Have you, a  loved one or a friend got a DUI recently or ever? I have not, but from this work I  discovered about Court ordered coercion for DUI’s and for criminals, both sexual and violent offenders.  I am putting this problem in my film. It is the reason AA is so big.

Maybe you were court ordered by a judge which is against the Bill Of RIghts. Your 1st amendment rights!~

I know 3 people who are very close to me. One family, one friend and one friend of a friend.

I found out after I left AA that it is a violation to be forced to attend to AA/NA. Yet no body knows this. I am very disturbed by this and am taking  action to change it. I encourage anyone out there to join me. I have made pamphlets  to hand out and I have gone to a few AA meetings and handed out these pamphlets to those who are getting their court cards signed. They were very excited to see they had choices.

These are the professionals we need to get these pamphlets to:



DUI’s – those who get the tickets

Probation Officers

Those attending the class you are sent to AB530-

A woman called into the show yesterday and gave us some facts.

In the first 40 years of AA they sold 30 million Big Books.

In the the second 40 years they sold 30 million Big Books. What Happened?  Professionalizing of AA …called rehabs and treatment centers, and drug courts and stupid AB530 classes that cost $675.00 ….some sell  a book for $24,000 for one month in rehab! Some charge Insurance Blue Cross Anthem $1000.00 per day for AA crap, A bed on a floor and AA meetings galore.

If you will go to  one local courthouse, one AA meeting where there are many DUI’s and or contact 1 lawyer who handles DUI’s I would appreciate it.

contact me at makeaasafer@gmail.com Remember the ripple effect. Each person you tell will tell 3 more people and they will tell 3 people . so for every one you tell 50 more people will know ….if we have a person in every city …..then we have hundreds , maybe thousands to be educated and empowered. Stop AA coercion and AA will get right sized. Very very small…..think of the moose lodge….LOL 🙂


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  1. Ive never gotten a DUI. Ive sadly been a passenger in vehicles where the driver has been stopped for DUI either by the police or by a crAsh. My dear mother was struck by a drunk driver when I was a child. Her beautiful face went thru the windshield & she had to be revived in the ER. Ive always avoided drinking & driving like the plague due to some great extent to almost losing my mother. So many people in AA & SMART meetings reported situations which caused them to have to attend meetings as a condition imposed by the courts. Some of these people were open to “learning something” in the meetings since they were forced to attend. Other people were downright beligerant about ONLY being there to get their slips signed. I signed many of these slips as everyone else at the meetings did. I wish I hadnt but I really just didnt get it at the time. I dont think that DUI’s should be forced to go to meetings…I def dont think anyone should be forced into AA. Drunk drivers should just lose their licenses.

  2. I have been out of AA for almost a year now. I do not like beer…but I started drinking it as a consolation of sorts. Its makes me sleepier at night. I like that. But after almost a year of basically no hard liquor this damned beer drinking has caused me to gain like 6+ pounds. Startling trend at my age if it continues. Tonight Ive decided to stop drinking beer until the new year to see what affect it has on my waistline. Now… I am expecting without my lil beer consolation I can continue to move forward productively as I have. Maybe I can have a low calorie wine on weekends? I dont know. I def will not make it thru the holiday season’s dinners and desserts with my physique as I desire whilst drinking ol funky ass beer! This sux. Usually by this time Id be sippin a beer and chuckling at crazy ol Jimmy Kimmel…:-(

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