Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

The time to come forward is now.

There are two News Reporters, one at a Major network and another who has contacted a Journalist working behind the scenes on the problems really going on in AA and how women are being treated.

Many have contacted me directly on my other blogs over the past 2 1/2 years.

Either way if you have been hurt and are willing to speak they want to talk to you. Please contact me at info@mysaferecovery.com.

You might also want to know that AA is being sued and it is a very strong case. There is finally an ATTORNEY in Los Angeles who will do it and she understands the LAW and how AA tried to wiggle around and under it with its ridiculous traditions.

Please if you know someone who has been harmed and they are  ready to talk, please  give them my information.

Please help stop the silence that has been going on in 12 step for ever….no women needs to be murdered, raped, molested and sexually harassed by AA men ever again. Stop The Silence…

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10 thoughts on “Have You Been Sexually Harassed, Assaulted, Molested or Raped by an AA Member?

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  2. bless the lawyers and the reporters….maybe finally something will get done. i miss my son….And it has been 10 yrs since he was murdered by his ‘court ordered to the rooms’ sponsor.

    • keeper- glad to see yo comment here. I know your story and I too hope these reporters can get the word out with us and help raise awareness so that parents do not bring their children under 21 to meetings, that we can make it law that no sex offender or violent criminals can be plea bargained to an AA or NA meeting.

      That no one under 18 will be allowed in an AA meeting. Im sorry but no teenager is really an alcoholic of the Bill WILSON AA 1936 variety.

      Our society needs to empower our teens not treat them powerlessness and fear. Take care.

      I went to AA at 18 and I was sexually preyed on so many times in 1975 -76, its disgusting.

    • Hi Keeper of the Birds- Love your name! I know your story and heard you on Massive’s Safe Recovery blogtalk radio interview. So sad what happened to your son. My heart goes out to you. Your tragic story is a huge story that I think should be told on a larger scale. It could even be a movie or book that would help expose the dangers of AA, and what both you and your send went through in AA. Your efforts to find justice for him is an amazing story.

    • Hi Keeper. I too heard you on SafeRecovery w/Massive. I am so sorry for your loss. I have a bizarre AA story about Franklin, NC, myself. There’s a halfway house there that Path of Hope rehab (Lexington NC) was desperately trying to coerce me into living in. It was scary the way the rehab counselor was pressuring me. Makes me wonder if the rehab center got some kind of kickback for sending ladies there!

      • Karla Brada’s story of how she was sent to a Dr in Woodland Hills from her Insurance Co , who then sent her to a rehab that then drove her in buses to AA meetings where she met her killer. The rehab , the shitty rehab she went to charged $1,000. per day.

        The day is coming when Aetna and Blue Cross will be sued for sending someone to a religious and dangerous cult for an alcohol problem.

      • ill be free. You mean the shooter in Connecticut? Wow …wouldn’t that be a twist that brings AA to its knees and give it the bad PR it deserves. Where did yo hear that ill be free?

        • @Massive… Dont quote me on that but I recall recently reading online that he was involved with some “twelve step like” prohram. It failed to elaborate. I will keep looking and share if I find a solid report.

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