Is AA a CULT? If yes why…

Its often discussed in heated debates about this name calling of AA.

I often defended AA when I was still in it . (1975-2011)

But sadly  now I see it as a quasi cult. A powerful INSTITUTION embedded in too many professional EAP programs ( The FAA, Pilots, Nurses, and Doctors) our Courts,  Probation and TV – aka Hollywood . Please tell me your thoughts.

What are some things you did to deprogram? Would like to hear a radio show about this?

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22 thoughts on “Is AA a CULT? If yes why…

  1. It’s a dangerous cult full of dangerous predators. The 13 stepper that targeted me works at the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. Still painful.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear you were 13 stepped! Unfortunately predators are everywhere…but newcomers to AA are already extremely vulnerable. As a sober member of AA since 1982, I and other healthy members keep our eyes on predators (fortunately I attend regular meetings where I rarely run into a predator) and “protect” newcomers as best we are able to do – including pulling someone aside to talk to them. We also are adults, you too, who sometimes make our own bad decisions.

    • You wanna help the newcomers? Tell em to run so they don’t waste 35 years listening to sob stories and nonsense like you.

  4. When I first left aa in the new year I thought I would check out smart or something. Months and months passed and I finally thought I would go. As it got closer I thought ‘why?’. Why do I need another thing to go to weekly to waste my time? Why do I need to ramble about my problems to strangers? Why do I need to listen to people’s sob stories? Why do I need to buy a new special book? If I’m lonely I should call a friend. If I wanna get some support it’s online. I just decided fuck that. Smart is for people not yet over meeting addiction.

    The funniest thing on this site is people who talk about how they make sure their aa is safe for newcomers etc. Has to be hard to admit you’ve wasted your life and become what you must hate on some level.

    If you still go to aa remember to keep it in the rooms and shut the fuck up. Nobody cares about your meeting or what you do there.

  5. On topic :

    To deprogram I’ve learned to cut the cord with all of the people still in it. That’s essential. Find other things to do. Call people you know and see them more. Smoke a joint if that’s what you do. It’s a gradual thing. I was in it for two years and have been out half a year. It blows my mind how much of an ingnorant asshole I was when I was there. Time I’m sure will continue to erase it thankfully. One good thing is that the meetings really are not memorable. You might remember moments, but good luck trying to remember much of anything. Just samey nonsense over and over. Like trying to remember all the times you saw a McDonald’s commercial.

    I really hate aa though now I admit. It’s a disease alright. Of the mind. The people in it are miserable losers just holding each other down. One false move and oh no. When I left I tried to be nice about it. If I bump into any of them now though I let em have it, I don’t care at all. That helps me deprogram. I’ll get over the hate because it’s not deep seated. It’s just my body rejecting this garbage until it’s all out of me.

    Another thing that helps is find everything they ever gave you. Every book, every card, every key tag/chip/toy, every email, every text log, all the numbers… throw em all in the garbage. Not recycling. Maybe someone might read it? The garbage can. I even threw out the beyond belief book (a non religious twelve step book, what utter stupidity).

    But to go back to the beginning, dump the people. If they leave too one day, sure, if not though… Aside from the strange ones in the beginning of everyone wondering if it was their fault I left, I don’t get texts from them unless they want something. One of em offered something once, then flaked out. Their excuse text was the longest thing they wrote me since I left. It’s sad to realise you wasted so much time with these absolutely pretend friendships. I was popular there, at least as much as could be for never having a hp, done the steps, got a sponsor, or sponsored anyone.

    Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings, or abandoning anyone if you leave aa. You will be erased like in the book 1984 extremely quickly. They’ll find a new friend pretty fast.

    • I was kinda lucky it wasn’t longer. I was getting more passive aggressive there and unhappy. But ‘friends’ kept dragging me out there. I was lucky enough to see someone take the gloves off and go after a group of newcomers in a real awful nasty way. It shattered whatever aa had controlling me instantly. I flipped out and told off the room. I came to one or two more after that, but it was over that moment.

      Since then I’ve been able to see it all clearly and get away from them all. They find weak desperate vulnerable people, and put hooks in your head. You want to hate them, but they got tricked and enslaved too. They’re all victims, victimizing each other in perpetuity.

      At first I hated that guy for going in on those newcomers. Now I’m thankful to him. I’m out, and so are those newcomers. He did us all a favour.

      • chris- I can relate- At first I was so made that wouldnt address 13 stepping and predatory behavior and be the all to end all Democratic bullshit society they pretend to be. THEY ARE NOT —as you know . I would have more luck at my City Council Meetings where the public is allowed to speak at every meeting.

        I am glad now too they were such A Holes and resisted change – This made me see them as they really are. And made it very easy to leave once my eyes were opened.

        If I may—- what city did this happen in?

        Best wishes on a new life to you.

        • It’s in the toronto area. The area that sued the agnostic meetings. I used to always bring up how unbelievably stupid it was. The entire intergroup is bankrupt from legal fees, which is poetic justice for sure.

          The predation is so obvious it made me sick. New girl shows up and old guys are fighting over who gets to drive her around. Talk to any guy there long enough and they’ll start talking about which girls are sexy or whatever. They could be 90. They sound like construction workers.

          I feel like I stayed on some level for that reason. I thought great no more booze, this stuff will fill my time, give me friends, and maybe meet a girl. It will fill your time, at least up till 9pm, longer if you like shit coffee shops. The friends? Not really. It always goes back to the meetings. In the end I always wanted to jus hang but not at a meeting. Fuck that we gotta go to the meeting… I’ve found that maybe one or two people are maybe friends after I left. And with girls? I would always make friends. I’d always feel like it was inappropriate to try anything else as they are obviously vulnerable and need help and time. Sooner or later some sleaze ball would start dating them and they’d relapse or go down the drain in some way. It just made me sad. I’d learn a lot about them, all the reasons they had to live better. Then they’d just end up back in the gutter, grabbing desire chips. Everyone apparently cares so much.

          I’m so glad I’m out. It is the most bizarre fucked up place. And I am in an apparently safe place like Toronto. I can only imagine how this goes elsewhere.

          I’m not worried about anonymity, I’m not scared of any of them. The only reason any of them would ever track me down and contact me is to try to get help moving furniture or doing renovations. All they do is use people and get used. Fuck them.

          Sorry I always get fired up and ramble about this stuff.

  6. I felt a great sense of relief the moment I walked out of my final meeting and decided to never return. I was worried I would lose any friends I had in the program, which proved to be correct, but I also learned these were not real friends anyways. I was fairly new in town and had not found work yet, but soon was employed and have made several new friends through my job. We talk about fun stuff and don’t sit around and have boring, repetitive, discussions about our addiction. Personally, I never believed alcoholism to be a disease anyways. I believe addiction is real, and I was physically and mentally addicted, but I recovered. That’s not possible according to AA, but I don’t buy it. I drink again, only now in moderation. I wasn’t in AA long before the red flags of what I consider a cult started to appear. I think the reason I felt such a great sense of relief was because I realized what I escaped before I was too brainwashed. Rather you have been 13th stepped or not, AA is still a dangerous place in more ways than one.

  7. fyi massive you were mentioned on a podcast of the “thinking atheist” which i now do not listen to as they did a huge disservice poo pooing you and anointing AA as not a cult or religious…etc. it made me pretty sick.

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