Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 Sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Community Labor for Hotel Arrest


I really feel sorry for this lady. I bet she has no idea that there are no such things as AA   “Sessions” I hope she finds out. There are only AA meetings that are run by no one who is trained  and no one will warn her that AA meetings are not safe. That a man there may be a rapist who is getting away with it because of the Anonymity feature.

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27 thoughts on “Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 Sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Community Labor for Hotel Arrest

    • Out of the Woods, interesting article – I enjoyed reading it. It’s good to be human, anger IS a natural reaction to a perceived threat. That’s why I am not angry with folks on this blog. My interest in this blog is to try and offer some balanced questioning and critique of this negative obsession with AA. I know a bit about it because my brother, Malcolm, was a hopeless alcoholic who got well with AA. Now if we pledge to be a little more respectful of each other we can open up some meaningful dialogue. Otherwise it is a direct negation of the right to free speech. It can’t be all one way. Monica put this out there so let us discuss her stories more harmoniously.

      • I had a close relative who was a hopeless alcoholic went to AA, stopped drinking and then died. This is the truth that for any given success there is a failure which we never ever hear about , only anecdotal success rates. Nonetheless its good you have not had to go through losing someone close to the program. The bias towards AA has been going on for far too long and there are many many opinions, resources, articles on AA both for and now burgeoning against this is healthy and it is healthy that people can be able to express,finally how they felt while in AA. This blog is but one and a place for people to express the right to free speech against AA in a way that has value and meaning to those individuals. You may find it an obsession however as you stated you only have one persons view ie your brother and this could be perceived likewise that there is an obsession with attending 12 steps so on and so on..

        Now perhaps if you wish to have a more reasoned dialogue it would seem that asking questions may get the answers you need..perhaps on other websites that are more moderate perhaps, also best wishes to your bro too and that’s meant in the best possible spirit :).

      • If YOU have not personally experienced AA as the great majority of posters have, please acknowledge that personal experience trumps the cheap seats. We are happy that Malcolm is better, but attribute his success to himself; AA will take credit where credit is not due every time. This community exists for a good reason–finding sanity after an insane experience in AA. Again, if YOU did not experience it personally, YOU can’t know our mission.

        • Malcolm attributes his success to living a spiritual life after going through his programme and that has taken a lot of self examination and change for him. He could never do it on his own although he tried to for a lot of years, he lost his wife and family, jobs etc until he got help. Thank you for well wishes, my brother is much loved and living a good life today.

          • It would be remiss not to say that there is the 5% for whom aa works god or no god so why worry, enjoy having and being a brother and in the nicest possible way I hope we never hear of Malcolm again

   brother is much loved and living a good life today.

            and even the hardest heart couldn’t be softened by this last line, thanks for putting a smile on my face. 🙂

        • Totally agreed on both points – about Ms. Richards being sentenced to magic fairy dust and that this poster is a troll.

          • In day to day life I imagine that anyone who has your gain say will be labelled a troll, as well as here on this blog. I wonder if you also call them steppers. Lol

            • Listen you loser, Robert. You get off on this, don’t you? You sick bastard. Going onto to sites you are clearly not welcome, and inciting such nonsense. I have watched Kim Richards since I was a child. I adored her as a fantastic child address in the Escape from Witch Mountain movies and many others. However, for whatever reason, she started to use alcohol to medicate or relax or whatever. She married young, had several kids at an early age, lost her career and youth. She was still talent and beautiful, but did not believe in herself. Maybe, she did not have the support of her family, who knows. But, rather than find out what was wrong with her, emotionally, mentally or physically, they just threw her away to the AA rehab system, numerous times, where she would drown forever, and never get well. GO AWAY, Robert! Be gone, you crazy stepper. I banish you from here, FOREVER! Yes, I have that power. Go back to where you belong, in AA hell, where YOU will NEVER get well!!

  1. Every emotion can be destructive if you let it, but we have the choice how to deal with them. Anger can be used constructively and is part of who we are, it is neither right nor wrong. Suppressing feelings whatever they are is destructive in my book and thats what AA wants you do do. I wonder what angle Wilson had when he came up with that stupid statement?

    • You sure you don’t want to take a fearless and through moral inventory and find out what your part was before making this statement? (TOTALLY KIDDING, MIND YOU) LOL.

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