please arrive on time as we will screen promptly at 7pm.


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We are happy to announce that “The 13th Step” has been accepted to some film festivals.


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Reserve your seats here

In Justice for All Film Festival

Next….Beverly Hills FILM FESTIVAL
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Then in MAY we will be at The Festival de CANNES!!!

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Then in October and November, we will be in the OfficialSelection2015girlFinLine

Gabrielle Glaser – new podcast- ON THE MEDIA -NYC- “Hollywood has problem” !

Take a listen and please share everywhere. Please , please also make a comment and ask others to do so as well. Thank you for all your support.

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Killer interview about Hollywood propaganda for Alcoholics Anonymous.

New Season of “Shameless” Shamelessly promoting AA and NA OMG !!!PLEASE tell me this is not happening…


Tonight aired the second episode of this new season on Showtime. We had to sit in a meeting twice. Reading as if they were in an NA meeting but then using the words alcoholics in the background, not addicts ….is totally wrong….small error on their part. Fiona’s new boss seems to be afraid of Fiona, calling her a train wreck and acting like a scarred AA or NA pussy that he is.


I gotta say , I love this show but the stepper shit has got to go. Please have an AA list show have a character said to another character…oh yea” I fucking hate AA, Im going to a Smart meeting or an MM meeting” or have Fiona learn from Lip , her brother that they can’t mandate her to a religious organization. Holy Cow. Will this shit ever end. Can I ever watch a show that has no fully blown AA promotion in it???

CBS 48 Hours will air the Karla Brada story this Saturday, 10 pm, on Channel 2. Murder, Rehab, Court Coercion and Alcoholics Anonymous

cbs 48 hours picBe sure to tune in this Saturday night to the new episode that will cover the long awaited Karla Brada story. Brought to us by Gabrielle Glaser, journalist, author of Her Best Ket Secret, who was introduced to 48 hours by a neighbor who read her book. The story in Pro Public where Gabrielle interviewed, Hector and Jaro Mendez, Karla’s parents was a precursor to this all.

In September of 2011, Karla Brada was brutally murdered by Eric Allen Earle who was court ordered to AA over 52 times over 22 years, instead of jail time in some instances. I follow this story in my film The 13th Step.

CBS has some 8 million viewers for this show. It will be the biggest out reach to date with and investigative journalistic approach into the dark under side of Alcoholics Anonymous and its relationship with our Courts and Judges. It will be the beginning of our work to CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

We will relaunch the petition we already have up and contact Governor Brown to present this to him.

I will make appointments with the head judges of 8 courts in the Los Angeles area.  Santa Monica, LAX, Downtown, Inglewood, Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, San Fernando and Van NUYS, asking to show part of my film and explain/ educate what AA is and what it is not. Leaving them with information and instructions as a grassroots advocate for safety , to stop sending our citizens, especially young people to any AA or NA meeting.

This petition was already sent to the White House, President Obama, VP Biden and Both Michelle and Jill Biden. No response was received. We have contacted Jerry Brown’s office but have to send a written request to present by snail mail. Please sign and share this one if you have not done so already. We will proceed with this action.


Down the road…We will be contacting judges at The State level who will be asked to lay down the law that AA coercion on both sides is UNCONSTITUTIONAL…and add to it that if they insist on forcing our citizens to self support groups that are unsafe, and no leader is present , then they MUST by STATE law offer the 6 other free secular options.


IF you or someone would like to help with this work in your state or country, please contact me at

Thank you