How many government officials are in AA – Promoting an antiquated modality-

Time to change the laws around Addiction Treatment  facilities where they are allowed in residential neighborhoods. How stupid is that. No 24 hour Nurses are there. No Doctors. No trained PhD or Licensed clinical therapists. Just a guy who was in the facility last year with 12 months “sobriety” preaching AA religious ideology – Many die as they leave.

Please call your senators asking them to reform treatment in the states where things are so bad.



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11 thoughts on “How many government officials are in AA – Promoting an antiquated modality-

    • Really JUNO – so now you are threatening me with scary Wishing me ill will – “KARMA ” will get her- What horse shit you guys – with your bullshit like I had to endure as a teen in the 1970’s in Hawaii with people like Doug Allmen, and Jerry Cremer and the rest of his crew.

      Move along with your superstitious BS>

  1. I agree with the others, sure some will declare themselves AA members publicly but they break AA traditions like you just did. Except that is their own choice. Bottom line is that millions of AAs sought recovery and do cherish their anonymity. Anyone with an ounce of respect for those who suffer/ have suffered from a drinking problem and bravely sought help for it would never have written such a post as this.

    • There are only 800,000 members in the USA if even that.

      AA in NY ADDS the Canadian count of 400,000 to make it seem like MILLIONS are sober in AA. Not true.

      The other numbers are the rest of the world.

      • I am in the rest of the world – which is much bigger than the USA. Don’t they teach geography in school in the USA?

  2. AA is not an anonymous club. Citizens in court all across the country are forced to go there. Its such a tangled web of bullshit – move along troll.

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