Gabrielle Glaser Hammers Alcoholics Anonymous on THE DAILY BEAST ! GO Gabby!


One more round of Journalist , author  Gabrielle Glaser, of  “Why Women Drink and How They Can Regain Control”, of hard hitting what is wrong with AA, Karla Brada Murder and the passing of Elizabeth Pena. The Daily Beast contacted her and asked her to write a piece.

She even gave me a mention. Sweet !!! Thanks Gabrielle….

Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women

Read full story here and comment..the haters are out for sure…


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17 thoughts on “Gabrielle Glaser Hammers Alcoholics Anonymous on THE DAILY BEAST ! GO Gabby!

  1. Great article. I love the expression, ‘ unsupervised group therapy’. OMG that is so true. It wonderfully explains the dangers and fears of being part of AA.


  2. I am so glad more and more people are exposing this DANGEROUS Cult!! And that is exactly what it is. I am so happy to be away from those Hypocrites. My last year in recovery (before I left for good) I was talking to two guys in AA and while I was talking to them this guy walked by and grabbed my ass!!! I immediately turned around and confronted him and said “Don’t you ever put your hands on me!” The two men who I thought were my friends did nothing. They finally confronted him 2 WEEKS LATER!!!! They allowed him to come back and at that point I moved on. The guy who grabbed my ass bounced in and out of the rooms for many years had died about 1 year ago from alcoholism. I was sexually assaulted in front of two friends and they did nothing. What does that tell you!!! I told them this mother fucker was lucky I did not have him arrested. It clearly shows you the level of acceptance in these rooms. I hope more and more people find this site. So they don’t have to endure this bullshit.

  3. Lots of comments on the article and it is very clear the AA’s don’t like their cult to be criticized.

    It is really great to see others stepping up and commenting. I check some of them out from time to time and this guy is really on to something –

    The approach he is involved in is probably the most rational and sane approach I have encountered.

    Something like Gradualism fills a huge void in current approaches and my hope is that it becomes mainstream. Like the folks at HAMS say, “Better is better”.

    • Also, on that comment thread, if you sort by “Top Comments, see what comes up.

      Hint, the comment starts with “Shame on you”.

      The nutter steppers have up voted their very best approach to fighting any criticism of AA and it relates directly to shaming another.

      That pretty much sums up their entire approach. The entire AA program is about avoiding shame. It is a shame-based culture. Relapse and endure the shame of starting over. Don’t do what we say and endure the shame of social exclusion. Do what we say and be one of us on the broad highway walking hand-in-hand with the creator of the universe. OMFG ! It’s for the mentally ill .

      I have said many times there is a profile of a person for who AA “works”. It has little to do with intelligence, but is probably based on –

      1. Level of desperation
      2. Level of vulnerability
      3. Degree of susceptibility or gullibility
      4. Level of magical thinking or superstition
      5. Degree of desire to belong somewhere

      Desperate, vulnerable, gullible, superstitious and lonely.

      As a con man, Bill Wilson played that kind of person like a fiddle.

      Shame on me for thinking that way.

      • No Shame spj………….you nailed it. I can relate to #’s 1-3 when I entered the “rooms”.

        It’s just odd to me how much of their own literatuture they willfully ignore to suit themeselves.

        Once my mind cleared, I could see how dupped and hoodwinked I had become.
        The 12 x 12’s chapter on the 3rd tradition provides more for information the the AAers profile:
        Here’s my contribution:
        1. emotionally grave
        2. criminials of every walk of life and of every offense on the books
        3. violent individuals
        4. twisted individuals
        5. self proclaimed members if they say so

        Emotionally grave criminals from every walk of live that are violent and twisted who proclaim themselves as members that can (and will ) harm a person. Geeze……………

      • And there is now a great reply for those that continually blame and shame authors for promoting their books in these types of pieces. Um, 12 Steppers write books too.

        If the issue of making money off alcoholics were the big deal, the 12 Step world has made more money off of making people believe their horseshit than any other recovery organizations on the planet.

        When it comes to money, the steppers are indeed hypocritical. I would say the majority of them have never even looked at AA or Hazelden tax returns that are posted on the web. They simply believe the bullshit line that nobody has ever made a dime off AA and they can then feel good about attempting to shame those they think are trying to promote any agenda that is not AA.

        Over time, the anti-AA arguments in this grand debate get more succinct and powerful. The AA arguments never change and get weaker in comparison. Eventually, if this trend continues, the pro-AA arguments will simply seem (more) infantile and desperate.

        We are entering a societal era where decisions are data driven. Also known as the Big Data Era. AA’s have no good data and the data that does exist is actually damaging to them. Their ” It worked for me and has helped millions” is lame given the reality of AA’s failure rate, the substance abuse treatment landscape of multiple good options that have data backing them up, and many more people speaking out against the nonsensical faith-healing of AA.

        It is obvious across all the sites that allow comments in this great debate that there is significant pent up animosity towards AA. That isn’t an accident. In general, AA has earned that animosity by being deceptive, manipulative, secretive and arrogant. An outmoded, faith-healing racket from the 1930’s simply has too much undeserved power and they are guaranteed to lose it eventually. The higher power that will overwhelm them is the truth.

        The times they are a changin.

        • Yes I am getting emails from people because of the link to me on The Daily Beast. No hatters yet to me. One is mixed bag , but for the most part they are people who left a long time ago and were seriously hurt.

          • Despite what the pro-steppers say, we know there are people out there who have been negatively affected by the AA and 12 Step ecosystem. Those people exist, period, no amount of wishing will make them go away.

            Now, the big question is, ” How many are out there?”

            75+ years of running this faith-healing scam all over the world has to yield some pretty big damn numbers.

            Look at it this way. One article in one online magazine and some number of people go out of their way to contact Massive about their negative experience. Some percentage of total viewers acted.

            What if people who believe they were harmed in some way by the AA/12 Step ecosystem were requested to send an email and that request was on all the nightly news and talk shows? Basically addressing 100 million + people.

            I contend the law of numbers would take over and the response would be huge. People that have been harmed by that system simply don’t know what is going on in this corner of the world.

            While in the 12 Step recovery ecosystem, their voice doesn’t matter, but it should and hopefully will someday.

            They need 2 main things –

            1. To know their negative experiences can be expressed and heard and not ridiculed, rationalized away or dismissed outright by some righteous asshole spouting crap about clubhouse rules and urban legend suggestions.
            2. An easy venue for #1 to happen.

  4. Looking at the forum on the Elizabeth Pena article is just like going to a meeting. A young female will gush about AA, and then a guy will chime in and pat her on the back for being such a great example of steppism. Then in your minds eye you will see her reveling in the healing praise. And that’s it, that’s the program. These crumbs keep ’em coming back. Thank you for that glimpse into the old world.

    • Lots of good stuff on that site and lots of bullshit too. Interesting how there were so many “relapses” and suicides of the early women of AA. If there were 10 of them and even 1 committed suicide, that is a 10% suicide rate in the wonderful program of AA.

      I especially like this from another article. It shows the pure audacity and ego of these people –

      AA’s soon-to-be co-founders met on May 12, 1935 (Mother’s Day), with Bill trying to help Dr. Bob sober up at Dr. Bob’s home in Akron, Ohio. Wilson worked away at that for almost a month: it would be the first recorded instance of one drunk helping another. Dr. Bob took his last drink on June 10, 1935 (a beer to steady his hand for surgery), and this is generally accepted as the founding date of AA.

      “the first recorded instance of one drunk helping another” WTF!? In all of recorded human history? Surely that is a bad joke or simply stupidity or ignorance of the real world. But they say shit like that and then believe its true. Yep, in the history of the human species one alcohol abuser has never helped another alcohol abuser try to stop drinking until the divinely inspired con man Bill Wilson and the Proctologist Dr Bob were joined together in a flash of glorious serendipity organized and carried out by the creator of the universe for the good of mankind. Except for the ones that get killed, commit suicide or just go plain nuts from their divinely inspired faith-healing nonsense.

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