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    I agree Karma, I was once told in AA from a sponsor that I shouldn’t play golf anymore because it might lead me to drink. I love golf and play competitively and have always done that. I don’t think the people in AA mean harm but they can give you horrific advice. Alcohol is everywhere don’t live in a bubble. Get out there and enjoy life you only get one.



    This is an awesome post! I ran into an AAer at the gym couple days ago, he didn’t seem happy or content with life. I thought about saying hi twice but my (awesome) friend who I was working out with & is an actual therapist not a “drug & alcohol counselor” shared with me that I should say hi and whatever he has to say if he mentioned AA was “good for him!” because she is my friend regardless whether I’m in AA or not.
    I went out with a long term friend of mine who was there before AA and now after. We had a few drinks, danced and socialized. I had a blast! Today is Sunday and I’m going to do some work at the office, later I have my beautiful baby daughter to go home too and play with. She loves me unconditionally. I have but a few real friends in life but guess what they don’t have rules or restrictions on our friendship & I love it that way.



    Its nice to be gone for so many reasons. AA hurt my relationship with my sons…now all healed….but AA would have killed my son if he went there.



    Hi there I’m new but I can relate to some of your post. It’s very sad that people that gave you support can quickly turn on you because you are taking a different path. I am in a similar situation but I haven’t left yet. How is everything now?? Very awesome you have that much time!

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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