DO you want a BILLBOARD IN YOUR CITY to stop AA Coercion for DUI Offenses?


What are you willing to do and how can you help?

I am a hopeless activist. Or am I   a Hopeful activist?

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10 thoughts on “DO you want a BILLBOARD IN YOUR CITY to stop AA Coercion for DUI Offenses?

  1. Like I’ve told you before I can make phone calls. I’m not a hopeless activist. I’ve been sharing with professionals how sick AA is for 15 yrs. A lot of them no longer refer their clients to AA anymore. Not all of us have the resources you do. And I have a lifetime health issue that I have to stay on top of.

  2. I am like genx, don’t have the money and I just had surgery for cancer also so need to heal and be really positive in mind to give myself the best chance.

  3. Massive I hope you get well quickly. Believe it or not there is a large and growing movement to get AA to quit affiliating with the Courts. So please inform me what the billboard campaign is all about. Who would it be directed at? The Politicians, the Courts, the Prosecuters, the Cops and the Jailers are dedicated to coercing the accused into AA. It works for them! As you know AA has been complicit in this matter. What you don’t realize is that many AA members are working hard to address our part in the issue.

  4. I am court ordered to attend 3 AA meetings a week for three years. Fortunately I found a meditation in recovery group that isn’t AA and the court will accept their stamps. They meet twice a week so only one trip to Loserville. AA is the biggest crock of crap ever! would love a billboard !!!! Please advise!!!

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