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  1. Thanks for this rationale community. I tried out AA and became very frustrated- they speak and decorative terms with no basis or proof. It’s magical thinking manipulation and corrosion.
    I stopped going to the groups and started with smart recovery cognitive behavioral based.ll work in sale/ training representative and work at a international large store. A AA freak was in the store I don’t know his name I’ve never sat at a table with him he came up to me while I was working and in a loud voice asked me was I still sober I explained to him I am at work he continued to say I’ve seen you at AA meetings I told him this was inappropriate and that customers could hear him he said no customers were around and I pointed to a customer and said there’s a costumer five feet from us this is inappropriate he refused to stop and continue doubting me. AA is very dangerous he didn’t care if I lost my job and there is no accountability no one to report bad behavior to. AA’s have a sense of entitlement with their unproven philosophies and bogus science. Anytime there is an issue they either skirt the issue heart tell you God will take care of it this is totally magical thinking and refusal to take any responsibility.
    I am so glad there are groups and blogs that are speaking out against this very dangerous cult.

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