LAWSUIT AGAINST AA GSB- Dropped by Judge Rita Miller early this year.

Attorneys Shaking Hands On Courthouse Steps

The Lawsuit against AA in NY has been dropped. However the Lawsuit against Santa Clarita AA is still pending and there is a court date in June 2016. Stay tuned and please write and blog away.

Stay tuned.

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17 thoughts on “LAWSUIT AGAINST AA GSB- Dropped by Judge Rita Miller early this year.

  1. It was announced in AA assemblies November, 2015 that this was over. If you are following the document trail, AA Santa Clarita hasn’t been served. These last deals have to do solely with Eric Earle. He is filing bankruptcy.

    • LelLA—no this is not correct. Eric Earle was dropped from the suit as were the sponsors. Santa Clarita is still in ….see you in court in JUNE>

      SO glad to hear it was announced in the assemblies last fall. Did they announce that violent and sex offenders are being courtordered into AA meetings too?

  2. People know there are court ordered people in AA. No secret there.

    Why drop ERic Earle when he is the sole person responsible for any of this? Santa Clarita maintains that it has never been served. That is a requisite for a suit of any kind. But the big fishes were dismissed from the suit. Anyone else is small change.

    I would love to go to court but I have surgery scheduled. Will await with interest.

    • NO most old timers have no idea that Sex offenders and violent offenders no ( non violent criminals) are being court ordered to AA by a Judge and actually forced to go.

      ALL the women in my home group were shocked and had no idea . They are all so insulated in their nice little women’s group.

  3. When you are meeting in a home with specially invited people, you have control over who comes. You are talking about a small group of people,but the majority of people in AA do know this. They know that people have papers to sign, etc. Surely in the years you participated in AA that were not confined to a “boutique” meeting, you were aware of it. People at assemblies know this, too.

    • NO we are talking about a room in a commercial Building in west LA where 50 women come each week. Many old timers some newcomers they get drug in there, by Over zealous newcomers with 1 year from a local rehab. EVEN in the Area 05 , or Westside Monthly meeting , most were shocked by this fact.


      BUT THAT COURTS ARE ORDERING VIOLENT AND SEX OFFENDERS to AA. I for one an not against a violent offenders who did 29 years and finally gets out. He has most probably changed. we hope.
      I am talking about the RABID ABUSE OF OVER SENTENCING a man who is violent over and over again and sent to AA INSTEAD OF JAIL and has many restraining orders etc. HE…needs to go to prison.

      • You are revising your history, Massive. It used to be that you would claim that people met in each other’s homes. That you became aware of mandates when you accompanied someone to a clubhouse meeting.

        I know that the Mendez family has been trying to work through its grief, but this effort isn’t going to do much. The suits against the big fish were dismissed and if anything is remaining against an Intergroup that is in the red each month, then I guess you have to define what you feel a win might be. I just feel whatever if might be, it wouldn’t have saved Karla.

          • So obvious and so pointless in so many ways. Hey resentment is the number 1 offender lovey. What a waste of sobriety x

            • I don’t misunderstand their resentments. I think I would have taken a more constructive approach to it and I said I got their need to work through their pain. Thank you for reminding me of Massive’s discussion on a waste of sobriety and how much more fun her 20s would have been had she had more than the lime and soda in her glass. I think it is all perspective.

              • You know nothing of how to approach this. YOUR DAUGHTER IS NOT DEAD BY A GUY COURT ORDERED TO AA OVER 55 times over 22 years.

                OH- ARE YOU EVEN A MOTHER?

  4. ..when you are at home, unless you have ulterior motives with “guests” then the court ordering of offenders is way way different. Unfortunately starry eyed 12 step believers tend to overlook the fact that the perpetrator will do and say anything in order to “get off” as it were, I mean lets face it who wants to go to jail, much easier to claim a currently debated “disease” in fact I’m off out later to mug a couple of grannies because I am powerless , but hey it’s all about honesty in a vastly disingenuous and dishonest programme. Sound bites and slogans and on and on do not maketh a reformed criminal, just a “dry” criminal. much better to address the pyschsocial problems than tarring with a spiritual disease. So no nothing like having guests at home, no cross talk remember lol

    Once in though it is patently obvious to anyone with half a brain the concept of milieu control kicks in please read and digest as follows for our poor unsuspecting offenders..

    Ever ready to build the attitude of platitude, of course any indoctrinated readers will at this point be able to identify and quickly deny, which in and of itself just goes to show how effective the nonsense is.

    Also what is the evidence that AA attendance reduces recidivism? probably not much just like it’s stats about membership, recovery rates etc etc. One likes the evidence medium rare, not well cooked.a la 12 step woo.

  5. Eric Earle may very well have been ordered to AA but he wasn’t ordered to AA when he ran in to Karla. Ms. Bish’s masterpiece of a demurrer said just about everything I would have,including thatAAs are not employees or bosses of each other and that Santa Clarita AA doesn’t even exist. Given that the same judge will hear this that dismissed three previous attempts to state a claim, I surmise she will have the same opinion on this. I hope this means we are at the end of the road with this.

    Monica, I know that the Mendez family was in anguish over losing their daughter. I don’t have to be a parent to understand this or even a legal scholar to know that you don’t sue people who didn’t even know this couple. Why not let Karla rest in peace instead of continuing to try to make this case into something it isn’t? It was never going to end AA or to even create problems for it.

    On on hand, you decry a man for defending his son at all costs (the rape case) and I was just sent some cheesy wedding vows that promised “to always defend you no matter what you have done.” Who can really promise that? Odd proclamation in a wedding, but a man who feels the same way about his son is being beaten up by you. When is enough…enough? Karla’s parents are trying to find something that doesn’t exist through people not responsible for it. I hope it can rest now.

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