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    M a r t i n

    Hey people, Yeah I left a.a just a few days ago. I never liked a.a anyway I think there is only about 4 people that I really liked in all of the meetings I went to since the age of 17 -28. i am about 17 months sober i think lol I stopped counting anyway I left due to the fact that I’m done with drinking and i dont need to sit and talk about it all the time. I’m busy trying to get a career working with people with addictions because I believe people can get sober without a.a of course. But I wanna help people not because it keeps me sober that aint going to help anyone. Im actually doing some voluntary work with a place I used when trying to get sober. Its helping people in recovery in just there first few month of getting out of rehabs and the like so I want to help people get sober loads of people I know have died from addiction including my father. So I think by getting sober maybe some of how I got sober can help others. I also generally like people and can understand thae loneliness,fear and suicidal thoughts that is brought about by addiction. I don’t wish that on people so i thought why not help. The GOD thing did make me chuckle though. I was brought up Catholic and there alot of people in a.a that think the GOD was forced on them as a child thats true maybe to an extent. I was forced to go school but I do wish I had listened to parents and teachers. I thought and believed when I was a child that I was forced to go to school lol. Now I see it as people doing what was best for me. But you dont here them complaining about things like that weird eh? Its all a GOD thing with them and it went against my beliefs. I was at a meeting two weeks ago where there was alot of catholic bashing and i thought FUCK ALL OF YOU. Sitting there thinking you are all wise and full of wisdom and knowledge about everything, what a joke. I got stopped going into a meeting once because I had a different football a top on imagine that no bosses they say hahaha yeah right. There is alot of sectarianism where I come from so me being a catholic in there wasnt aloud by the looks of it. They say have any GOD you want but in that stupid book he(Bullshit Bill) said mine didnt work. So after listening to another tirade of nonsense from people I phoned my sponsor and said I’m done with this. I didnt give him my full reasons for leaving, there no point he believes in what he believes in and I respect that. My sponsor and I still stay in touch because he did help and i consider him a friend and he just said am here if ye need me but whatever you do phone me instead of the taking a drink and he wished me well. He was understanding and thats what people need not people giving smart arsed condescending comments, but the program is a nonsense. I’m a good person when I don’t drink and i was’nt evil when i did drink although I had moments but nothing major although I take responsibility for everything I done drunk. I don’t need a program to work. I’m just finished with alcohol and I can be proud that this time Im doing it for me and not to get some people of my back. Also what i achieved while getting sober and how I’m getting on with my life. I SHOULD BE PROUD OF ME. Nothing is taking credit for my successes certainly not a cult loaded with nonsence and powerlessness stories. Also I suffered from a great deal of immaturity lol. You know what am not diseased or powerless you know, I JUST FINALLY GREW THE FUCK UP lol



    HI Martin. Nice to have you here. Sorry this part of the site is not that active yet. But Im glad you wrote your story here. Happy Sunday! Are you in the the UK ? London?


    M a r t i n

    Hey massive thanks .Yes u.k, I’m in Glasgow, Scotland. I have made some posts in a few of the topics you said hello in one of them. So its same Martin :D. Yeah I thought it would be better if i introduced myself in the forum but because it was a pretty long post. Funny enough I think all of my posts have been a bit long with a bit of swearin lol. Apologies in advance I do swear alot lol

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