Drunk Driver kills person in Accident says AA didn’t work for him

Driver in fatal Franklin County crash given 7 years

  • By NEIL HARVEY, BH News Service
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  • For most of his life, alcohol was a part of each day, Ronald Lee Bowker said Monday in Franklin County Circuit Court.

    The 52-year-old electrician said he tried Alcoholics Anonymous but claimed it just didn’t work for him. He sought medication that might curb his thirst but said his doctor wouldn’t prescribe it. He told a probation officer his father had always been a heavy drinker and, before that, his grandparents, too.

    “I just couldn’t get away from it,” Bowker recalled.

    His brand of choice was Icehouse — a lager with a percentage of alcohol by volume that is somewhat higher than most domestic beers — and he told his probation officer he usually drank five or six 24-ounce cans every night.

    Bowker was driving drunk on the afternoon of April 24 when his 1999 Chevrolet Silverado crossed the centerline on Burnt Chimney Road and collided head-on with a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria. The driver of the Ford, 58-year-old Trinkle Lee Cook of Moneta, was killed. Read full story here.


Hopefully one day soon- Americans will know about Vivitrol , Natrexone and other non AA help that would help people addicted to alcohol. Another life would be saved and this man could also have a life free from addiction

SMART RECOVERY, SOS, LIFERING, WOMEN FOR SOBRIETY, Moderation Management, The Sinclair Method, Hams Harm Reduction . These are free options.

NON 12 step paid treatment list: Practical Recovery, in San Diego,  St Judes Retreats in New York State, The Goodman Center in Knoxville, Tenn., Alternatives in Los Angeles, Center for Optimal Living in NYC run by Andrew Tatarsky, Center for Motivation and Chnage run by Jeff Foote, Books by Lance Dodes, Books by Stanton Peele, Book by Hank Hayes You’ve Been Lied to. Book by Amy Lee Coy, FROM DEATH DO I PART>

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One thought on “Drunk Driver kills person in Accident says AA didn’t work for him

  1. I thought that AA was the only game in town. Maybe he didn’t make the coffee correctly or mop the floors or do service work etc. Or maybe just maybe he wasn’t offered the help that he needed to get better. Each person is different and a treatment plan needs to be unique to that individual. It’s unfortunate that this person couldn’t get on campral or naltrexone or be introduced to other programs.

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