5 thoughts on “Eagles Joe Walsh promotes AA – why why why – Hey Joe The Sinclair Method is new science –

  1. last thing he remembered
    he was running from the door –
    he had to find the passage back to the place he was before –
    relax said the night man – we are – PROGRAMMED – to receive
    you can check out any time you like
    but you can never leave

    else you will surely die
    nope – AA is not no mind control – AA is not cult threats /s

    the brain washed are the last to know … that they are brain washed

  2. Z_ WOW – thats a trip – I think more then Joe Walsh is sober in AA style – is The Drummer ? Oh who cares – LOL – there are too many who got sucked up into it.SO young – What a powerful Cult .

    • AA is notorious for lobotomizing unique individualists. They damn near got my head on an AA meeting wall.

      The AA cult immediately tells its members [victims] that anger is a defect and thus AA members can not get angry and defend them self against anything AA says or does [or anyone else]

      Thus Karla Brada was not supported to respect and understand her healthy anger which is necessary to achieve full consciousness that informs self actualization. Anger informs and communicates something that happiness and serenity etc etc never can.

      AA’s abnormal psychology is blatant psychological rape. Its no wonder that victims of AA’s abnormal psychology can not emotionally defend themselves against any type of abuse.

  3. I’m Glad you’ve kept up consistent protest against AA’s abnormal psychology. Where did everybody else go? In the past there were hundreds of people protesting. Where is orange and Anchorman and Gunthar? I guess it gets old.

    I was listening to one of your last pod casts with Tom from Hawaii. I notice when you said you did not learn to do full emotional healing in AA – His response was that the spiritual principles were there but He worked against them. You of course were very friendly and just said you never learned that in AA. But his response is part of the reason AA and NA get away with their intrinsic abnormal psychology. AA and NA members always side step and make obscure excuses.

    I did some of the same advance work Tom and you talked about – But Contrary to Tom’s nice spiritual AA-NA excuse, The AA & NA principles are both aligned against the true self and self agency etc – and both have a lot of core language that is against all emotions being respected and honored. This tends to be true of all so called “spiritual” cults that have been used to repress the masses throughout history.

    Saying that NA is slightly more progressive is misleading. Their welcome statement read at every meeting says that “Psychology was insufficient for us – we had to have some thing more”. [paraphrasing]

    That language makes NA almost worst than AA because NA seems to open the door to more advanced psychology in some of its language – but then it undermines you claiming psychology is insufficient and slams the door in your face in the end. NA and Modern AA only “admit and talk about” anger – so they can tell you that its a defect and to get rid of anger – anger is never integrated as a completely healthy emotion in NA or AA books.

    Most NA members go through AA based rehab where they are told that AA and NA are the same or else clients would get all conflicted. AA Rehab still cross breeds and influences NA members from truly being different than AA.

    The so called modern open minded AA NA leaders who promote healthy modern psychology are afraid to take a stand and criticize AA else they get drug into the mud by so called more spiritual AA members who will scapegoat them as being negative and destructive.

    John Bradshaw and Tom Horvath and Gabbe Matte etc etc etc never had the balls to say AA was abnormal and unhealthy. Gabrielle Glaser only scratched the surface of AA’s coercive coercion and look what happened to her.

    I think people like staton peele and steve slate etc would make more headway if they could be flexible enough to acknowledge that the disease diagnosis is valid for a small part of the SUD demographic. And Mia whatever her name is may be right that for some people addiction is a learned behavior – but why be so black and white about it – perhaps SUDs damage some people brains and they are malfunctioning.

    The Anti AA Movement is partly at fault for not organizing and putting forth a coherent yet flexible statement that 1. better defines the AA malpractice epidemic problem and 2. informs the public about the many methods with better efficacy that could resolve the problem of sending everyone to the AA cookie cutter bushwhacker system .

    First and Foremost, The lazy medical system should be sued for negligent referral malpractice as Gabrielle Glaser so concisely stated.

    Wish I had the total fix – I can only offer my fragmented ideas. and hope someday the anti aa movement can pull it all together to help stop the crazy psychological double talk AA hallucination cult…. the worst mind fuck i ever experienced.

    people with SUDs sure don’t need a mind fuck on top all their other confusion and suffering.

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