“HOUSE of CARDS” NEW Netflix Series Blatantly Promotes Alcoholics Anonymous in Scene With Kevin Spacey and Actor Corey Stoll

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Great acting and great writing but who in this production is a stepper?

In Chapter 6 of NETFLIX NEW Series Kevin Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood, bullies character Peter Russo, played by actor Corey Stoll into attending AA meetings. Even though Peter is already stopped on his own. My jaw really dropped to see such blatant propaganda. Who on this show is in AA. I wanna gag!!!!!Call the writers, call the actors, call the producers. I can’t take this crap much longer. corey stoll pic

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39 thoughts on ““HOUSE of CARDS” NEW Netflix Series Blatantly Promotes Alcoholics Anonymous in Scene With Kevin Spacey and Actor Corey Stoll

  1. I just saw Flight W/ Denzel Washington, more shameless AA promoton. Pretty good though, worth a watch. It made me want to go back to AA and proclaim my love of the cult.

  2. *There may be spoilers here if you haven’t seen Flight and are planning on watching it*

    What I learned from Flight – that when you fly a plane wasted on coke and booze you get enough balu just Denzel Washington? There certainly are some screwed up messages in that movie!

    Even though he admitted he was an alcoholic and there was the usual cliche ‘day at a time, easy does it’ paraphernalia all over his cell, it did take incarceration to get him to a year sober so I’m inclined to say that AA doesn’t get all the credit there.

    Although it’s common knowledge that drugs and alcohol can be obtained in prison, I would imagine that a fair proportion of the prison population could stay straight for a year plus on the inside.

    Alas it would take Flight II to find out if he could stay sober when he gets out and I don’t see a sequel on the agenda, although you never know.

    I didn’t think it was a bad film, I had probably prepared myself for the worse!

        • I don’t even believe in clean time anymore. Someone who was all programmed asked me how long I had quit smoking the other day, I don’t know the date I stopped, just the month.

          He looked really puzzled when I had to count out on my fingers in months how long (maths isn’t my strong point!), like I should be able to reel it off in days, hours and minutes, “one awful stinking cigarette at a time”.

          This surely has to be a good think in the whole de-programming debacle.

          I’m Nieko, I used to smoke and now I don’t 🙂

          • nieko- neither do I. If anyone asked me that question I will say

            None of that matters to me anymore. I was in a cult. and I left. !!!!

  3. Error! Where I wrote “balu just Denzel Washington” – that was supposed to say “you get enough balls to flip it, or maybe that’s just Denzel Washington” – my palms have a terrible habit of messing with the mousepad and editing my writing!

  4. I think the whole promotion thing of steppism within the film and television industry is so blatant and influential that it warrants its own thread. It is time it was exposed and I mean naming and shaming. Anonymity is not a legal right. It is so odious and underhanded. There is so much of it. One subtle or not so subtle promotion by someone like Chuck Lorre is enormously influential.
    Or do you remember Oprahs interview with Whitney Houston
    ” I know that you need God to do this” said Oprah.
    Well Whitney is dead now. Anything more to say Oprah?
    Or Ellen Degeneres celebrating David Arquettes year up like he just found the cure for cancer.
    Please Stop!!

    • Steve I think your right.

      Ill make a thread called Hollywood Promotes AA Lies…or something like that.

      Im trying to decide what to do as activist. My doc film must be finished and released. It will help. But we need sort of a united front. Are any of you willing to have a skype meet up about this.
      connect me directly and lets do it. makeaasafer@gmail.com

      im typing without my glasses, so excuse my typos!

  5. The thread could also include include good stuff. One of my personal favourites is an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza hears about I guy geting sober and feels that he is owed an ammends at step nine (The guy wouldn’t let George borrow a sweater once on the grounds that his head was too big and would stretch the neck). So there is no way he is giving any ammends.
    Ok the asumption is that getting sober means doing the steps but I love how it exposed the ridiculousness of the whole thing.
    Kramer agreed, his head is big, no ammends owed Costanza.
    More stuff like that please.
    Why can’t I go to the movies and see ‘Swamibedpan goes to Hollywood’.
    Oh wait a minute thats me.

  6. I wonder how Sciencygirl would get on at the church basement casting couch. For those not familiar with stinkin-thinkin, Sciencygirl took all 17 books about alcoholism out of the library and read them all then showed everyone on ST that they were all wrong. When I went to the library to try and learn more about alcoholism there was only one book left, it’s big but it doesn’t tell you how to stop drinking. If anyone sees Sciencygirl please ask her to return those 17 books on alcoholism to the library.
    You may find her in the church basement with all the limos parked outside.
    I need a holiday.

    • I am still busy getting the smell of the cat ladys farts out of my spacesuit. I will only go to Hollywood for the chance to shove the big book down Chuck Lorres mouth page by page. Maybe Charlie could lend me his copy. Owe I forgot he burnt it.

        • We are going away for a few days and will have a good think about the skype thing. I think I would like to go for it.
          The monolith is a Goliath and we all need a slingshot.
          Blogging has its limitations. Putting human faces to these words may really help to ratchet this whole thing up.

  7. @massive
    I can’t take this crap any longer either. Promoting this place where people are getting raped, murder ripped off and generally having there heads fucked up and where only a small percentage stay sober is more than irresponsible it is down right evil. Who are the main players ? who has the power? who do we turn the blow torch on?

    • Same here,
      this AA is just a bunch of predators, I would never send my daughter there, or even my damn dog, I went last night no one would talk to me at all, they said why don’t you just stop coming., you do not want to do anything here at all, you never give a dime to this damn AA club, all you do is bad mouth it,
      calling us names
      I have had my fill of AA I do not listen to them anymore
      but when they have free dinners I will attend free coffee i will come
      but I will never swipe the floor or wash the tables or help another alcoholic, I just tell them that AA is a cult
      that is my thesis

  8. The evening before Whitney died she was up on a small stage at a club singing “Yes…Jesus Loves Me” If she Believed it, He did. Im not a religionist, but what I said to my sponsor 3 months ago still stands: I dont believe God cares whether I drink or not. My Challenge is to live a Life of Divine Purpose & even THAT is only cause thats what I Choose to Believe. Too many people Believe AA despite the BS. Did you see the link I posted to the Roseanne episode about her mom Bev going to AA after a DUI? IT IS BALLz! People dis folks like Roseanne and Charlie Sheen but they are MORE honest than any brainwashed slit tongued AA zombie could ever contemplate being. We need more of them! My sponsors told me that Whitney died because she was given a Chance and Whitney chose not to take it. They smugly stated that she was one of the ones who had to die so that others may live… Did I ever mention how I hate AA?

    • Whitney grew up singing in church choirs she had had plenty of gawd all her life. She needed serious, very seriuous professional help. It was painfully obvious in the Oprah interview that she was not well. It was cruel and exploitive to show it. Now if you look under your seat in the church basement folks!!! Are you excited?
      You will find nothing.

      • illbe free and steve,

        I agree Whitney is dead because of steppers, what they said to her, steppers who were rehab counselors, therapists who don’t know any better and AA, CA and NA.

        If WHitney was offered , Moderation , Dr Kern, Naltrexone, good therapy, told to grow the fuck up, offered Smart Recovery, Met Hank Hayes and talked to him, Met AMy LEE Coy and talked to her, and me… you ….ill be free we could have kicked her ass clean…. no …just kidding…but everything else before kicking her ass clean I mean seriously:)

        AMY WEINHOUSE the same damn thing. I agree Steve.

        We need to show our faces and speak loud into the camera, use social media etc. Build our community that I have a hunch is way bigger then 1.8 mil in AA.

      • Steve wrote: “Now if you look under your seat in the church basement folks!!! Are you excited? You will find nothing.”

        I have this deliciously evil visualization of loaded mouse traps under all their seats.

        An imagination is a horrible thing to waste. *wink*

    • “I dont believe God cares whether I drink or not”…

      I have a similar take on God as that qoute. Im not into religion or spirituality at all…these questions just dont interest me enough…but if there were a God and this God would be all about love, than that God would surely love us as much regardless of wether we drink or not, otherwise He/She/It/They are not all about love.

  9. OMG… I really think you just touched on something SERIOUSLY valid. Casting Church Basement… Thats IT dogdamnit! That is IT. These industry people may go to some regular meetings here or there but for the most part…to REALLY do their 12th step work and be able to honestly “share” at THE TABLES they would need to form meetings with industry peers! This is how AA has permeated and infultrated The Industry. Instead of church basements theyre likely having meetings in penthouses…forming an elite fellowship of actors, directors, writers, producers, etc. who ALL follow AA and cant dare leave the flock after doing steps 4 and 5. THE FELLOWSHIP! For them the WARNING: “If you leave AA you will DIE!” is likely even more omenous. OMG… Its just a theory… BUT… plausable & evident?

  10. PART 1 of my student film called 12 steppers gone wild mostly of footage shoot from the 1 hour Radio talk show I was asked to be on BIG JOHN RADIO from Daytona, FLorida. January 2011. It’s rough , but it was my first short ever…so its really just a documentation of what transpired. All of us from http://www.stinkin-thinkin.com were on the blog , there are over 600 comments that were happening live and many bloggers called in and we heard each others voices for the first time. It was a powerful tool that helped me leave AA.


    • 12 Steppers Gone Wild? *grin* Great. Now I have this sick visual image in my head of: 12 steppers all cram-packed together –jumping up and down, thinking they know how to dance — during Spring Break on a Florida beach at night — but instead of holding beers up in the air, everyone is holding up their big books, chanting like the freaked out neurotics that they are. The camera never pans in on all the old-timers who are about to………..

      Nope. I refuse to let my mind go there. *shivers*

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