Flight Attendants and Pilots forced to take Drug Tests in Bullying Environment

Most people don’t realize why the Airline Industry had become such an unhappy place. Here is one reason why. The Steppers are making Multi Millions with their Drug Testing Companies. Women who are tiny, thin and dont  even drink are being targeted. The drug testing is aggressive. They force them to go to AA rehab even when that’s a religious org from 1935. This is a very disturbing report. https://nwlaborpress.org/2001/8-3-01Drugs.html

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4 thoughts on “Flight Attendants and Pilots forced to take Drug Tests in Bullying Environment

  1. You should see how the lower management bullies, intimidates and gangs up on flight attendants who make more money. It’s ugly and sinful.

  2. I would also like to add they give me drug and alcohol tests frequently. Of over 2,000 flight attendants they pick on me. I don’t and never have or will drink or take drugs. They also target you in recurrent training. The instructors, some of which are flight attendants who are junior target more senior flight attendants based the same place do in fact gang up on the more senior flight attendants or someone they just take a disliking find ways in training to fail them on drills. Working for the airlines in this day and time is a nightmare for those who have seniority.

    • sorry to hear that. I called the HIMS program for pilots run by young guys in their 30’s who are stepper freaks. I bet they are a nightmare to be around .

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