HOW did AA trick you into ” JOINING ” something you didn’t need to join?

DId you get hoodwinked. Were you told ‘Take what you like and leave the rest” ?

But after 7 months then all hell broke lose that I needed to take that 1st part of the 1st step or I wouldn’t get the WHOLE program! Which part of their stupid program are “they” referring to?

I was 18- Young and Naive and never knew what made a cult a cult. I didnt want to drink. I was a good little AA soldier already. SO why did I need to confess that I was Powerless to make them happy?

I will make it my mission to shrink AA to 10 % of its current size.

TO get it out of Medicine The FAA, THE BON, Our courts and penal system and out of our mental wards in Real Hospitals.

Get AA out of rehab. Shut down all sober Living run by Steppers.

Put in its place real clinics which are held accountable to treat – offer medications etc- not prayer and 12 steps and a blue Book from 1935 .

Nothing worse then a true believer that has flipped. LOL

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SAY NOT TO AA FOR DUI or any other god dang reason.

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8 thoughts on “HOW did AA trick you into ” JOINING ” something you didn’t need to join?

  1. I was coerced into AA by a therapist who suggested that I was an alcoholic. So I went, I was drinking heavily on the weekends. Long story short is I went to AA, got a sponsor, got a hoengrpjp, went through the steps, and started sponsoring people. Five years down the road I started drinking again due to curiosity and stress. Nothing happened that AA said would happen. I didn’t end up in jail, die or institutions, I drank for a few months and was able to moderate my drinking. A few months later I stopped on my own for a years with no help of AA.

    So I think AA is a cult or a harmful organization? No. I just find it pointless to be urged to go to a jetting everyday. A meeting where I sit around and listen to other people tell me about their drinking, and about how they’re powerless over alcoholic, and about how they gave shortcomings that only God can take from Them. god I mean whoever sits in a meeting of Alcholocs Anonymous and doesn’t want to drink has some strength.

    I went to my last meeting a year ago and I was saadsebex to hear a few newcomers share thst they always have to ear these shortcomings thst they have. This self flagellation is utterly ridiculous when it comes to recovery in AA.

    I don’t miss AA. Having to go o meetings everyday, and admitting my shortcomings and make amends. I don’t need a program to make amends Ite common sense. I feel free that I don’t face to rely on the 12 steps or a group of people to e my life. The p biggest lie in AA is that I m powerless over alcohol. I am not. L

      • I really couldn’t stand listening to some people on AA. I went to a meeting and there was a guy with 15 years sober saying he still is sick. Is this what I have to look forward to is being sick at 15 years. It was the same people at every meetings as if they lived for AA. I couldn’t relate to this impending doom you would get if you didn’t do the steps ,and other members would say stuff like if I had one sip of alcohol I would die. Really? One sip.

        There are a lot of good people in AA, but I disagree with beliefs on sobriety and AA. A while ago one member died from drinking and doing pills, and one member said “he died so I could live.” Really? I couldn’t stand AA anymore and it’s ridiculousness and nonsense I had to leave.

        • Paul – I was just thinking about this thing they say when one dies or commits suicide like this young rocker From Linken Park. I can hear them spewing their venom in meetings all over the country. I hope some members shut them up .

          • Massive I couldn’t believe what people were saying about Robin Williams when he died. I clearly remember this lady in AA shouted “if he just fucking worked the steps he’d be alive.” I really don’t understand thst, because Roin Williams committed suicide, it had nothing to do with alcohol or drugs. It is really sick thst some people think thst the 12 steps are a cure for everything. It really opened my eyes to how people in AA are really narrow minded. And I got really weirded out when people who are more vulnerable mentally get influenced to these big book thumpers.

            I really fell a lot of freedom now thst I don’t go to meetings and interact with sone word people

  2. My brother and a counselor talked me into AA and rehab. I truly wish I had known what I was getting myself into before I entered a 12-Step Rehab that pushed AA down my throat. I’m not powerless and I’ve personally witnessed the harm that believing such foolishness can cause on addicts and their families. I’ve known some who have been in and out of rehab so many times they can hardly keep count anymore. I’ve listened to those same people talk about how this terrible disease has them trapped in this viscous cycle of relapse as they lose their kids once again. AA is nothing more than a cult that promotes a book only partly written by a lying, womanizing, nutcase, who took credit for the whole book so he could pocket the money. Try telling this to my brother or the counselor who referred me, however, and don’t expect an open mind because they have been brainwashed. The truth is addiction is real and it is difficult to overcome, but it starts with believing in yourself and the last thing you should be doing is admitting your powerless.

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