FILMING in Louisville, and Arkansas, then Bellingham for “The 13th Step”. Coming to a city near you…

MapspicHi. I am coming to these 5 cities over the following 4 weeks as we wrap up filming. .  If anyone wants to talk to me ,  please contact me at

Also… if you know a meeting that I should go to with Make AA Safer Pamphlet, please let me know. If you have any more information that you think I need to know please also contact us.

Please feel free to contribute to the fund…making a film is not cheap…  I have hired an editor and he is beginning to cut the film together. We need animation and motion graphics to be done next.

We have about 10 more days of filming left, some in Los Angeles and a many are in other cities. Bellingham, WA. Charlotte, NC, Little Rock, Arkansas, Louisville, Kentucky, St Louis, Missouri, Palm Springs, CA, West Covina and Los Angeles, CA.

If you, or anyone you know have been harmed and wants to talk to me please contact me asap. I don’t need anymore interviews but if you have been harmed and want help and want to talk please still contact me.

If you know any pilots, doctors, lawyers or the like who were coerced and against their will and sent to AA ….we are also very interested in adding this story to the movie.  If you know the name of a 13 stepper please email me that privately as well. When I am done with the film I am taking my files to the proper authorities.



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9 thoughts on “FILMING in Louisville, and Arkansas, then Bellingham for “The 13th Step”. Coming to a city near you…

  1. Abuse: There is physical abuse and sexual abuse occurring in the 12 step rooms but what about that other abuse. Emotional abuse and the lack of boundaries that is found in the rooms that generate this abuse. Many people in AA are not aware of the need for boundaries, what they are and how to set them regardless of how many years they have spent in the program. It is this type of abuse that sets up the vunerable to be emotionally manipulated.

    Look at the distorted information provided by the program as to the nature of alcohol , this has been challenged by the likes of Alan Marlatt and Stanton Peele among others. The messages. one drink one drunk brings about this
    very behavior in people where people schooled in harm production ]have much better outcomes and better abilty to handle a relapse with much better outcomes than 12 steps.
    AA promotes total abstinence and ignores other therapies such as harm reduction.
    It tells people it That it is a disease , then asks them to define oneself by their deviant behavior, which is a no no in building self esteem. Defining one as an alcoholic is not coming out of denial or owning a behavior it is establishing a negative belief. What about that bogus clami that if one stops drinking and picks up a drink a year later they will drinking harder and more than before they quit because the disease as they call it is progressive.

    Look at how AA lays all blame fault on the substance and gives it the charactertics of the devil, cunning powerful and baffling .
    This ignores what Family Systems approach that anxiety is intergenteralization as well a current in the family and out of systems comes the behavior of over eating, drinking and substance abuse.
    It is not the devil drink but the anxiety , mental healthy issues, patterns of interaction, lack of boundaries and awareness from the original family that generates these issues.

    Much of what AA teaches is boundary violations, emotional abuse, much in the same manner as the the original dysfunctional family of origin and like the family or origin they do recognize the abuse.
    What about those who give advice on medications, or who are presumptions enough to believe they can diagnose others even though they lack a medical degree or the educational background to draw such conclusions. Much of this can be found in the rooms under the guise of sponsorship.

    Abuse occurs on many levels, I hope in your presentation and film you interview people of knowledge that can demonstrate that much of what is taught in AA is false, in many ways it is abusive and that there is no evidence to support many of those claims, in fact the program is based on old time religious views that all “defiant” behavior is a sin thus ones needs a higher power to “save ” them.
    and remove that sin, this is a far cry from learning assertive skills, defining when ones boundaries are being violated and setting those boundaries.

    AA does not provide healthy guidelines on taking care of one self emotionally and removing oneself from toxic situations, and a toxic situation is AA itself.

  2. Thank you Anne ! Yes I’m going to address exactly what you’re talking about. You sound like a perfect person to be a guest on my radio show would you be interested in doing that and talking about what you are speaking about here?

    Please contact me if you would like to do that or just say yes here and we can set something up or if not please continue to blog and thank you for posting such a great post!

  3. Louisville! I don’t live there but I’ve met many AAs from there via “service work”. Some of those folks scared me back then because they speak strictly AA-ease; which should be considered a dialect as much as any regional way of conversing in the country.

    There is also a Doctor that lives there (if he’s still around), Burns Brady, who has been a big deal in the pushing AA on Doctors deal, as well as making tapes of talks that spew bogus science regarding Alcoholism. He’s always been considered with complete awe throughout Kentucky.

    • BCM – Yep, Brady is still around. He and et al annually promote AA snake oil to the KY medical community to include open AA meetings. Just checkout their conference schedule and handouts:

        • That would be the Burns Brady effect. He’s had a hand in the stepifying of nearly every Dr I’ve met in AA. A surgeon in Lexington was a big part of that also, until he retired to Florida.

      • Oh my goodness, Commonsense, “Clinical Applications of the Principals….” Can there be anything more idiotic than that? What if someone went to their physician and asked if he/she was up to date on the Clinical Applications of Religion? They would be dumbfounded.

        Oh and doesn’t it seem that they were all up in arms about cannabis at that conference? I thought 12 step organizations included in their preamble: “A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes.” I’m sorry but legalizing marijuana is both a cause and very political. Yet this organization is in full-blown refer madness! They definitely have a prohibition cause going.

  4. When will this film be released? I would very much like to see it as I am very disgusted with what I have learned about 12-Step programs in recent months, including this very issue. Can I purchase the film and if so, where?

  5. hi and thank you for asking …- we are still filming . We have begun editing already – 3 weeks into it 🙂 – and plan to have some sort of cut in 3-5 weeks. I will only be filming a handful of interviews, then we go straight into post production. I have distributors interested and I will go the traditional ways well ( Submit to film festivals etc look for broadcasting release,as well as a theatrical release, VOD outlets and sell the DVD and downloads on a website. Keep in touch on The 13th Step the film website or shoot me an email to and tell me to add you to the list. We travel to Louisville, Arkansas, Seattle, and Palm Springs and do a local shoot here and thats it.

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