JASON BARTLEY- You Tuber guy -Burn Big Books Challenge- or return your Big Book to NY AA Headquarters

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Once again Jason Bartley- an ex stepper, youtuber guy talks about Burning our Big Books and or Sending them back to AA asking for a refund….

Funny- Enjoy!!! I think I will be sending a Big Book back asking for a refund.


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12 thoughts on “JASON BARTLEY- You Tuber guy -Burn Big Books Challenge- or return your Big Book to NY AA Headquarters

    • If you lived somewhere with a regular climate unlike where I live in Phoenix, you could have burned your BB in a fireplace or a woodstove (if you have either) or maybe a campfire celebrating your being out of the cult…….but at any rate, glad you got the BB out of your life in your own way!

      • LOL! I have a Border Collie who loves to eat paper. I could have left it out and he would have taken care of it like he did a book I didn’t want him to touch.

  1. I have already tossed mine too but I love this challenge and would do it if I could. Merry Christmas AAWS! I hope you get swamped by BB returns.


    • Call me evil (insert Saturday morning evil cartoon character laugh here) but I love the image I get of AAWS getting swamped by BB returns…..I’d love to be a fly on the wall and hear what they make of it.

      • Probably laugh. After all, they got the money for the book. Any returns could be donated for a write off. That fixes them, huh?

  2. I love, love, love this idea! I will hit up a few thrift shops for used Big Books to send back to them….in Phoenix you can often find used BB’s at thrift shops, which in a way seems to be more proof that AA doesn’t work, if you stop and think about it. If AA were so great, why would anyone give up their precious Big Book and donate it to charity, right? But I’d love to send several back to New York with a note to the effect that I chose life over the cult any day and here is your toxic book back, lol.

  3. Much too late. Around 9 or so years ago I put my Big Book, memeographed rehab text binder (they didn’t spend money on real bound books), rehab “graduation” certificate, chips and medallions in a plain brown paper bag and tossed it in the trash can with the other garbage.

  4. We all know opinions are like a-holes, they all stink. What you Robert don’t seem to know, is that yours needs to be cleaned from months, years even, of not washing. Keeping drinking the Kool-aid.

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