CNN/CIR rehab fraud investigation spurs lawmakers into action


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A yearlong investigation by CIR and CNN found widespread fraud and poor oversight in the state’s alcohol and drug counseling program for the poor, called Drug Medi-Cal. It is part of the nation’s largest Medicaid program.
In the wake of that investigation, another California lawmaker has called for an independent audit into the troubled program. Los Angeles County officials also are proposing reforms aimed at tightening clinic oversight.
Report: Fraud in taxpayer funded programs

Rehab program rife with fraud 10:26
Were teens used as fake rehab patients? 09:08
California’s rehab fraud crisis 04:31
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9 thoughts on “CNN/CIR rehab fraud investigation spurs lawmakers into action

  1. I wonder exactly how many lies I was fed while I was in rehab by some of the counselors? As much as I would like to bring home a better paycheck, I could not sink so low as to take financial advantage of people when they are in desperation. My hat goes off to those counselors who broke their former addictions and the honest ones who are now sincerely helping addicts. However, I fear there are far too many who saw how easy it was to make descent money in the Recovery Racquet and while they may be drug free, they are continuing with some of the same behavior they displayed while in their addiction. Addicts have been known to steal and take advantage of others in order to obtain drugs or alcohol and as far as I’m concerned that is exactly what some in the addiction field are continuing to do, only this time for the profit of money.

  2. jaswim- SO true. I knew so many back in the late 70’s – 80’s who felt like” wow we hit the jack pot. We can make a living easily talking about addiction to other addicts cause were ” Sober” , Many who are not or were not Clean… not that I care now about that but….Its gross.

  3. There are a lot of gross things happening on this planet and this site is one of them. I would be exhausted if I had one tenth of the paranoia you people have. Grow up, get a life, live better!

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