Domestic Violent charges gets AA meetings in stead of JAIL – OH NO ! WHY – why- why?

Once again we see a Football star gets AA instead of jail time –

WHY_ geez – folks – If a Pilot did this – his life would be ruined and he would be forced to comply with an AA Nazi style regime that could last 5 years or his entire career.

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4 thoughts on “Domestic Violent charges gets AA meetings in stead of JAIL – OH NO ! WHY – why- why?

  1. On top of Bill Wilson’s meglamaniacal belladonna hallucination psychology, I was also exposed to some of the sickest people in our town, and also a lot of psychologically abusive violent females who were ex-gang members [as well as males] who were also sent to aa and na from the court system.

    hallucination psychology
    the sickest people in town
    psychologically abusive / violent ex-criminals
    no supervision
    and the serenity prayer

    why would anyone expect any problems ???

    trouble is most people relapse and are too ashamed to file a complaint
    and when they do complain – aa says they are dishonest

    why would anyone expect endless unresolved problems ???

  2. instead of support groups that say – just do it like this – or just do it like that – why not just be supportive of whatever the individual says helps them. – why not just be supportive for no reason with no program – with no coercion.

    No need to ban Scientology or AA – why not just let the topic open to criticize abusive program if so one comes in and tries to push anything on anyone.

    people should be freely openly warned of the pros and cons of all methods.

    including groups with no supervision.
    perhaps a non profit could arise from grass roots effort
    that provided supervision and experience and education of many methods
    it could be called
    universal recovery support groups

    someday in the future
    i know better than to think i could will it to happen
    but talking about something better can be the start …. and eventually work.

    ALL total abstinence methods create greater susceptibility for substance and alcohol deprivation effect. that causes more obsession and compulsion and ptsd relapsing –

    In Fact – most ODs occur after people stop or get “into recovery”.

    This is a physiologic effect – no matter what method is used to stop or recover.

    alcohol deprivation effect

    where the hell is our Surgeon General and Medical System?

    • no need to ban scientology or satanism or aa . why not just let the topic remain open to criticize against abusive programs

      and if some one comes in and tries to push anything on anyone perhaps read a official statement against coercion of any kind. .

      and have a policy against allowing violence. and court ordered criminals. I do think they should go to their own meetings, In fact criminal behavior is different than substance abuse.

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