Have you been 13th Stepped?

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If you want to tell your story to me you can reach me at makeaasafer@gmail.com We have 2 more months of filming so if you are near me, near Louisville,Kentucky near Olympia, WA or in the Southern Cali vicinity  don’t hesitate to contact me for my film The 13th Step.old poster 13thsteppic
The news organization got enough leads and asked me to take it down. SO thank you all. Rather then taking down the whole thread I am just changing whats here. 🙂


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75 thoughts on “Have you been 13th Stepped?

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  2. This is a big deal! I can already hear the AA apologists, “I have 31 years and have never seen…..blah, blah, blah”, “there are bad people everywhere”, “some are sicker than others”, “what the courts do is an outside issue”, and so on. What I don’t expect to hear is an admission of responsibility and acceptance of accountability.

    • You are right, I do not think we will be holding our breath waiting for AA to take responsibility for the organizations actions of turning their backs on those sexually abuse, financially scammed, harassed or killed by suicide or murder by AA members.

      • Yes, it is well past time that AA and its affilliated 12 step treatment industry took an inventory of themselves. They definitely need to look for their part in it!

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  4. This is great. I hope his email overflows with stories. It’s about damn time the mainstream media woke up to this epidemic. The next thing they need to attack is suicides and the headline needs to read, ” Does AA brainwashing actually cause suicide?” I firmly believe the answer is yes in the majority of cases. AA sets out to create a “psychic change” in the individual by injecting powerful religious conversion and brainwashing techniques. The psychic change may very well be one that leads to accelerated self destruction. There is no guarantee of which type of impact this forced change of thinking will have on a person. Everyone assumes the direction is positive after the brainwashing. Who can verify that is the truth? I don’t know the stats, but I do know that people go into AA alive and many of them come out dead by their own hand. I’d like to hear the AA apologists compare that with a shopping mall or a movie theater.

    Through the use of big data and analytic techniques, sometime in the future, someone will mutter, ” oh my gawd, AA really does kill people.” George Valiant saw it and I’ll bet the numbers are far worse now.

    Hurry up mainstream media. Get the real clue. Society has been duped by a religious con that is masquerading as treatment. People are suffering and dying needlessly and the impetus for change can only come from you.

    • SPJ- Suicides in AA is a huge untold story in mainstream media.

      In fact AA has admitted AA ‘s role in members suicide in regard to members telling others to stop taking their meds. It should come as no surprised considering no one is formally trained in addiction or mental health in AA. I have found no safety literature on how to deal with suicidal steppers.

      Here is the link.


      • They could start with the people that died from going through the Dr Drew brain contortion emporium better known as Celebrity Rehab. 100 percent of them were alive before he got his hands on their brains. There are far fewer than 100 percent alive today. They say it is the disease, but they were alive with the “disease” before Drew and the 12 Steps got involved. How is that so hard for people to see??? Alive before AA, dead after being exposed to AA. Hellooooo?? Alive, then AA, then dead. Gee maybe AA had something to do with their death?? Maybe there is something really dark and dangerous about this religious con that is masquerading as treatment? Numbers don’t lie.

        • And don’t forget the collateral spousal damage that happens in AA – married before AA; divorced after AA. It can be hard to maintain a family life with all the meetings, service work, step work, clubhouse events, etc.

            • At some point in Dr Drew’s narcissistic, fame-whoring mind, a thought pops up from time to time that he suppresses. That thought is ” did I kill them?” If he has done any research outside of AA, he knows the arguments of the AA and 12 Step detractors. You see, evidence doesn’t lie. They were alive when they met him and now they are dead. It is only natural to wonder if – as the treating physician – you had a part in their death. If Drew knew all the evidence against AA and 12 Steps, the only logical conclusion can be that there is a strong correlation to the positive. Not a single person that goes into the AA gauntlet is dead on their arrival, but many die either by their own hand or someone else’s when in AA or NA. And that number is far above the norm. AA and the 12 Steps is a national disgrace from a medical perspective. It is not a modern miracle by any delusional stretch. The Sinclair Method is a modern “miracle”. Huddling in church basements endlessly regurgitating stories and praying and chanting is not a real solution to anything except maybe part of a treatment regimen for agoraphobia.

              How loud does how many people have to scream that the 12 Steps is faith healing nonsense that doesn’t really work as a treatment for substance abuse before the people who should care will listen?

              The good news is the chorus is growing. Mental illness and substance abuse is one of the more critical societal issue of modern times. Addressing it with voo doo that is clearly ineffective is a grave mistake. Conversely, does the country have a substance abuse problem precisely because of the dominant model for treatment of substance abuse? Inquiring minds….

              • And what’s his kill rate exactly? How many people on the program and how many have died? Why does he still have a medical licence? I am surprised the families haven’t sued. He made a mockery of their pain. He abused them by putting them in front of the camera. He used their desire for fame to lure them onto the show.


    • I agree with you on the suicides. Another factor in that is that many people who are directed to AA need psychiatric medications, in AA they hear over and over that the steps are the answer to ALL of their problems, and of course they aren’t. The steps can make people feel much, much worse about themselves. If someone is already depressed this can be tragic.

  5. THANK GOD this is happening. I hope they inform the world using the F-177 document that I found that members are not supposed to vouch for each other. If this stops then the courts will no longer have a use for AA and stop sending AA their criminals.

  6. I think that this is great news. I know there are way more problems in AA then sexually predatory behavior, but we have to start somewhere. IN my film we will address all of it. But at least CBS is addressing this court ordering and sexual predation. They are serious reporters who are shocked and horrified by what they are already finding.

    Even I have found it appalling how most people have no idea what really goes on in AA. Well now ….they know and every day they learn more. Please reach out to those you know in your private emails to ask if anyone will talk. Thank you .

  7. I know several stories and have paperwork for a financial scam but it is really hard to get anyone to say anything. AA people close ranks when there is any controversy. They come out with the “don’t take other people’s inventory” thing.
    This subject really needs addressing, especially with the young people going to AA from rehabs.

  8. Many times over the past year & a half I have thought, “What are you doing? Why bother with all this mess?” This has especially been the case in the past few months. The deep infiltration of 12 step cultish theology into our culture, mainstream media, medicine, our government, the law, aviation, social services, colleges, our nation’s churches, etc. just began to feel overwhelmingly CORRUPT to a degree that might be too much to really solve? That is what I was starting to think TILL NOW. THIS is the beginning of what many of us have waited for; TRUTH EXPOSED! This START is what its all about for EVERYBODY whether they consider themselves IN or OUT of AA; this benefits US; PEOPLE, Human Beings & those we love. Its the People that matter; not AA. With solid reporters on the stinking trail IT’S OVER ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. IT IS OVER! YOU WILL HAVE TO EVOLVE OR DISSOLVE! YOU ARE POWERLESS OVER YOUR FURTHER EXPOSURE. START SWEEPING THAT FN STREET! Nevermind; too late! JUSTICE FOR KARLA; ALL AA VICTIMS & SURVIVORS!

    • I have felt that way too. It was at times depressing. If not for CBS coming along I might have been more depressed . But I could not talk about it so it kept me going and gave me hope that finally a journalist would tell out stories. There are good people out there.

  9. Thank you for all the WORK…the heavy lifting and endless listening you have done as a Warrior Woman to bring attention to people being harmed and victimized in AA Massive. The Universe is Smiling and Shining on YOU. And thank you to EVERYONE (BRAVE BLOGGERS…PERSISTANT POSTERS…WONDROUS WRITERS…DARING DOCTORS…FABULOUS FACEBOOKERS, etc.) who added to the straws upon the camel’s back leading to this BREAKING NEWS. Hopefully as many victims and survivors as possible call in or email their experiences. I hope they finally feel VALIDATION…SUPPORT…CONSIDERATION… Yes…it really is about time…

  10. This is really a dream come true. All of our hard work is starting to pay off. It is like a domino effect. One thing leads to another and then another.

    It still boggles my mind that our has allowed AA and NA to operate with not obeying any rules like Alateen follows. I have always believed that AA is not above the law and they are breaking them left and right by allowing them to co mingle minors with violent felons and sex predators. They are most likely breaking federal and state laws when it comes to children and teens.

  11. I’m writing my letter now….. I’m putting my money where my mouth is. 🙂 I have to admit, I was a little scared at first because – it is one thing to post on the net and another to send the info to ‘the big boys’ who will put it on the news.

    Plus…… seriously…. it was hard to sort out WHICH experience to tell them about ….. because there are soooo…… many.

    But I feel better, the letter is getting done and will be in my Monday. I didn’t realize it would bring back all the emotions that I had to deal with at the time, but it has. I think I’m going to go for a smoke….. and a coffee …. and a walk… in the snow…. cause that’s all we have in my frozen part of the world.

    Monika, you’ve done great work by doing this. I am proud to know you and proud to be part of this. And btw…. that goes for everyone else who is hear, ‘spreading the message’. *snicker*


    • Fantastic Anon! I am sure though it is difficult going back thinking about all the different times you had problems with AA members and trying to choose which one. Geez.

  12. I am still friends with my old sponsor. I have been talking to her all what is happening and about the F-177 document. Her response was ‘I still see nothing wrong with telling a court that I am someone’s AA sponsor, that they go to meetings and what I have seen of the person’s character in the limited time I have known them’. After everything I have talked with her about, she is still a blank. She believes AA is perfect the way it is and should not be touched in anyway – and she is a moderate open minded person compared to the rest of them.

    It’s going to be a longgggg road. Ann

  13. ANon- so she admits she goes so far as to tell the courts her observations of her sponsees character. Uhmmmm…….then believe the courts to ask for the sponsors full name. They are allowed to remain anonymous in a court preceding. This is also reflects how much control a sponsor has over a sponsee. Making them jump through hoops so they will not only verify the sponsees attendance but also how well they are doing. A classic perfect storm to set a person up for abuse both emotionally and sexually.

    • How is being in AA a magical ticket for the courts? Seriously. What makes being in AA so damned special to the courts? You can be uneducated, living under a damn bridge with nothing to your name and walk into a court and affect the life of a doctor or a dentist or pilot or any real professional by what you tell the court. All because you go to AA. ” Your honor, the doctor has not gotten a sponsor and won’t say the chants and prayers and refuses to do the steps, so it is obvious to me he isn’t ready to get sober and do what is necessary.” And the doctor is then screwed. How is that scenario even possible??? Who gives AA members their sway over other people’s lives??? WHO ? Why should anyone that regularly admits they are a liar, thief and a cheat get special privileges and standing in society ? These people shouldn’t be let anywhere near a court or a hospital with this nonsense. This is not the 1930’s.

    • I meant to say above that I believe the courts DO NOT require sponsors last name when they speak in court about how their sponsee is doing. I believe they are the only segment of the population allowed this privilege of anonymity.

  14. When I was in AA, I went to an AA meeting at an Alano Club. A young girl shared and it was clear she was in distress. Her thoughts were very random and she seemed like a nice 15-17 year old kid. She was talking about the desire to have a normal life and interjected ” and I want to have sex with people my own age”. Many of us chuckled and found it kind of humorous because of the context and delivery. I now know the seriousness of what she was saying and feel ashamed I did nothing to help her. She was most definitely being preyed upon. This was many years ago now and I hope she is ok today and found the normal life she desired.

  15. It is so GLORIOUS to see & feel everyone’s elation. You deserve it. ENJOY IT! Survivors & victims of this cult hell bent on twisting the Human Spirit & Mind shall FINALLY have their say in a BIG WAY. What could be better right now? Only if Massive’s documentary was also out right now could I be more pleased. I CAN’T WAIT! Anon I admire your courage! Your telling of your experiences will give Voice to other victims & survivors, both the living & the dead. I agree with AntiD; Exposing AA SUICIDES are forthcoming in the domino effect. I wrote a piece called Does AA Bullying of Vulnerable Adults Contribute to Suicide? In my heart & soul I KNOW it does! Hurt People Hurt People. AA people are some very HURT PEOPLE. We actually help reduce potential harm to them! SPJ you are spot on; MANY of our professionals (pilots, doctors, lawyers, ect.) have different versions of peer AA groups. SCAREY! Massive we gon have lunch on that bench! YOU ROCK! Keep SHINING! Enoy this Moment everyone…MORE WILL BE REVEALED! 😀

  16. Sponsors are elevated by the courts to the status of Christ.

    It’s interesting that the insurance was brought up because our insurance company also asks if you are or ever have been in AA. I asked the guy what would happen if you check off ‘no’ because you felt you had a right to anonymity? He said your insurance would be void. You HAVE to put in if you have been in AA.

    • Insurance companies are all about the numbers. Nothing else really matters to them. So, what could be the motivation for demanding to know about being in AA? Well, they must know there is a 97 % walk out rate, and they must know the death rate is higher than the general populace, you have a high likelihood to relapse and binge drink or recommit crimes, and even to die based on Valliant’s study and other studies. From those perspectives, knowing you are in AA tells them many things and most of them aren’t positive. Being in AA provides a label with which they can track you for their data which creates their actuarial tables for risk. Example tables for reference – http://lifeexpectancycalculators.com/actuarial-life-tables.html

      Saying you are in AA means your chances of death and illness are higher than the general population. If the insurance companies are really aware, they would know your chances for financial predation are higher too. That is because you are directly rubbing elbows with criminal elements in society on a regular and recurring basis. Insurance companies don’t give a damn about the AA propaganda of goodness and light, they care about reality and the numbers. Somewhere inside an insurer is somebody really pissed about being lied to around AA and how wonderful it is for society because the numbers say otherwise. Numbers don’t lie, but the AA propaganda machine sure does. People don’t understand that lies and grandiosity and built into the AA system. The system is one big pretend of success that uses its own lies as proof of success. “It says right here in the Big Book ….” One has to be in it for a long time to see how blatant the lies really are. A casual observer with limited exposure to this atrocity simply can’t see the truth because the propaganda messages are so strongly positive and one or two meetings makes it all seem innocuous enough. The truth is in the numbers over time and that’s why AA doesn’t have any.

    • wow – I was told the opposite of this back in the early years …Okay.. I was never a member. I was just visiting. I was a friend of a friend and I never got a membership card ….did anyone else get a card? Who is keeping records. And what about our background . For those of us who never got into any trouble and just drank as teens are we in that group too. I hope the insurance companies deny all the 12 step rehabs for payment.

      • The worst part from an insurance perspective is being branded when you are young. A rehab or treatment follows you for the rest of your life and will probably figure into your premiums or be a reason to deny some kind of big ticket treatment in the future. If people haven’t noticed, the health care and insurance companies are squeezing more and more money out of everybody and it shows no signs of abating. Further, as job markets get tighter, prospective employers will toss applications from people that have been in treatment. The label of being an addict will some day be a curse that condemns young people to a life that will be far more expensive and difficult than someone who isn’t labeled an addict.

  17. Seems obvious “to me” that the motivation on the part of insurance company is to charge higher rates? A yes answer may label you with an existing condition, and alcoholic with an incurable disease. I wonder if they always have ask this odd question or is recently. The unaffordable care act comes to mind. Arent they forcing people without any history of substance abuse to carry coverage for rehab. Just some thoughts.

    Also, Im trying to figure out how they would know if you lied. I mean its not like saying you dont smoke; where it could be proved that you lied.

    • They would not know if you went to AA unless maybe it was part of an aftercare program that the insurance company might be aware of. I guess by asking is just another way to ask if you have a substance abuse problem.

  18. AA even has it’s long, corrupt arm in parent custody far more often than people realize. IMAGINE being forced to comply with AA to keep your kids?

    Here is an example:
    NDG Gossip: Allen Iverson loses parental custody rights and he ordered to attend AA meetings

    “The judge was not happy with Allen Iverson when and ruled stripped Iverson of custody of his five children, granting him only visitation rights. Full custody was granted to Tawanna Iverson, the mother of the children. In finalizing Iverson’s divorce from Tawanna, the judge disapproved of Allen’s parenting patterns which included his alcohol use and the resulting poor decisions. For example, he left the children unattended, unsupervised, and around strangers – according to the divorce decree….”


    And take a look at this stepper lawyer:

    “If I were a family court judge every alcoholic parent would be given a stark choice: alcohol or your children. If the parent chose alcohol, he or she would not receive court-ordered visitation…”

    See more at: http://www.gregoryforman.com/blog/2009/04/visitation-and-the-alcoholic-parent/#sthash.q9rqyQOd.dpuf

    AA is truly CORRUPT! The members may be “powerless” but AA is a POWER-FIEND! (Like it’s founder!)

      • Actually I stumbled across this realization when doing research of minors being mandated to attend AA in Juvenile Courts. I found out about Family Courts. A ton of parents are mandated to AA to keep there children. Then the children the courts are trying to protect are often dragged to the meetings with criminals and 13 steppers! It is complete and total lunacy.

        • Here is a recent case- Father refused to go to AA meetings. Clip below-

          This is the backstory: Scott and Sara, Stevie’s parents, were raided because their grandfather who resides with them was caught selling drugs miles from the home. Police found a small amount of the grandfather’s contraband and rightfully, did not arrest or charge Scott and Sara with any crime. The grandfather no longer resides with Scott and Sara.

          Five days later, California Child Protective Services returned with the police. To prove Scott and Sara were drug free, they both agreed to take a drug test at the police station. They both passed and were released.

          To their horror, they learned CPS had placed Stevie, their 5 year old daughter, in and abusive foster home. The CPS worker, Christy Byrne, lied in the report claiming Scott and Sara were under arrest and charged with being under the influence of a narcotic.

          Scott’s and Sara’s home has been described as “the playground of the neighborhood” where other parents allow their children to play. The foster home holding Stevie has all the toys wrapped in plastic baggies because of a lice infestation and the older kids bully Stevie and their aggressive behaviors are a daily routine. Watch the video and listen to the teenage boy scream curses as he pounds on Stevie’s foster home door.

          Before Stevie can be reunited with her parents, CPS is ordering Scott to attend a parenting class, a drug class and attend AA meetings. Since the father is not a drug user, he rightfully refusing to take any such classes.


  19. And no…I don’t sympathize with Iverson… Just using him as an example of how powerful AA is in the custody equation. How many American parents face AA participation as a qualification for custody?

    • That is an example of an organization with power. So, the question remains, ” Who grants them that power?” How does a dipshit quasi-religion run at the grass roots level get that kind of power? Scientology doesn’t have it, Christianity doesn’t have it, Islam doesn’t have it, but AA does. Yes, a totally dipshit quasi-religious organization started by a guy who, while jacked up on belladonna and henbane, saw gawd, then plagiarized an existing religion, then stole a book from his trusting fellows, then proceeded to bang any babe in his organization he wanted to, and suffocated to death from a life long addiction to nicotine, now controls the lives of multitudes of people. WHILE, addiction researchers that have given their entire lives to the study of addiction and alternate, science-based approaches to substance abuse are afraid to speak out because their approaches fly in the face of the Billy Wilson Circus and Brain Contortion Freak Show. That picture is so broken people should be incensed.

  20. spj- they did it with Marty Mann’s ego and gusto to spread her pov about AA and Alcoholism . She was a master PR person and if you read her BIO …snore…..you too will s ee what she did. Without Marty Mann, AA would not exist today. We are going to tell this story in my film and its very disturbing how deep we have discovered it goes.

    They stared with the Dr. and then Marty Got a huge donation from A man who ran IBM. Millions he gave her to promote The National Council On alcoholism, now the NIDA. The focus of the film is still the same but a good segment will be on how AA got so deep, that its not a disease and the high level professionals are coerced.

    3 GENERATIONS have been brainwashed. Its BAD !!!!!!!!!!

      • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is a United States federal-government research institute whose mission is to “lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.”[2]

        It roots are totally connected to AA. NIDA’s roots can be traced back to 1935, when a research facility (named the Addiction Research Center in 1948) was established in Lexington, Kentucky as part of a USPHS hospital. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) and National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) were created in 1972. In 1974 NIDA was established as part of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration and given authority over the DAWN and NHSDA programs

        But yes you are right…But Marty Mann was very involved with all of this. ALL OF IT> NOW THE HEAD of NIDA is called drinking a beverage a Brian Disease. They are all fucking crazy, even if some of them are not steppers.

  21. The first time i did a court letter it was for a mom who had been mandated there -If she wanted her kid back she had to prove she had been going, had a sponsor , have clean urine tests and have her sponsr in court. I wentand the judge questioned me, my sobriety,took my full name, address etc. He treated me as if i was a doctor and she was my patient.

  22. Oh gosh….. please excuse the typo’s on my previous message, they were done on my playbook while waiting for my food at a restaurant. Sheesh.

  23. Through our affiliation in AA in Minneapolis, MN, I and several others fell victim to a scammer and a predatory sex offender named David Novins Brown (dob 10/24/1958) in 2013. (Groups include: Dunn Sober, Sahara, 1800 Chicago) His criminal record dates back over 20 years, as a multi-time convicted felon for committing theft/theft-by swindle, criminal sexual conduct (sexually assaulted his nieces between ages 6-9 while babysitting), and most recently incarcerated for knowingly violating his requirement as a sex offender to report his whereabouts. Since his release sometime in 2014, he has been seen at the same above AA groups that he frequented prior to his most recent arrests (June and July 2013), in search for new unsuspecting victims. There appears to be no recourse or ways to spread the word within AA to warn others to stay away from this dangerous man. Prior to his most recent arrest, Dave Brown had stolen and pawned numerous well-meaning AA members’ belongings, including a car. This man is a registered sex offender. It seems that there should be some way to safeguard those who attend AA meetings for its intended purposes, and seeking the fellowship that AA purports to foster. For anyone in the Twin Cities area, visit these links to protect yourself:

    • This man is currently under Intensive Supervised release! According to the comment above he is going to AA meetings. Read below what “ISR” is.


      This statewide program provides intensive supervision of offenders seven days a week, 365 days a year – including four face-to-face contacts weekly, electronic home monitoring, mandatory work or school, daily curfews, mandatory restitution, and random drug testing. Specially trained corrections agents whose caseloads are 15 or less supervise offenders deemed high-risk to the public who are released from department institutions. The department has agents in several locations across the state.

      • This goes back to 1999! This man is very dangerous indeed!

        Appellant David Novins Brown was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, in violation of Minn. Stat. § 609.342, subd. 1(a) (1994) (engaging in sexual penetration with a person under 13 and more than 36 months younger than the actor) against separate victims, and an alternate count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, in violation of Minn. Stat. § 609.343, subd. 1(a) (1994) (engaging in sexual contact with a person under 13 and more than 36 months younger than the actor) against one of the victims. He negotiated a plea agreement with the state under which he would plead guilty to two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and be sentenced to 60 months’ imprisonment, the presumptive sentence for those offenses.
        The complaint alleged that the offenses were committed between January 1996 and October 1997 against appellant’s nieces, R.R. (born September 10, 1986) and B.R. (born September 26, 1989). In pleading guilty, appellant denied sexually penetrating either victim, but admitted that he had touched their inner thighs and vaginas for his own sexual or aggressive gratification.

        At the plea hearing, the district court made it clear that it would impose the 60-month sentence only if appellant appeared at sentencing and did not violate any of the conditions of release, which included retaining his employment, refraining from the possession or use of alcohol or drugs, retaining his residence at the halfway house where he was living, reporting to the probation department at least once a week, having no contact with the victims or their families, and attending A.A. meetings. Appellant stated on the record that he understood that if he violated the conditions of release or failed to appear he would receive a sentence “substantially greater” than 60 months.

        Complete legal doc-http://mn.gov/web/prod/static/lawlib/live/archive/ctapun/9911/1045.htm

    • Sobertundra, what has been AA’s reaction when members complain about him? He sounds like a horrid person. This is a prime example of who AA welcomes with open arms, and allows them to mingle with young people, teens and minors. Anymore information would be greatly appreciated. This is exactly the sort of thing we are exposing. Thanks for the information!

      http://www.nadaytona.org Violent Criminals in AA and NA

      • AntiDenial, thank you for your comments! We’ve only spoken about it with a few folks who were affected by Dave Brown at the same time, and the general vibe is just whispered warnings among members and avoidance of meetings where he is known to have attended. I’ve chosen to stay away from those meetings; therefore am not personally aware of any admin/leader-level action regarding a predator mingling about in the groups. It took nearly a year for them to bust him for lying/not reporting his whereabouts (violation as a registered sex offender) this last round (no recourse on the various thefts as far as I know), so I hope that this intensive supervised release is more diligent. Thank you again for this site and for your comments!

      • ALSO I think everyone who knows that criminal activity is going on …all need to go to the police and stop acting like AA is a special secret org where sex offenders can do what ever they want and trust me they are doing whatever the fuck they want in every city all over the country because AA members are fucking pussy ass babies ass weak minded people who have given their lives over to “the all and powerful ” AA comes first over the individual BS !!

  24. yes. i am in Olympia WA. please DO call me. Monica knows how to reach me.
    i have seen child molestation. i have known rape. i have seen homicide. please. call me. my friends life, was worth so much more than what she was given. i thank you for your work.

    • Hey u can reach Monica. Search under contact us. Put it in the search. I hope the best for you. 🙂 if that doesn’t work try 13 stepped in the search.

  25. Honestly, as soon as I get the money saved up, I’m done with AA. I got forced into a sober living house, and the other men in AA are true and honest weirdos, creeps, and bullies. AA produces many nasty individuals as a whole. Take for example my old sponsor who loved to use racial slurs, and of whom admitted that he slept with over 300 women, and thought he was cool. He’s not cool, he’s a bully and a creep, and as soon as I can get out of this program, I will.

  26. Hi Jeff welcome ! Glad you found us I’m only able to be on my iPhone my computer is jam packed so I’ll write more to you tomorrow ! Hang in … Make a plane a nd get online to research the. 7 other sane free options
    They will confirm you are right and that AA is a way outdated program !

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