HotDocs in Toronto, Canada- making connections with International Distributors

hotdocs picI arrived last night around 7 pm to a cooler, yummy Canada. The weather feels wonderful compared to overly sunny, southern California.

I am glad to be here to connect with Distributors, Broadcasters and other Doc film makers world wide.

HotDocs is the biggest Film festival and Market in North America.

No The 13th Step did not make it into the film festival, ( I was dealing with Breast Cancer) but it will be seen by over 25 Distributors and important decision makers on a one to one basis. It’s a short trip this time, but productive and I may get to see a film or two. Best thoughts to you all!

Monica aka  massive

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7 thoughts on “HotDocs in Toronto, Canada- making connections with International Distributors

  1. This is interesting –

    AA membership estimates for 2015 were just released and have decreased for the 2nd year in a row: something that has never happened before. In 2013 AA membership in the USA & Canada was 1,389,602 and then decreased by 16,105 to 1,373,497 by 2014. In 2015 it dropped a further 25,425 to 1,348,072. AA membership numbers have now dropped by 41,530 or 3% in just the last two years.
    Undoubtedly, two years doesn’t make a trend and 41,530 members (3%) isn’t a massive amount but compared to the last 24 years of data this is a huge deviation. It’s not the amount but the trajectory that is important.
    As I said it’s just a few years of data, we’ll see what happens, but I think that we just might be witnessing the beginning of the end?

    • What’s more interesting is that the court system has been aggressively funneling people into aa which means the number of the general public who choose to use AA to address their drinking has greatly reduced.


      I think that one day AA will strictly be for people who leave the court system because everyone else will have fled for their own safety.


    • It’s just a dip, it’s growing in the rest of the world. I sense the beginning of the end of court ordering – exclusive to USA and Canada, thanks to people like us.

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