Gabrielle Glaser on “ABC” with Diane Sawyer Talking about Drinking Wine and Moderation!


Watch the video here…


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18 thoughts on “Gabrielle Glaser on “ABC” with Diane Sawyer Talking about Drinking Wine and Moderation!

    • I know ..its so great! And she and they are talking so sanely about moderation.

      So refreshing!! I love it. Thanks Gabrielle, thanks TO Diane Sawyer and ABC for balancing the alcohol intake scale. Everyone is not a DR Drew or Dr Phil fan.

  1. I’m sure medicating with booze is common, but I’m not that in itself is such a terrible thing in all cases. The fact is lots of people thrive when medicated, and may have sources of psychic pain that can’t be otherwise addressed. However, I have seen amazing results with cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy for people who were in a lot of emotional pain that seemed to never go away. I think it’s important to also consider many people medicate by abusing others, becoming greed-addicts, workaholics, sex addicts, etc. No addiction is good but society is disproportionately disturbed by substance addicts while I have heard convincing arguments (and made observations) that demonstrate the greed addicts, who are worshiped in our society to a great degree, are far more destructive to the totality of life.

    • Carljohn, I recently learned that one of the highly respected founders of Johns Hopkins Hospital was also a life-long morphine addict. I found that interesting tidbit while reading “In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts” by Dr. Gabor MatΓ©. You might find that to be an interesting read because he makes the same points that you are. He draws some fascinating parallels between his own behavioral addictions and the substance addictions of his patients. The underlying causes and drives are often very similar.

  2. carljohn- greed addicts/ I don’t really like or use the word addicts or alcoholics anymore. AND I don’t prescribe to the beliefs hat everything isan addiction either. That’s were AA has high jacked out society and cultural memes.
    Im not splitting hairs either. Part of really deprogramming is not using their words. Everything is not an addiction.

    Greedy assholes are just that. Greedy assholes. People who use people for sex are people who use people for sex. Behavior is not a disease as an addiction is not a disease.

    Although someone in the throws of alcohol or drug dependence can look like something like a chronic disease…Is it a disease like cancer. Can you change having cancer. No. Can you stop drinking or drugging…yes.

    • I understand your concerns with the terminology. I’m not crazy about labels and dichotomies in general. However, I would contend there is something quite similar in the various forms of repetitive excessive behaviors I’m noting. All of which can be destruction of the individual’s “soul” for want of a better word. I’m OK with the word soul but my definition isn’t a religious one.

      • I think the belief system that has been highjacked by AA and its philosophy since the mid 1970’s when I went there has had a serious impact on how we think. I easily changed my behavior as a young 20 something in other areas using good common sense and rules and creating my own healthy boundaries…. But..if you believe that bullshit … well, then one is going to accept that as truth.

        As I heard a women once say “that shopping online was like being addicted to crack”. Although she was in AA and BDA she was a rich women from the Palisades comparing what over shopping and crack use had in common.

        That is so insulting. Its like telling a cancer patient that alcoholics is like cancer. Cancer is not a choice. Whether we drink or not is a choice. I appreciate your thoughts and I’m not black or white about it…but for me….Im not going down that road of calling it that. Sex addiction is bullshit and “it” “AA rhetoric has now disempowered another generation of youth..just like a whole generation of men think they need a pill to get an erection…I use to turn those ads off.
        DOnt even get me started about drug ads on TV.
        PLease bring back alcohol and beer ads to mainstream TV!!!

        ANyway, nice to have you here blogging and giving your two cents worth. Thanks:) We dont always have to agree. Im fine with that. As long as its not AA garbage…Im fine with it.

  3. What phenomenal news indeed! I’m so pleased I decided to pop in tonight. I’ve not been to an AA meeting nor spoken w/ an AA sponsor in almost a year now (after Thanksgiving some time will make a year…but I don’t really count or keep tabs; too steppish for me!) Rumors of my impending death, incarceration and/or institutionalization have been greatly exaggerated. I went to SMART for a while. It was quite useful. I avoid hard liquor simply because I have the innate intelligence to see that it has very negative effects on me physically. I drink beer sometimes…wine much less often. I enjoy a lil buzz though have no interest in “getting drunk” but IF I do ever choose to get drunk, I will. I owe explanations to none nor do I feel any guilt regarding being an adult handling my own business as I choose. I now know why The Creator or God or the Universe allowed me to walk thru the Valley of AA Death. I’m now positioned due to my education/contacts to design a program to help suicidal first responders BUT–

    • Please pardon me for that duplicate post and delete the first one if possible please? As I was saying, I am now designing a program to help first responders in crisis; many of whom have undisclosed very hidden struggles with alcohol and/or substance use or over use. Currently police officers die at a higher rate from suicide in my region than they do from homicide! The obstacles I anticipated running into are from people who think they know better trying to make AA or some form of 12 steps a part of the program. I WON’T LET THEM! AA drives folks suicidal who were not previously so. Imagine what AA does to suicidal cops! I just had a lil arguement with an old friend who is a substance abuse counselor and knows of my experience with AA. She scolded me saying, “You’re gonna have to let this “thing” go that you have against AA just because it didnt work for you; I work with addicts and I KNOW that AA does work for some people!” To that I said, “And it KILLS some people!” This is gonna be an UPHILL fight! πŸ˜‰

      • Hi Illbefree! So good to hear from you. I am very interested in hearing more about your program in regard to suicide. Statistically there are more suicides every year than homicides in this country. It is hard to believe. It gets little press. Also we have lost more service men and woman to suicide than being killed in battle for many years now.

        • Hi AntiD! Thank you! You know I’m here! Esp. for you guys even when there is a lapse in my blogging it’s due to life bogging . . . πŸ˜€ Yes, suicide is a huge problem in this society and what many people due not realize is the role that exposure to AA (12 step brain damaging) contributes to the problem. I am certain that AA has contributed to many people’s suicide, but due to the stigma against people with concurrent substance abuse/ over use issues it is ignored, over-looked and honestly just missed. When we look at the population of high stress careers such as service people, first responders and law enforcement, who actually have very high and oft under reported challenges with substance use, the problem is exponentially increased. Many of the organizations have their own little private versions of AA for these professionals. It is essentially the same Bill Wilson bull packaged up just for them. I am sure it is just as harmful in any regard. I am also sure that there are people who attest

  4. Hi Monica! I am here as ever. πŸ˜€ I’ve been going through intetresting “lessons” w/ “people”. I think after escaping AA, my emotionally abusive & maniputive sponsors & a couple of really fixated & obsessive so called “friends in the fellowship” I was out feeling FREE & thinking that EVERYTHING would be so…so…so…SPENDID! I was in for a rude Awakening. People in general can be users & abusers IN AA or OUT of AA. I have learned to get my own footing w/ the help of God/The Universe, Kindreds, Me, Myself & I. Now, for the development of this program however, I See I will need input from others who KNOW what we KNOW: Alcoholics Anonymous is NOT treatment for alcohol over use/ abuse. It is a faith healing religious cult that Bill Wilson made up and modeled after the Oxford Group religion. No research! No science! No sense! Mental Health & Substance Abuse Practitioners in this day and age should know damned well better by now! All they would have to do is OPEN their eyes & do REAL RESEARCH. AA has fooled MANY!

  5. Bless your heart and thank you AntiD… Massive I will eventually make it back to CA. I have a dear dear friend there. I am long past due a visit with her and her daughter. I want you and I to enjoy lunch right out there on that bus bench that you got…and give out flyers. Just visualize it…it will happen. I know it will. Would we have even imagined a few months ago that youd be on with Katie Couric or that Diane Sawyer would feature a writer on women dribking wine in Moderation rather than succombing to the potential perils of AA? BEAUTIFUL THINGS ARE HAPPENING

  6. I plan to send a copy of Her Best Kept Secret to my old AA (sincere) “friend” when I send her grill back to her.

    I plan to kick off a book reading club soon if there is interest as I re-launch the Anti-AA Conference Call. her Best Kept Secret will be the first book read.

    I have to set it all up.

    Instead of reading the same damn book over and over and over again like AA brain-washed zombies who chant “WE THINK NOT!” people who choose to participate in the call/book club will read different books every month. I’m still planning it out…

    Please post any suggestions for development on my blog after reading my notes if you are interested in the book club/ conference call.

    And please visit Amazon to give positive feedback and reviews to Her Best Kept Secret. The book and Gabrielle Glaser deserve it. It also helps to support and inspires others to write books on the subject to know that they have a community of positive, supportive readers who appreciate and support their work.

    Here’s a link to Her Best Kept Secret on Amazon:

    Please get a copy if you have not already and join us for a December read?

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