Gabrielle Glaser and Monica Richardson give Alcoholics Anonymous a run for its money- a low rating for Healing and minus 1 star rating for safety around alcohol overuse issues and here’s why…


Once again the article in The Atlantic by journalist Gabrielle Glaser was trending on twitter yesterday, then back on to The ATLANTIC Article last year about how AA is not the safest or smartest place to go for any kind of REAL healing from Alcohol overuse issues.

For me, a long time ex member who was 13 stepped more then once as a teen and GOT OVER IT…..and just lived with it, realized— thanks to GOD,  my good brain and my sons, that AA was full of S**t …..yea I said it. Full of shit. No science, No research, and lots of religious rhetoric. Many MUSTS and do’s and don’ts and ” better be “of Service”  or else you’ll get drunk….kinda crap….but after 36 years with no booze -I walked away a very disenchanted camper.

Thanks to Gabrielle Glaser who documented the work I did  in 2009 -2010, my last two years in AA ( in Chapter Six of her book  HER BEST KEPT SECRET ) before I left in 2011, about Safety, sexual harassment, sexual predatory crimes and 13 Stepping,  I felt validated and not alone.

In her book Her Best Kept Secret, a New York Times Bestseller, Gabrielle Glaser explained to me and the world how alcohol was once a lovely thing to enjoy in The WHITE HOUSE by our First President, George Washington  &  MRS WASHINGTON, and her many guests.  I learned that most men, women and children were drinking hard cider  necessary until we figured out how to have  clean water.

Americans were neither puritanical or Prohibitionist  from the start…that came later—- along with the non drinking Billionaire Rockefeller, and  the famous AA Creator/founder , —–drunkard, scam artist and womanizer—-Bill Wilson and a few other religious fanatics like Frank Buchman who started the cult The Oxford groups. ( The place Bill Wilson really got sober).

Many decades passed before Courts and judges shoved millions of Americans into a lay person, unsupervised cult like pods of nobody’s for a Drunk driving ticket, a violent offense or whatever floats ones boat today —where EVERYONE says ””OH… I’m an Addict “”””” poor me.  I can’t control myself…blah blah blah.

It does make me wonder where those bad ass pioneering Americans with lots of tough skin, tenacity  and self control have disappeared to?

In her book, HER BEST KEPT SECRET – I also learned  that a Heroin kit could be bought in a Sears & Roebuck Catalog. She then explained  how women’s drinking was on the rise, why… and how were these ladies getting help. Maybe horse therapy in a fancy spa for 50 K was not enough.

Glaser never a problem drinker herself,  began investigating innocently at first, found her way down the same rabbit hole as me, and through Dee Dee Stout, a Harm Reduction Therapist in San Fransisco, who appeared in an episode of “PENN & TELLER Bullshit”  ——- introduced us and…       we met. 🙂 The rest is history.

There are times in life where I have met people, Gabrielle being one of them, that I now feel I could not have gone on with my film and my work without their help and their own driven path to seek out why AA and 12 step controls 95 % of all rehab in America . And why was it infested and controlling our Drug Courts  and the DUI system still to this day?

Her early research brought her into the halls of New York AA Headquarters where an employee made a joke about 13 stepping not realizing that someone might take notice.

Katie Couric heard us because of Gabrielle Glaser and her Book. CBS 48 Hours – episode THE SOBER TRUTH heard and told the story of the Karla Brada Murder because of her.

SO this is my ode to Gabrielle Glaser, in that her fierce voice and criticism was needed, and still needed to tell a very dark true story about what really goes on in those meetings and culture.

Gabrielle being one of the first persons to get the most articles written, criticizes what needed to be done, unlike some of us simple ex stepper bloggers could not get one journalist to hear our voices or write those stories.

The courageous women and men who we both met and interviewed has broken open a dirty little secret that felt it was untouchable, above the law and better then medicine and science. Yes – I am talking about Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not a government agency!

I highly recommend her book for those leaving AA, those thinking about leaving and those who are professionals who have been recommending it to their clients for decades.

For me —-she is my hero—-she is my friend— she is a great writer and without her—- we might…still be on yahoo groups or www.stinkin-  —anti AA groups fighting about if AA could ever be sued or was AA a cult or not- boy how sad that would be.

With dozens of anti AA blogs and ANTI FACEBOOK pages Gabrielle Glaser has managed to amass a long list of legitimate Newspaper, Magazine articles , radio show interviews and the Network news, Television shows to uncover, discover and discard the lie… that

AA is the one and only …and the last house on the block—-

which clearly we know now—-it is not true. Nor is it safe.

Your friend,


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18 thoughts on “Gabrielle Glaser and Monica Richardson give Alcoholics Anonymous a run for its money- a low rating for Healing and minus 1 star rating for safety around alcohol overuse issues and here’s why…

  1. Thank you for this post on your wonderful Blog. I’ve read Gabrielle’s book, and it was very enlightening to me about the history of alcohol in our American culture. It was so interesting.

    I want to thank you, and Gabrielle for all your hard work getting the information out about AA’s dirty little secret. I attended for 28 years, so I do know.

    I’m hoping there will be a documentary or another 48 hour special on this subject, and boy, will they ever blow things up! I can’t wait.

  2. Thanks, as always, Monica for helping give voice to MILLIONS who have been told to “shut up and listen”. I find your work to be very empowering and effective.

  3. It might not be that hard to do when your husband is in publishing. 48 Hours did acknowledge the relationship between their companies. That contributed to a great deal of bias. It came out in the suit that some of the reporting was faulty. It still amazes me that the approach was taken that Earle was acting in some agent capacity when he belonged to AA.

    When you really think about it, not much has changed since we all started this conversation in 2012.

    • so when Kate Hudson who is now a busy actress, Goldie Hawn’s daughter gets a job it makes her work invalid. ?

      Or when Rob Reiner , Carl Reiner’s son turned out to be a great writer , actor and director it was all …..nepotism????

      Move along you little ant.

      get off my site — Troll

        • @JUDE – oh telling me what to do on my blog- stepper sh*t 101

          take a hike little man. Neither has Gabrielle been involved with Murder …she is a JOURNALIST and author!

  4. Great article. I loved The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous story. I shared it with my boss who is a licensed therapist with a Dr. in front of her name. The only thing in front of my name is “Peer Specialist”. My boss is working on helping me publish a personal recovery story that includes a detailed explanation of how 12 recovery kept me stuck for 30 years. I saw how the NCADD tried to discredit the authors sources for the success rate for AA. The 35 billion dollar industry built around addiction recovery is very resistant to any change. Wow! I have gotten myself involved in a real battle. I was very angry for about a year after leaving AA and anything I said was ignored. I realized I was going to have to take another approach to ever get my feeling validated decided to write about my experience. I was very pleased with my story about the damage AA caused me and the trauma like experience I went through. I have been working to improve my story so it is not based so much on opinion, but I can see that whatever I do I will still have many people and organizations who will refuse to validate my feelings. I felt those feelings, they were real, and I know what happened to me, just like every other creditable ex AA member who has been ignored and personally attacked. I can say that the reason for sharing my experience is not to bash AA but to help advocate for much needed change and advancement in the field of addiction recovery. I work in mental health now and I meet many clients who have been through the same thing as me and I have done many sessions with clients to help them overcome the emotional damage AA has done to their self-image. Contact me if I can help I am not afraid anymore. I have found my voice. I quit waiting for the miracle to happen. WE ARE THE MIRICLE … We always were.

    • Thank you DAVID- Good for you ! That’s why I had to make a film. Let us know as things unfold. I agree. The more who speak out in a sane voice the better.

      Thank you for posting this here.


    • Like what you wrote, David. I wasn’t in AA long, but it sure did a lot of damage during the short stay I was there and 12-Step rehab was even worse. Rehab is where they brainwash to buy into the whole AA nonsense and at a very expensive price I might add. Besides the damage that AA did and the fact that few would listen to what I had to say, I had to deal with a lot of other anger as well. I was angry at the counselor who recommended the rehab she used to work at for one. She went to my church and as a Christian some of what I later learned about AA I found very disturbing and have an issue with why a Christian would refer someone to this cult. During the period I started figuring out what AA was really all about and also during a period when I was being harassed by some in the program, I raised my concerns to my counselor and vented with her about the harassment as well. I then found out what a caring person she really was as she blamed me and asked me the standard AA question, “What part did you play in it.” I was promptly referred to a new counselor as she stated she would not have her precious program talked about in a negative manner. Turns out the new counselor she referred me to used to be a former co-worker of hers at the current rehab in which she works. Also turns out the reason this individual left her job was because she too figured out what AA was all about and as a Christian she too had concerns. At least she cared enough to send me to some one who shared the same concerns I did. However, I still have to wonder about the woman who referred me. The new counselor was not a former addict, the one who referred me had lived that experience. However, I found it very odd that she never attended meetings and when I graduated from the rehab she made a stupid excuse about not being able to attend. In all honesty, I now wonder if she too had figured out what AA is about, but also discovered how much money she could make working at a very expensive rehab with a minimum of education. Maybe what I was really attacking unknowingly was her financial security. The other person who referred me to AA was my own brother and while I am happy to see him sober, I am sad to see him brainwashed. He too is a Christian and why he can’t see that this program has cult written all over it is beyond my comprehension. I spoke with him about my concerns, but he is so convinced that it was this program that saved his life, that he wouldn’t consider anything I had to say. When I left I was ridiculed by some in the program, dropped from their Facebook pages, and my phone became silent. Nevertheless, I found out who my real friends were and have thankfully been able to move beyond the dark place I was lived.

      • jaswim- yes- its sad to see how brainwashed people get and many lose family and friends for years because of it.

  5. Gabrielle Glaser is neither an alcoholic nor a scientist, yet many of the points she brings up in The Atlantic article are interesting to me.

    Dr. Silkworth never called alcoholism a disease. It’s a Spiritual malady. Scientifically it’s a mental illness and behavioral disorder.

    The DSM 5 changing the wording is precisely in-line with what the rehab industry and prison industrial complex would have.

    Hopefully many, many AA “members” will see Glasier’s article and find a treatment better suited for them.

      • I’d love to have a stepper give me a logical, concrete explanation as to what a “spiritual malady”(LOL, have to laugh since after all this time out of AA it the words spiritual malady set next to each other just sound funny in a bizarre kind of way) is….backed up with scientific evidence and practical examples. Crickets for sure on this one!

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