How does AA and NA kill people?

josh_killer stevenhayes_pic_killerWhen I first heard this said, I was shocked . It was January 2011 on Big Johns Radio station in Daytona Beach, FL. One of the callers , had called in and said these exact words.

But what do they mean to me today some 5 years later. I know how AA and NA are killing people.

1. When a Doctor or a Pilot, Nurse or lawyer is extorted to AA for years on end. When A pilot has to play the AA game. ( AA was intended to be a place where the person came to AA on their own) some kill themselves.

2. When members drink or drug again and are shamed into they failed the program ( they didn’t work it hard or good enough ) ” Perhaps you need to do more service….is d=said very often. Also not true. But many cant bear the thought of going back and raising their hands and starting over.

3. Many are told by a sponsor or a stupid AA member that taking SSRI’s makes you not sober or clean. ( Utter nonsense) who do these people think they are ? Doctors?

4. Many are sexually harassed, raped or their children are molested. When the victim goes to the group, the groups says ” well, whats your part in it.( Victims have no part in people victims) Thats what Predators love about AA

5. The facts of what I now understand is that AA fails about 90-95 % who go.

6. There are violent offenders being sent to AA, and through Domestic Violence this leads to murder. Sometimes they have long criminal backgrounds.  ( as for the case in the Petite Murders, they met in AA and then they targeted this family) I have posted the killers mug shots on this page at the top.

7. Suicide is a big killer in AA.

8. I think AA and NA are a huge cause in with Opiates deaths currently . Say a heroin addict goes to a meeting. He or she is told they can never drink a beer or smoke pot. They look around the room and see these creeps or assholes and think— GOD— I’d rather shoot heroin and or die then come to these meetings for the rest of my life.

9. AA can create binge drinking. SOUTH PARK did a great episode about this.

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16 thoughts on “How does AA and NA kill people?

    • So true and also so dangerous. Furthermore what is really crazy is far too many of these crazies all of a sudden believe they have a new calling or maybe they just see the dollar signs and the next thing you know their getting their easily earned substance abuse degree to become the next counselor to spread this BS to the newest recruits at the nearest rehab facility.

  1. AA has a lot of issues. #9 was the biggest problem for me. When I was in the rooms I had the same mentality as the rest of the people that 1 is a 1000 etc. This destroyed any chance I had at stopping after a few drinks because I was a failure and I might as well go out and get loaded because I have to start all over again. This is just plain insanity. Harm reduction is the way to go in this field. AA works for a small percentage of people and I wonder how many people are truly honest in the rooms?

    • Right it is just a self fulfilling prophesy. Scientology is perported to tell its members that if they leave they will commit suicide within 6 months. And of course many then do.

      12 step does the exact same.

  2. With the increased secularization of American society, the whole 12 step thing is becoming irrelevant. I still pop into a meeting once in a while. Very few young people (outside of court orders) are there. The Millennials are just too smart to buy into the woo. What we’re left with are middle aged right wingers with no other social outlets, and a lot of time to kill.

    • Mike- HI— Interesting about the millenials. There are many in Los Angeles who were forced by steppers parents , and or sent to rehab, then sent to AA and NA meetings.

      But AA is shrinking and there are no young peeps in the GSR meetings of any significance. Happy about that !

  3. sorry for recent wild posts. I had a landslide of random stress that compiled into a full blown manic episode. The final straw of which was when a idiot mental health person sent me to a 12 step meeting against my better judgement.

    But I was in a weird head space so I went.

    Luckily I was thrown out before the meeting started due to my animal. Anyway.

    you forgot the systematic attack on the mentally ill. Not only are people pressured for taking pills.

    But some of us such as myself have been systematically singled out by sick individuals within the fellowship who have actually bullied us.

    I have been pushed against walls in the meeting and outside, and threatened to leave. Right? This crosses a major line. or is it just me?

    I got a couple of names/addresses of such motherfuckers. My dream would be to expose them in full, along with the social worker assholes who send us there….. {there are other connections} The individuals who have abused me were a sponsor and his pawn, who is also a registered sex offender.

    I would love to tell my side of the story, then simply try to question them in public, a-hole journalist style. And expose this nasty nasty business.

    Oh and by the way, the ring leader was my sponsor too. And he has used information from that against me. To harass and torment me in meetings.

    Sick fucks.

    {ignore some of my last posts, The last few days, I am getting much better each day. Most was in a extremely manic exited state. But most of it was actually somewhat true, if you could figure out what I was talking about. 3 mins of one meeting put me there.)

    • Also I was not threatened just to leave. But mostly it was threats about what I was saying in meetings. Such as using the term “Alcoholics Anonymous” instead of the “Beverage Fellowship” as some of these {NA/AA} prefer you refer to it.

      It is a strange phenomena. I know for a fact that all these bullies are swing steppers. But they do not want anyone else to know.

      Also one is for sure in law enforcement. Which I do not think is right in an NA meeting. He is one of my best friends ever. But I do not want to be in a meeting with him…..

      The big thrust here is that these bullies want me to keep their secrets. And they are rather silly for the most part. The secrets. It is just gross.

      You cannot be not under surveillance at any time if there is a law enforcement officer in the room.

      • my point exactly. ya know NA in paricular is strong on the idea they they are non professionals… i smell a rat here.

        But that guy is one of my closest friends. And I realized the secrets that are keeping me sick is all of thiers… right?

        So I have mental breakdowns, and who do I call when they start to bully…. well it turns out that that is the cops right. I am just about to get my revenge….. to bad for them they all are licence holders of professions that would create a conflicts of interest if they all were found out right?

        That is the point here at least. So fuck them. This is war. I am going to expose this.

        And my greatest hope is that they are reading this.

  4. I live near these two freaks and remember when this murder was in the news. I may have crossed paths with them in meetings for all I know.

  5. Oh my goodness I remember that interview! You were awesome. It was very eye opening to the listeners about just how dangerous AA and NA is.

    Here is a website about that area and articles of how many dangerous felons are sent to AA and NA by the courts.

  6. I got a text from a stepper who frequents the Marina Center in Culver City the other day and it was weird as hell. It felt like he had a beef with me about something or other . What about I’ll never know as these brain-washed drones are weird to say the least, I told him the Marina Center is one crazy sick nuthouse so hopefully he won’t contact me again. I swear the more people bite into that 12Step sandwich the crazier they become. I talked with an old friend in Santa Cruz who still smokes dope and enjoys a drink and it was a normal conversation and he is doing really well for himself as well and I was told years ago by a crazy stepper that his life was going to get worse!! I have experienced AA/NA in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London & the East Coast and it’s the same story of crazy angry deluded brainwashed arrogant steppers on a mission from God….

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