I love “SHAMELESS” on SHOWTIME- BUT they don’t get The Narcotics Anonymous stuff right– or do they.


When I left AA over four…almost five years ago, I thought AA just needed some safety policies, some pamphlets and  warnings that violent men were getting court ordered to AA, which was unknown to AA members and the public at large.

But almost five years later I am still in shock how much AA is controlling America our TV Show and film and our court system. How we view addictive behavior. How the FAA extorts Pilots to AA and expensive rehab. How The Board of Nursing is infested with extorting nurses to AA for 5 years,  three times a week. How they have professionalized an Asshole AA sponsor, as if they are someone important.

Does anyone really think that AA sponsors are smarter then you . Do they think  they are professionals like  REAL therapists who have  PHD’s?  WHY do reporters ever call AA meetings….AA sessions? Holy mother of god— when will this shit stop.

I was watching Shameless tonight , now filled with a Stepper heroin addict thread line,  that Fiona is fucking. Not Dating…btw——so like an  AAer….the actor who is playing this guy I’m sure is a stepper in real life he plays the character so well. ( I’m not really sure) sorry Kyle if you are reading this.

Then I watched, no—–  fast forwarded through an HBO Documentary about Heroin in Massachusetts. It was like a 71 minute commercial for Narcotics ANONYMOUS— UGHHHHHH…..I wanted to throw up ….What a piece of crap this movie was.

Here’s the deal…sometimes I feel like we are making head way…I don’t know why I would think that…nothings really changed in any court room that I know about.

Well we did get on CBS 48 HOURS— that s a big deal and that is some headway– we got on Katie Couric. Gabrielle’s New York Times Bestseller does document my story and my work while I was in AA those last two years…so that’s a big deal.

Gabrielle Glaser is making headway back east, God bless her, talking to Doctors in Hospitals, but out here in Fairly Godmother land of AA and the Goliath Hollywood stepper GALORE palace of bullshit…I wonder – how will we knock AA out the park, into the trash where it belongs and start using real science and medicine for addictive behaviors. I am not sure.

SO- I will continue on my path and see what we can accomplish over the next few months.

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73 thoughts on “I love “SHAMELESS” on SHOWTIME- BUT they don’t get The Narcotics Anonymous stuff right– or do they.

  1. Massive, just having it heard on 48 hours was HUGE!!! You’ve done soooo much!!! You really have. My sister’s saw the 48 hours, I still haven’t gotten them to watch the documentary. But I’m hoping when my sisters come from Eugene Oregon I can get my sisters here to watch it. I have 5 sisters, lol. But just to know somebody is speaking for us is a really, really big deal. Thank you, thank you!

  2. 48 Hours can no longer run the piece without the information that AA was dismissed from the suit. Glaser ccan talk in every hospital in the country but it is useless if there are no alternatives being offered. I notice she has never said that the net of her efforts were increased opportunities, and that is what you need.

    You have been saying these same thing since 2011 and you are right. Despite some exposure, nothing has really changed. The alternatives need to be proactive. That is he only way to get you what you want. That way, the courts will cooperate with all. That way, people have more choice, and that way everyone is happy.

  3. You or I , have no idea what 48 Hours can do or not do. They can update in about one hour editing time. The case has not been dismissed in LA . The LA AA and the sponsors are still being sued and they can appeal it all. They will be in court again mid Feb.

    I do promote the 6 free options and The Sinclair Method. Her talking in hospitals is already changing things. Many Doctors have hated AA for a long time. But the ASAM and AA bullies have a lot of power in all sorts of places.

    I was very shocked to find how much AA as an Institution is in Control of 95 % of all Addiction treatment and research.

    • Actually, we DO know because they have done it on other shows. While the case is moving forward, the two key defendants have been dismissed from the suit and the Bradas cannot bring it again. That is in the paperwork. The hearings in February are the Frys and there is nothing to get there. There also isn’t anything to get from Earle. As for LA AA, it is Santa Clarita Intergroup, not LA. And they haven’t been served with anything and never knew Karla or Eric.

      As for the hospital talks, how is that creating change?

      • Are you a judge ( freinds /family) in downtown la in the this court room- how do you know ????? Do you work in a law office? Friends with AA lawyers?

      • We will see—

        Its not about the money.

        There is a very wise old Hawaiian women who has been fighting the BIG FIVE Families in Hawaii– Dillinghams, Dole etc…..and has won many times to stop them from building on the sacred burial grounds in HAWAII again Including WALMART—…..and making them pay— or not ( as she said :” its not about the money”. There are people who care about safety- Karla’s parents….not money….all suits are NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

        the tide has turned and people are coming forward in droves to expose AA as was done in The Catholic Church…you don’t give a shit anyway Barb about children murdered and women raped and children molested in AA…so get the F)))))))) off my site….

        • It was about the money. The suit did include a request for punitive damages which is cash. It isn’t as if they asked for injunctions. The only that is left now will be whatever dimes can be taken from Earle’s prison account. He has to expect to lose the civil case. Clarabelle posted the schedule of events and one is a bankruptcy in September. It will be his.

          You can say whatever you want to but the real and true information has been made available for people so these constant denials are moot. It takes nothing rom you to have told the truth about AA’s dismissal. People concluded that you might not e as close to it all as you claim. She posted attorney emails responses. Everyone was getting sued including sheriff departments who hadn’t even been called to Karla’s.. It is all a shame that instead of denials, the anti’s can’t use all of it for a future strategy. Instead, they just want to do things out of malice. She also included the transcript for the case brough against her. If the Antidenial here is the same one who encouraged her, you should be ashamed of yourself. The woman comes off as a total goof in the transcript’s and her published complaint. She showed a lot of class by just filing a complaint to the city instead of going after fees like AA can the Bradas as the prevailing party.

          • You are sorely wrong.

            That first complaint was written by the first attorney and changed completely, by John Noland. I knew nothing about those other cases when they were happening as I was in severe Health Crisis mode getting surgeries ….no we are not bringing that trash that happened on another blog or FB page to my site.

            I was stalked and so was anti D by Clara belle for years on the internet. I am glad someone shut her up. What she did to us was cyber bullying and if I understood the laws better an wasn’t so busy making a film and recovering from major health crisis I may have done more, But I kinda doubt it.

            It was not about the money.

            And the fact that someone on OP knew about the AA NY being dropped means there is corruption in Downtown LA because I knew that it was on OP before the court date. So someone in the Courthouse or the law firm who was representing AA leaking it.

            Yea I am that close to them all. Bye now Sara.

            The gig is up for AA. It may take 3-5 more years to get it out of our courts, The FAA and The Board of Nursing, but when we do….AA will shrink by 60 %.

            There are some 15 Anti AA blogs. Its not just me , OP and ST anymore. There are at Least 20 anti FACEBOOK Pages.

            There are many Anti AA you tubers who show their faces in the light …no more hiding.
            CBS 48 Hours told the truth. Katie Couric did and Lance Dodes is speaking all over the Country and The World. Gabrielle Glaser’s article in The Atlantic went on for days…++++ and she has been speaking all over the North East on Harm Reduction Methods.

                  • Seems like you like to think what these antis are up to. Maybe theyre actually not. Who knows. Maybe spend less time thinking about them instead.

                    • It is an interesting case. No reason to fault people for thinking so given all the buildup it got as the end all for AA.

              • It wasn’t a problem. It was real and true information. I didn’t find it there, though. Someone must have linked it in an effort to keep people informed instead of misled.

                • In fact you seem very childlike with all these posts. Running around with a magic stick that amongst us adults is nothing but banal rhetoric. When things do become more open about the monumentally pseudo religeous cult of AA which is gaining momentum then we shall see whether all your petulant and frankly unbecoming assertions hold true. Anyone can recognise the symptomatic culty defence techniques you use and are comparable to scentology in so many ways thankfly made all the more obvious. THE actual truth will ultimately prevail. As i said before put the stick away the victory in your mi d is shallow. I look forward to the day that you will be told so. Not out of malice or the need to be right all the time but simply that we should and can do better than the current mode of approach. A woo based placebo with a starkly frightening and destructive philosophy. That ignores the patent abuse so woven into the dna of this sophist nonsense approach to AUD.

                  • It isn’t a need to be right. Being right has nothing todo with the fact that the true and real info doesn’t depend on Massive interpreting it. It is available for everyone and in real time. IThe determined effort to hide the truth shows fear. Let me ask you this – had AA NOT been dismissed, would you consider that to be a shallow victory for the Anti’s, who have lived for it for years? Of course not. It was supposed to be a game changing case. Attempts to demean me don’t change that.You yourself said that people were lying about the outcome when. The people were good sources and telling the truth. The result should be studied with objectivity so you can see how to use the information to your advantage, I. E. To find another case with better facts. Nothing childish about it.

                    • It is you who keeps bringinv it up wasting time studying this that and the other just to make a point. Again no one cares it really is that simple but no the child has to continue. Round and round i am merely humouri g you with the attention you crave. You really arent that important.

          • Happy ranting the cat is well and truly out of the bag now though it wasnt about the money or this silly idea of the complainants being coerced thats just fantasy. However as we all know for some people the lure of he dollar can be motivating..so sure as cases go it went well this time. Cases do get messy too so thanks for pointing out the obvious very good.

            So what specifically is the point you are trying to convey exactly?

                • Asking for accuracy isn’t smiling or besirching. I wouldn’t let people defend me with inaccurate information. The case wasn’t messy. The responses were pretty cut and dried and the court agreed last November. Nothing has been put on these board that wasn’t equally available to all. Bettors called this one a long time ago.

                    • It might also be worth noting the concept of the streisand effect. The more defensive the more the public are going to be asking and probing. I suspect that individuals will do what normally happens and slip into the easily observed stepper defensive mode ranging from pointless ad hominen attacks to online psychology assessments thus proving what has bee said time and time again. The more you respond despite much further abuses going on the more you confirm. Thankfully people will get wiser. Such a shame that the failing traditions havent been updatex to represent modern thinking. Your loss though.

                    • No, you didn’t. If you had, you would have been able to read the same things, when the decision was made and what it was. That people knew about it in November, when t he decision was made, doesn’t show a leak or that someone was an insider. It just showed someone knew how to read the documents on the site.

                    • No, it will show the case for what it was – an attempt to hold a party responsible that wasn’t. If you read the decision, the relationship was at fault, not AAWS. Streisand was angry that her home was photographed from the air. When she complained about it, people googled it more and discovered various things such as her gardening efforts in a drought. Bitching about it called NEGATIVE attention and she was arguing privacy. AA is not worse for the publicity for the Brada case as it clearly was the relationship with Earle and staying with him once she knew he was violent toward her. It might help you to read the decision the judge concurred with.

            • There will be General Service Board members who know how suing 501c3’s happen. AND that the Board Members are responsible for its ” Members”… so some may step down.

    • That really is all you have just a series of comments that, at the end of the day,are just that. Pointless ad hominen attacks from an unhinged obsessive mind. It says in the bb resentment is the number 1 offender afterall. It is clear that god has not done for you what the 12 steps claim. Really just quite sad really but hey keep going just keeps proving what we already say and furthers that the message has been totally lost. It was inevitable though and now it’s becoming more and more obvious and real that the best some members can come up with when challenged with the truth is the fragile god ego that thinks it has been replaced but the reality is no more further from the non truth of 12 step dogma. Maybe you have a frontal lobe problem. Maybe just a psychofan. All the best people collect stalker types so cool that you have taken this responsibility on for all our amusement. Keep praying my friend it can only do us all the world of good.

    • Really…that is the only thing you can do. Get the language changed so that alternatives can be utilized. That already is true in a few states. Encourage your followers to start alternative meetings. There is already case law that supports this. The Brada case was a fail from the gitgo and your notions for a class action suit against AA would probably fail for the same reasons. You don’t have any grounds and even the Bradas were given great latitude by the Court and now they can’t try again. The right of appeal is for defendants, not plaintiffs. There are plenty of people in AA who would support your efforts to curb mandates and they do what they can on a group level by not signing papers.

      • Why not encourage all AA meetings to discourage court ordering. The onus on AA is to make AA safer not us. The Traditions for me do not cut it a they are not cross reference against any statute laws, rather just a bunch of arse saving statements that will in the future have to be scrutinised for what they are.

      • Actually the court case is still pending in California. One thing this court case has done is raise awareness of the all of the dangerous criminal activities against AA and NA members.

        • If it appeases you to think that the case still matters, fine, but the big fish have been dismissed and that information was circulated in AA assemblies last December. The remaining defendants are of now value other than it will be interesting to watch.

          Massive, I am not Clara. I just wish you would use your considerable clout and energy in a more useful way. Study the case law and you will see how it is almost fruitless to bring suits against AA. Have you found many that have been won? If this had happened in SMART, they would be using the same case law to defend themselves. Neither is responsible for off site conduct.

          If you want to continue with your idea of a class action suit, that’s great. Just be sure that you have a good fact base. This one was very faulty and as treated just as it was – a domestic violence case. Also, protect your BRAND by. Making sure you don’t put an unstable person at the helm of your efforts. You have street cred, Massive. Don’t let others abuse it.

          • I wouldn’t be so sure as to describe any future suits against AA as fruitless. Yes we are well aware that AAWS and GSO were released, it’s old news but I imagine that it certainly made Xmas more bearable for some AA members.

            What is timely is that the case, unsuccessful as it was, has and continues to draw debate about what AA actually is and more importantly what it isn’t and this is the aspect that people dont know about but are beginning to find out, certainly evidenced how some “members” un-anonymously conduct themselves as online presecences as well.

            Indeed it may seem that AA is beyond reproach however the Brada mendez case for many people not biased by AA membership or otherwise, kind of proves that AA thinks it is above the law, which of course it isn’t. This will be born out in future cases and it is arrogant of you to think that 1 victory represents all future suits as “fruitless” and again this could turn off some abuse victims from coming forward. Institutional betrayal I think this is called and as far as I have been told the traditions are not based on any laws of any of it’s host countries. I don’t know how this isn’t pointed out legally, but I’m not qualified so I don’t know much about that now.

            Best wishes,

            We shall see what happens to brand AA in the future but enjoy your victory, shallow as it is.

            • I am not so sure it was a shallow victory. It is something that has been discussed for the past several years. What I am asking people to do is to learn from it. When I was in military school, we learned strategy and had to study battle after battle, what went wrong, what should have been done, etc. IE learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. I amnotsaying that AA cannot be sued. It gets sued often. But how to do it successfully.

                • If we take it out of the theatre of war and place SUD aproaches into the correct context then the paradigm changes somewhat.

                  As is now being recognised SUD is a health problem not a war of attrition. Placed in this arena, then it is best practice to facilitate what is known as best practice. This is continuing apace in the healthcare sector.in the US it seems that policy makers are looking neh reflecting on what works and what doesn’t. This may mean that 12 step groups take their rightful place as not being at the frontline of SUD evidence based treatment and approaches. it is the “war” on drugs that has created the very reliance on the use of certain recovery groups and perhaps that will still be the case, however let’s hope it isn’t putting the cart before the horse that has been so ineffective for so many years.

          • Maybe you should watch SPOTLIGHT about exposing the Catholic Church. AA is not above being sued.

            They need to sue the Entire board next time. And someone one will. The heat is getting hot under the frying pan for sure.
            The next case will be about sexual harassment, rape and children molested.

            Also they are violating non profit rules.

            • I am sure if the fact base and included AA employees, there could be some likeness to the suits against the Catholic Church. If I were harassed by my boss at AAWS, that would be a different case or discrimination in salary, etc. The suits against the Catholic Church had to do with employees, on Catholic property, involved people often in custodial care, etc. Those are altogether different. I agree that AA is not above the law.

              • Do you work at AAWS then? it might be worth familiarisng yourself with Occam’s razor and broom too. It seems that you have to do a lot of justifying but that is understandable. Glad there is agreement that AA is not above the law.

                • I don’t work for AAWS.I was using it to illustrates point. AA isn’t above the law and wouldn’t be is there was an employment relationship. The case law sides with AA in the Brada case. No justification just good case law.

              • If you are a volunteer for AA anywhere……then you are now in The ” Work PLace” as a volunteer. Being A Secretary, A GSR, A treasurer, A greeter, etc you are working for the non profit AA. And if I was sexually harassed or worse I could sue the individual, the group , the building and AA Area, AA district and AA NY> Sexual Harassment Laws in the WORKPLACE are now in play.

                When people finally get it…they will do it. Maybe one by one in the beginning….

                Yes AA loving members have contacted me, seen the film and agree with stopping court ordering , but it seems your traditions and your 12 by 12 keep them from doing that…. when they are told….Quotes ” we cant tell our members how to act ….at the same time , telling people that we welcome even” Deviants”

                When one major article runs and a Network show airs hundreds more will come forward.

                Important to remember that AA’s 12 traditions are not Law, or any sort of legal statutes. There are Laws for Non profits which AA is.

                • I think she has a good point about you, Massive. You do seem earnest in what you say, but you never can prove it. Where is all of the case law that could show that a greeter at an AA meeting is a de facto employee of AAWS? How does that make you able to sue everyone in the room? People need to know how this is so. I would think if any of that were true, AAWS would never have prevailed.

                    • Thats a new one on me valentines day is consumer abuse. Mmm bit like a certain programme dont you think.

                    • No, Idon’t. I don’t need V-Day to tell people Ilove them nor do I need Christmas to get people gifts or to celebrate Christ’s birth.

                  • Sarah 2 – Maybe you should contact Jaro, Karla’s mom or watch my film to see the binder that Karla’s Mother has researched his criminal record. We show some b role of the 8 inch thick binders ( there are 2 of them) she has ALL OF HIS CRIMINAL records. Why are you spending your time researching Eric’s past anyway…CBS 48 HOURS did the work. Their Lawyers Vetted the story. I think CBS is bigger then your research team. Good bye now Sarah …I think you have made it clear that you are not in need of help with LEAVING AA. Also your approach to telling the bloggers and I here that we should have should the Complaint and the lawsuit is also another sign of you controlling , crossing boundaries AA BullSh** t that you guys think you can tell others what they should be reporting on ….on MY BLOG….

                    GO create your own blog.

            • Yes, but the other topics were included in the article with the reference to the 48 Hours show.

              I am not sure how suing a board has a relationship to anything involved with meetings, but it would be interesting to see as it evolves. The first important thing is having a good claim.

              • It was explained to me by someone who knows. People have thought AA is just untouchable. Which it is not. NA has been sued alot and just pays out instead of going to COURT. FACT.

                • I don’t know anything about NA, but AA has been names in plenty of suits and it gets dismissed. You can go to any jurisdiction website and look them up as a defendant. That didn’t used to bespeaks but the Internet has changed things.

  4. Massive has been talking about how people are now willing to speak up so the truth will be known and she is right. Plus here is another thing – professionals are hearing our voices. They may not be posting on blogs or FB pages but they are listening.

    I gave a formal talk recently regarding safety within 12 Step programs and it was attended by a representative from all the major organizations the city ie: Hospitals and Police. Since there my city has almost a million people in it – there were a lot of people there. I will be forever grateful for there caring.

    They are all hearing the words of 12 Step members behind closed doors and know that something needs to change – they just don’t know how to do it.

    I think the future is professional talks like the one I gave so the people who do have the power to make change will be in one room together.


    • Yet she wouldn’t tell the truth about the case and made it out as if it was some conspiracy when all anyone has to do is go to the website and read it.

      Professionals may be listening and hope that is true as many people don’t want mandates for any number of reasons. They maybe listening but just as AA is a program of action, CHANGING anything requires that too. In the conference report, there was an article by members about safety in rooms. Most people are ofthe belief that if you see something, SAY something. It isn’t limited to seeing someone you might think is ISIS.

      They don’t know how to do it? How about that old yarn about providing options and alternatives to AA? Working to get language changed in the laws…but. ALSO making it usable. Changing the language doesn’t do a darn thing if those alternatives aren’t accessible. All of those people who came to hear you probably know people for whom AA has worked. They probably know some too that it didn’t work for.

      • Instead of telling us why dont you take these ideas and post them somewhere useful. Oh that would be too simple why pass up a perfectly good opportunity to make a tit of yourself on a leaving aa site. Honestly.

    • Librarian- That is wonderful news. When I am fully healed I would like to speak to you on the phone about how to make another one of these talks to professionals.

      You should be proud. There is a woman in Arkansas who spoke to a Judge and Police chief. She was a die hard stepper for 20 years and very sweet. …who has left AA and was sexually abused by two oldtimers when she was 15 years old. They are listening to her as well.

      If people in every town would reach out in this way it would be a very positive ripple effect and cause change. AA might be more entrenched then The Natural Gas Industry, but it is not as rich, so …there is hope.

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