DISGUSTING AA members harasses blogger Massive while recovery from Serious Disease and surgery.

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I have deleted most comments, but they are in the trash bin and can be resurrected at any time.


I -as many of you know have  been dealing with serious CANCER since September. I have just had another surgery. Although I usually don’t talk about my health here. But your comments are so telling of who and what you trolls and current AA members are I have decided to address it.

SO FUCK OFF with your lack of compassion not only for me but Karla’s parents whose child was murdered, Karen’s 4 year old son was raped by an AA man in an AA meeting and Brittany was a victim of Drug Sex Slavery IN Kentucky.  ALL highlighted in my film .

I do not give  a shit what you think.

Don’t  you ever write here again. I will go to the police with cyber bullying when I am well enough to drive my car. If its crosses State borders they it becomes an FBI case. SO —-

For those who are new here…putting a blog into moderation just means you can write something but it wont appear till I approve it.

God Bless all of you who are my friends and have supported me.

The rest of you assholes—- I know your kind from my 36 years in your stupid AA what ever the f**k you wanna call it.

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28 thoughts on “DISGUSTING AA members harasses blogger Massive while recovery from Serious Disease and surgery.

  1. I’m so sorry massive. Those sick fucks. Shows their true character though doesn’t it? I hope you can get them for cyber bullying and or stalking. I think the main one was Clarabelle or Susan Jones. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this when you aren’t well. Hugs.

    And massive I know I’ve had my issues with you and I want to apologize to you for anything I’ve done. I hope we can truly start over. I see now that you are completely sincere about getting AA the cult exposed. I was wrong for anything I said negative about you. You’re a really good person.

    See trolls I’m not some blind follower of massive. I’ve been anti aa before she left AA. I was skeptical actually. But massive has done more at exposing AA than anyone else. And trolls those of us that post on this blog have a mind of our own. It’s you who are brainwashed. What you just did was cruel. Posting on a blog you’re not wanted on bashing the owner when she’s recovering from cancer! You are all sick in the head!

  2. http://www.torontosun.com/2016/02/19/alcoholics-anonymous-accused-of-discrimination

    Alcoholics Anonymous accused of discrimination


    alk about a lack of fellowship — non-believers battling the bottle have been booted from Alcoholics Anonymous in Toronto. Now Larry Knight is taking AA World Services and its GTA Intergroup (GTAI) to Ontario’s human rights tribunal, alleging discrimination on the basis of creed. Because members of his AA group are agnostic, he says they’ve been expelled from the local Toronto AA directory and have been denied the right to vote “on matters that are important to all AA members.”

  3. Wishing you wellness, Monica. Take care of yourself. I have a number of friends who are cancer survivors, they share the kind of fight that you have.

    The trolls are small, scared people who can’t face disagreement on the internet. SCARED, most likely with nothing in their lives to really fear, except that someone might not like AA and have a better life for it.

  4. Massive,
    Take very good care of yourself, you need rest and relaxation.
    I am praying for you, as I pray for everyone who is working towards peace and justice in this world.
    This is your website, your work, your effort—some won’t agree with you and that’s their right as well.
    I just wish that all of us could agree or disagree in a mature and polite manner. I have high hopes that the level of discussion here can remain civil–if not, maybe it’s time to focus on other projects.
    Whatever is best for your health.

    • C- Thank you! Yes I agree—-yet if you read my private emails with regards to the abuse going on —- you may get more pissed as well. Even with that said—- onward and upward.

      The blog will remain, all will continue- and move to more activism beyond the Internet like Librarian has done and suggested.

      Love you back.


  5. Massive, I just wanted to say I personally appreciate all you are doing/have done and I wish you better health…….let the trolls go….your health is more important, you know?

  6. Monica, I’m so sorry for your cancer and I hope and pray it is now gone. What a horrible stressful struggle.

    You have done nothing as far as I’ve seen but to try to help people and to try to change a system that is horribly broken. And I admire you for that. Thank you. And as you know, I am willing to help you. In way I possible can. I want it changed also, and you are leading the way, and I’m following.

    Have you ever thought of making a movie, or documentary about the way these AA trolls act? How they harass and hurt people, all in the name of AA? I’d love to see one done with their posts made public, and just pull their covers. I’d sure love to help.

    God bless, and may you heal quickly my Dear.

    Love, Tamara

  7. Recently I saw what I thought was a cancer treatment commercial, but AAC caught my eye in corner. Sure enough American addiction centers rehab is bold enough to go there in a commercial now. It really was appalling on the level of things I have seen in meetings or in court ordered type contracted treatment. Steppers are really a simple creature…. A nasty deceitful one but as long as people are always misunderstanding them ( thinking they are nicer than they are) or accepting 12 steps as an American institution never to be questioned, they are surviving on this. It really is nasty and a nightmare the way steppers live their life by the big book. I read it a long time ago and I thought this is not so believable nonsense, but no IT IS A WAY TO HANDLE PEOPLE, once you decide to live by it like an evangelical Christian does the bible.

  8. Hello Massive and others –

    First – I wish you all the best as you recover for your tireless efforts Massive.

    I posted this on another thread but I want as many to see if as possible – an article from 2/23/2016 NY Times. The best sentence in the article “…the young patient seemed relieved that at the idea that his previous failures in rehab might reflect more than a lack of will.” And then it goes on to debunk 12-step based treatment as an 80 year old program where addicts are told they have a moral and spiritual defect.


  9. Massive, I haven’t read the site in a little while, but I remember that thread when that idiot was trying to say your health problem was somehow psychosomatic. What a moron. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had to go to moderating the forum, but these bastards know no limits. They really forced your hand.

    You are awesome. I wish you well in your recovery (from a real illness). And thanks for such a great website.

  10. Sorry to hear about your cancer, Massive. I will keep you in my prayers and hope you get better soon. I read some of those awful posts by the brainwashed morons and it becomes clearer to me every day just how many jerks occupy the rooms of AA. Take care of yourself.

    • jaswim- thanks _ Internet hug ) I think the LA TIMES news story about rehab is a good start. And if we can get the sexual harassment and rape outed happening in rehabs and in AA culture aka ( The Marina Center) and the Pacific Group cult abuse…..by AA members in Los Angeles, something big can happen.

  11. sorry to hear about this but it is proving my point about AA that most of the people in AA hold onto this theory that AA is the only game in town and they are superior to everyone else. Even I was guilty of the whole ego thing when I spoke at AA meetings about the crazy things I did while drinking and wanting to get laughs and so forth to feel welcome. I now don’t need a bunch of alcoholics to make me feel good about myself. It has been about a year since leaving AA. I miss it on occasion but I would rather spend time with friends and family then go to AA meetings. But I am fortunate to have family and friends some people don’t and maybe AA is good for them.

      • @ marc- thank you . 🙂 Glad you have family and freinds. I know some on my FACEBOOK group regarding deprogramming spent too many years and days in meetings and have no family.
        They need to learn to develop hobbies. Meet new folks and expand ones horizon, no matter how old. Even Senior Centers have great programs.

        Yes steppers will be there too but one can make an effort.. Some are luckier then others with the family and Friends thing. True.

  12. Sending you energy of health and healing, Massive! Thank you so much for all of your tremendous, heroic efforts in educating the public about AA and the recovery industry. There are so few out there, and you are one of them! One of the many talents in my family is psychic energy, and I know you will be okay. I feel in it in every core of my bones. Rest, get well. and your work is done here for now. Others will carry the torch. You have done your part, for now. Just get better! We all love you!!!

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