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    I have made the decision to be less involved with AA for the same reasons as you all. I value the help that I received in getting sober and maintaining my sobriety. AA has certainly helped me, and when you think about it, where else is there to go when you need immediate help? If your family or friends don’t have first hand experience, they can only do so much. In my opinion, it is good to have advice and support to make it through the first few months (again, as has been my experience) and learn what it will take to stay sober. The maintenance piece is up to me. I have tried to work with 3 sponsors over 2 years in AA and it never worked for me. I think the 12 Steps are old fashioned and certainly lack the medical/scientific support that I am looking for when trying to heal my brain and my body. Most of my experience with a sponsor has been degrading, full of whacky advice (like when my sponsor thought staying unemployed was best for me ((and him)) and 2 weeks later I found the best job I’ve ever had), and just plain phony. I will continue going to meetings as ‘maintenance’ and do see a clinical psychologist every other week to talk about what’s going on in my life. I trust doing so with her as she has her PhD in Clinical Psychology.

    I wish you all the best in your recovery.


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