Help Raise Money For Karla Brada’s Legal Fees

PLease help us to help Karla Brada’s mom and DAD. Jaro and Hector Mendez.

PLease feel free to post everywhere. WHen you go to the Indigogo page , after you click on contribute, in the box, you put the amount you want to donate. $1, $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 etc. No amount is too small. We so much appreciate your support and help for her parents Legal Fees.

Thank you!

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11 thoughts on “Help Raise Money For Karla Brada’s Legal Fees

  1. What’s up with the???
    ■How To Stop Drinking – Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Aa | At Home Products on Bad Sexual Harassment and Intimidation Going on???
    Hyper link that someone put on your board massive???
    That sucks.

  2. Here is a skeleton of what I will be working on to bring more awareness to Karla’s case…


    The Murder of Karla Brada: How Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Puts Women & Minors In Danger of Molestation, Rape, Exploitation, Emotional Abuse, Suicide & Murder
    1. The Danger of Powerlessness When in the Company of Predators
    2. The Insanity & Unmanageability of Unqualified, Unscrupulous AA Sponsors
    3. The Reckless, Carelessness of Giving Our Will Over to Strangers
    4. The Fatal Foolishness of Failing to Take Mindful Inventory of All in Our Company (or at Our “Table”)
    5. The Wrong of Giving Uncredentialed Strangers the Right to Hear Our Most Intimate & Private Truths
    6. The Willfulness of Defected Characters to Take Power & Control Over Our Lives
    7. The Humiliation and Degradation of Casting Our Mistakes Before Swine
    8. The List of Ways in Which We Open Ourselves to All Manner of Harm & Potential Death
    9. The Continuing Injury Being Caused to Ourselves and Countless Others
    10. The Accountability & Legal Forcing of Faux Powers That Be to Admit That They Are Wrong
    11. The Personal Danger of Praying with Perpetrators, Power-freaks & Powerless Puppets
    12. The Power of Having Had an Eye Opening Experience as a Result of Education, Information & Self-Empowerment Causing Us to Seek to Share Our Emancipation with as Many Truth Seekers as Possible During This Lifetime…and Beyond

    Any helpful suggestions, informations, links, etc. are very welcomed as I piece this together. The purpose of it all is to get attention on this case and information to newcomers, newleavers and others in search of more insight into what AA has to offer. The headers are a bit iintense, I know…so I will REALLY be open to as many facts, numbers and authoritatives sources as possible to substantiate everything.

    When the wolves attack…I want to give them something to cut their teeth on. Ya feel me?

    The Truth will prevail!


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