Elijah Wood Exposes Pedophiles in Hollywood ! Sexual Predators AA + Hollywood= Which is more powerful?

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Hail to God and all those who are good that Actor, Elijah Wood is exposing sexual pedophiles in Hollywood.


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11 thoughts on “Elijah Wood Exposes Pedophiles in Hollywood ! Sexual Predators AA + Hollywood= Which is more powerful?

  1. Massive, this is a great story but I did not see the AA angle within the text. Perhaps I misunderstood that it was to be in there, but instead it is just to point out the coming forward in general which is awesome, no doubt.

    Realizing lately how powerless I am not I am working on a similar release, however as I am not famous, I need to go another way about it.

    This here is a many headed dragon. We are fighting child molestation right? It is generally what brought many here. I realized lately that I had been so focused on all the stories here, that I neglected to see that it was my own which holds some keys to possibly hurt these folk real bad.

    Just to be clear, I want 12 step finished. There is no compromise here. It must be exposed. it has all gone way to far.

    I was abused as a child. Frequently. Never at home. And the school covered it up. Boyscouts too…. They covered it. Now the mental health system tells me that I am all wrong and 12 step is the way and not a religion. At this I of course balk.

    So I have started my campaign by tapping the people I wish to expose on the shoulder, and letting them know what I am up to and why. I have a list of at least three people that are administrators of mental heath services I need, but cannot due to the fact that I cannot trust anyone who has them working on their staff. For my own safety.

    And I am going to tell my whole story of abuse. Implicating everyone involved and drawing the appropriate connections. This is an infiltration into the state by churches by the way. That is at the root of the matter.

    The right wing evangelical {bill wilson?} is the enemy.

    Other connections involve any professional I have ever consulted who endorsed/recommended 12 step. The point is that there is no point in trying to sue AA or NA world, or even the church that brings them into the community, it is far better to go at institutions that claim to be of the government.

    And it is already working. I have a lot of people running scared already, because my list of legit grievances are large and all true. But I caught a lot of steppers in this net too. See, and they work in these places where I need services.

    so I bitch.

    And now I am leveling charges with lists of names from meetings where I was abused for being bipolar. And I have no problem ending the careers of anyone I ever met in 12 step.

    The point is that anyone who is “gravely disabled” has special angles to get at these fuckers. I have the cops ears, the social workers ears, and I have a mountain of dirt on all, and connections to all, and 12 step.

    I am going to demand the community pay for my dog to become certified equal to a blind person. For some reason we get them too. She is almost totally trained already, and already knows her job. To tell me to eat, and sleep and wake.

    It is simple. If a stepper is in your way, step right over them, out them to their superiors with your story, and make damn sure it is true.

    the newspaper here is littered with steppers. Why would they ever expose this? It has to go to a whole new level, and if you can take it there and keep yourself safe. do it.


    it is for your survival.

    12 step pushes 2 ideals. One is that you are the cause of all your problems. And two that somehow a resentment will dissolve if you simply bury it. They are idiots so they think they are giving it to god. But it was not gods problem to deal with. There probably is not a god. So all that is done is to bury it into the subconscious mind.

    Language is an adaptation we develop slowly. The words in your head are only half the equation here. Most of the brains functioning go on automatic. If you simply deny your resentment. It will eventually blow out the back of your head one way or the other. So fuck it.

    I will not keep their secrets any longer.

    The one thing I regret doing as of late slightly was to text everyone in the fellowship their own dirty secrets that I obtained only from parking lot rumor or bragging. Just to strike some fear…. which it did. But it was mean, but I was also out of my mind so, ah well. But I probably would not do that again.

    But I do not know. It worked like a charm.

    updates soon. I am going to try to get media involved, once I have enough social workers and mental health, and doctors on the hook as well as UCD. Because that is the one thing they are all asking me to please not do. Which indicates that is probably the way to go.

  2. HI- Yes – you are right- there is no AA connection in this story. But when I posted about Elton John, there is. He is a long standing, out spoken AA (Stepper) who was accused by his body guard who was previously a police officer, sexually harassed.

    Sexual Abuse with children and teens is huge in AA. This is a crime. Not just a civil offense right.

    Im sorry about your past. I too has abuse when I was a kid and had good therapy to address it. I have to get to work. Will read more and respond later.

    • I saw another story that came out today from another child star. But still this is related in a way I see. It is a very positive thing.

  3. No relationship. Just a stretch. That passes as the norm here. That Elton’s ADULT guard is accusing him of something doesn’t make it relevant to this article.

    • great, pedophilia is just normal then. Maybe step 4 that comment it is after all morally wrong and a crime to abuse children, or does your frontal lobe not function correctly?

      • That is their mantra. “Everybody rapes kids. So What!”

        Just happens to not be so. It is mostly just in places where deviants have easy access to children, where safeguards are not heeded and children are preyed upon.

        it is the direct fault of those institutions that allow this to happen. It happened to me as a child, and then again throughout my history with 12 step.

        The tide is turning. I would not want to be a molester or cult/church member right now……….. Glad I ain’t!

    • That would not be what I was referring too speaking of stretches you dope. You may wish to expand your mind before claiming that you ever opened it before you snapped it shut on a faith healing nightmare.

      You may wish to hold on desperately to your dying faith, I feel for you. But it is what happens when you base your life on a lie. I cannot help it if you are so scared your false religon will fail you and you will feel lost in this world when it does. And it will.

      You may choose to fight to prove this false faith of yours. But in that, all you do is harm others. As the only thing worse than having no hope, it is discovering you have been waiting a lot of time and energy on something that offers nothing but false hope, and abusive distorted lies.

      This is cognitive dissonance you are feeling. As you have no actual life of your own. I do not have a lord, because I am no slave. You will not lead me into slaughter, because I am no lamb. You will not snow me with your slogan-centric verbal ejaculations, because I am no fool.

      I feel for your dissonance. It can only lead to deviance, destructiveness, and death.

      The problem with faking it until you make it,
      is that all you get from that experience
      Is a life long lesson in how to make it to be a fake….. Oddnes

      so Have a nice day. Keep it sweet!

      • waiting=wasting

        obviously…. if you were confused… as I am sure you were, the rest should be clear.

        do you by any chance do social work?

    • LELALAL LA — I am going to guess that you are a woman. AA women are the worst when blaming the victim. Women are also predators and I have never seen more in one place like in AA.

      ” Oh , that happens everywhere” Blah blah blah–

      So move your ASS along to your pro AA blogs or stupid facebook pages.

      I am going for a walk along the beach to clear my head from your Bill Sh*T.

      • Bill Shit….. Another set of words for BS. So we have:

        BILL SHIT
        BULL SHIT
        Bachelors of SCIENCE.

        All things worthless.
        Bullshit makes good fertilizer and fuel for cooking.

  4. Hollywood needs to be exposed, AA needs to be exposed….

    The Church Has been exposed.

    More will be revealed about your stupid cult.

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