Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

It appears that Glenn Close was a member of The Frank Buchman Cult The Oxford Movement as a child! glenn close

Back on Broadway in Edward Albee’s ‘A Delicate Balance,’ the three-time Tony winner opens up her larger-than-life father, William Taliaferro Close, a doctor who spent years in the Congo, battling Ebola and serving as Congolese leader Mobutu Sese Seko’s personal physician; his decision to join religious group/cult the Moral Re-Armament; and why she holds no resentment: “Forgiveness is probably the most revolutionary concept there is right now in our world”

This story first appeared in the Oct. 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The cult’s impact was so great, says Close, that for years “I wouldn’t trust any of my instincts because [my beliefs] had all been dictated to me.”


Close was 7 years old when her dad, a Harvard-educated doctor from a long line of New England blue bloods, joined the religious group known as the Moral Re-Armament.

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There is a lot of history I didn’t know about how big the Oxford Movement became…some 30,000…and it continued into the 1970’s…I think it helped grow AA in high wealthily circles. If they were not in 12 step , they were part of the MRA…all the same except in AA 13 stepping was prevalent.

Your thoughts?      Any more facts anyone knows?      Some one needs to interview her from “our camp” the ex steppers” .

Maybe she has insight…she was close to Robin Williams? hmmmm…..

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18 thoughts on “Glenn Close Returns to Stage, Reveals Remarkable Childhood in Cult

  1. The Orange Papers traces the evolution of the Oxford Movement to Moral Rearmament, through AA, to Up with People. It is amazing to read (not in a good way).

  2. The line that stands out to me is how she did not trust her instincts for a long time after. How true is that!!! I am deprogramming from those hypocrites in AA. When you are vulnerable and hurting so bad these people abuse and exploit the shit out of you. I have been a little lonely lately (have not been to a meeting in almost 2 years) went last month but had to walk out in the middle. I just couldn’t handle the nonsense. But I would rather be lonely than be part of a bunch of Losers!! I read on here everyday and it helps me to deprogram. Thanks Massive!

    • Hi …
      I’m new to this site and after almost 12 years in aa I too am feeling lonely, rejected and lost.
      Problem is I’m older and fitting in is even harder …
      I liked how you referred to aa as “those hypocrites.” Nice to know there are others who think like me… I may begin to heal by reading blogs that expose aa and validate “I’m not crazy.” Thank you for being here …guess it’s time to find “healthy friends” and move on !

  3. I was at a AA meeting and I witnessed a man what was a rednick and he was strong and tough and he intimidated people what are at the meetings, he did not like what another member said, and he waited for him to go outside, then he apporched the member and said that the member what was talking was anti AA and talked off the wall, calling him shit brain, and intimidating the member, this rednick guy talks about his wife and how he abused her he acts like he is sucj a bad boy and that he is powerless over his actions, I my self just feel threatened by this rednick phoney person and think his talk is completely like he has something up his sleves,

  4. They were certainly quite a popular group in the Uk for a while and Westminster Theater was built from public contributions after the war to commemorate those members who had fought the Nazis in the second world war. I think the group also took part in a large amount of resistance in Scandanavia as well. Certainly members of the Oxford group were not liked by the Nazis in Germany, especially the Gestapo,despite the approach of Buchman before the war who wanted to convert Hitler, and made the rather stupid comments about Hitler that are often all that people hear about him. This is despite his work after the war to bring Gernmany and other countries together which was praised at the time.
    The modern version is called “initiatives of change” and has its headquarters in London near Victoria station. I seems to carry on with the evangelical, moralising approachfrom the Oxford group and of course AA ,which broke links with the Oxford group pretty early on, although obviously used elements such as public confession or sharing as well as the moral approach in the steps. Here is the modern site . Here is a good timeline that shows how the groups evolved including AA
    There is a good section in cult or cure about the background as well which gives a fairly balanced account which I feel is better than the Orange account.
    It is not a suprise that a family such as Glen’s would have joined this group as it realised that it would have more effect if the word was spread by powerful figures of the establishment, hence the ludricous idea of converting Hitler who many saw as an allie against communism at the time.
    The MRA certainly raised a lot of money after the war and set up places such as Glen Close describes.probably so that benefactors could live in the conditions they were used to while feeling good about contributing to something.
    Like AA and many evangelical groups it is sometimes called a cult, and like AA, would appear to have got more dogma and moralistic based after the orginal leader had died and people who were enthusiastic about the methods took over.
    There are a lot evangelical christian based groups about and they certainly use heavy moralisation to attempt to control people and this often results in them experiencing a huge amount of guilt and inner conflict. This is ironically similar to what happens to many Catholics. I can see the modern version of the group is active in places such as Africa which is also an area targeted by other churches since the decline of faith in the more educated western world.
    Anyway, as I mentioned before they did build the Westminster theatre which I went to a few times and was very sad when it burned down about ten years ago.

  5. here is just some more info on the group:

    The group now goes by the name “Initatiatves of Change”, I found it interesting that the group was accused of having a bizzare fixation with sexual issues. I have of course thought this of NA/AA when I was a stepper.

    The last two people I sponsored as well were very fixated on this fact. I wish I had not done those 5th steps. I hope nobody ever again confesses this stupid crap to some random idiot.

    Also reading a lot of this stuff, you see how much of the traditional crud came from these groups. They were also historically looked at funky for holding hands in a circle, like we know they do.

  6. I was told by one AA Nazi sponser that I could not trust my instinct,I fought him over that & glad to say I stuck to my guns. Of course he told me I wasn;t going to make it with a cocksure arrogance. 11 years later I am still clean of dugs & alcohol but I guess I must be a “drydrunk” according to his fucked up cultish mind.

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