I have a voice, and I am not broken… what other lies were you told?

I am the founder of the Grass Roots Movement to Make AA Safer.

I will defend anyone who has been victimized by any AA member.

I am a victims right activist for anyone who has been harmed by an AA bully or abused or harassed, or raped.

I am an advocate for empowerment for anyone who wants empowered sobriety.

Wait…is there a better word for sobriety? Maybe abstinence. ?

What about those that want to try moderation. I want you to feel welcome here.

I dont’ believe everyone is in a Black and White situation where you have to be Abstinent the “AA way”. For  example: Kenneth Anderson Hams Harm Reduction.

I know many are able to drink moderately after leaving AA. I choose not to, but this is not always the case and I am surely not an AA NAZI.

Wait …it’s none of their business either if another adult decides that they are going to do it their way. Like live your own life. WOW as I write this I get what a bunch a freaks some AA members are with the bullying, and judgmental attitude.

I wrote a letter to the judge who sentenced the pedohphile to AA meetings in Nebraska (they wrote me back today)  that Anti denial had up on the website http://www.nadaytona.org
Natural Accountability website.

Walter, a VET who had some trouble up in MASS. I will be following up with those women who bullied him with their AA jargon like they are GOD! Give an AA member a Social Worker degree or a Phd or an MSW , look out. The arrogance level can be off the charts. However, I know a few who are really good people.

For the most part ….they need a good wake up call.

SO, I encourage everyone to start filing repots, making calls , sending emails to anyone ‘s superior’s and filing a complaint. Make sure to file a complaint with the state attorney General in Ny State against Alcoholics ANonymous and in your own state against your local rehab, treatment center or AA local chapter.

here is the link…


address needed;

Alcoholics Anonymous
475 Riverside Dr 11th Floor
New York, New York 10115

Greg Tobin

President- General Service Manager

Fill in, print, then snail mail. Please forward to anyone you think will also send it.

thanks so much

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13 thoughts on “I have a voice, and I am not broken… what other lies were you told?

  1. thanks so much for posting this. i spent a lot of time reading stinink thinkin before you created this site. i have left aa and am now a moderate drinker and after someone else started a different site (expose aa i think it was?) it stated in it’s catchcry (or whatever you want to call it) that it was for those wanting to be sober/abstinent without aa/after leaving aa and you needed to join it as a member to be able to read the comments. i felt that i may not be welcome, and wasn’t sure also whether this site created by you maybe the same so i just stopped reading for awhile. i miss it. i remember anyone who left aa posting at stinking thinkin whether they now were able to drink safely or chose abstinance. the main thing being, we were once members of aa and now are not or people that are fighting to change aa even if they only had limited personal experience with it. anyway, to cut a long post a little shorter, i just happened to look up your blog again today and this post was the first on the page. i now feel welcome. thankyou:) and good on you for your continued activism and presence on the web for those in need

    • People need to make their own choices. When people enter AA they get swept into a sort of alternate reality. I am really starting to look at the way I have judged people in the past, according to the “rules” and norms of AA, and that kind of judgement no longer works with my personal ethics. My current belief is that if people need to make changes to improve their situation in life then they deserve whatever support that will help them make those changes. It is the culture of AA to be extremely judgemental of anyone who does not choose to follow AA strictly and exclusively in regards to alcohol problems. I can’t see how it can benefit those who have problems with “the AA way” to be similarly exclusive.

      The more I read of others’ experiences here the more I learn and progress. I’m glad you posted.

    • HI Lou LOU – Its now 2018 and I too imbibe moderately with ease. Glad you got out too. I loved the Stinkin thinkin blog. It really helped me leave AA. ( BTW I have been imbibing for almost 6 years now. No problems what so ever.

  2. Loulou-Thanks:)
    I feel that abstinence is too widely preached in AA/NA and that is is very probable that many can drink moderately once they have left. I have learned alot from listening to Kenneth Anderson from Hams Harm Reduction and I personally know people where in this was successful for them.

    Happy to have you here blogging! I still miss http://www.stinkin-thinkin.com. There was so much activity on it. I have gone to the orange-papers forum. That has some good discussion now.

  3. i guess only we can know for oursleves what we need to do to be healthy. we are all individuals!
    can i ask a silly question?… there are 2 bloggers here – massive and massive attack, are you the same person? i remember monica being massive attack on ST, but now i’m not sure which one you are! thanks

    • loulou-I agree with you. Adults don’t need the blind to lead us.

      Yes it’s me massive.I shortened it because everyone just started calling me massive so I dropped the attack.

    • LouLou- I had my first drink in summer 2012. Nothing monumental happened. It was a big deal in some ways as I had not had a sip in 37 years. I had been wondering what it may be like to taste something.

  4. Well, there is the “classic” line they use to get you to admit powerlessness:

    Oh, you drank again, huh? Well, if you could have quit, you would have quit, but you didn’t, which proves that you can’t. So, admit defeat and powerlessness.

  5. Quit Whining
    Quit Playing the Victim
    The 12 Steps Work if you Work Them
    Hurting People Hurt other People
    Tyler Durden Approved- Aloha

    • ok mr troll – like whatever – the steps do not work- they are not science they are not a “program” they are a quasi religious – self help group of ….move along. GO back into your church basements.

      • He’s just another puppet, poor fool. After he posted his crap he did, they probably let him buy the donuts.

        Years,wasted on hateful people.

    • TD The twelve steps are a meatmarket and a savage jungle foodchain.
      The verbal and emotional abuse are applied to break you down. So is the shaming. There is plenty of whining allowed in the group, as long as the target is the normal people they call normies. Can you believe this holyfied horseshit?
      Quit playing the victim, this is what they tell you without even questio ing the problems you struggle with. Egotistical assholes who try to play God in your life. Glad I left. You bunch of liars and manipulatord.

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