A Leader -Marty Mann …Truth Could Have Crippled AA.

There was a time it was dangerous to be GAY, Marty Mann who was a known Lesbian in the AA circles spent her life promoting AA and 12 step ideology to the top 500 companies in America. Had this fact been known things might have been a bit different for her. She told everyone that Alcoholism was disease and they all believed her even though

no one was doing or had done any research.

So if you have a kid. Don’t tell them that they might be an alcoholic just because you drank too  much in college. I was told this by 2 therapists. They said My kids would have a 50 % chance. We all know that this is a lie. There are no studies and no proof.

Read on for an interesting story none the less. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/02/how-sexual-deviance-could-have-crippled-alcoholics-anonymous/252700/

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8 thoughts on “A Leader -Marty Mann …Truth Could Have Crippled AA.

  1. I had a copy of Marty Mann’s biography, which I read and subsequently gave to a gay woman. More than Marty’s gay life being hidden, was the horrendous way women were treated in AA. The men not only complained of their presence but were belligerent toward them, and this occurred frequently throughout my time in AA, (1990-2008). Jean Kirkpatrick, founder of Women for Sobriety, notes this as well in her autobiography.
    Marty had relapses throughout her time in AA, but of course, this was kept hidden. As many of us have come to learn, the primary goal of AA is recruitment, not honesty amongst it’s rank and file.

  2. KellyRyan
    nice to see you! Thanks for posting as well. Someone mailed me her Bio and I almost threw it our the window until my son said “mom, keep your friends close, but know your enemies even better” IN essence he thinks I should read it.

    Its still a boys club. Just attend a NY Board AA function and you can see the truth. Its looks like the senate. They like to put women in place like with Phyllis Haliday just for show.

    How can they get away with such predatory behavior and still do nothing.

    • no they didnt. In the beginning they treated women like crap. Drug Addicts were shunned as were blacks and latinos.

      Maybe they welcomed Marty Mann because she came from ‘BIG MONEY”.

    • I’d encourage reading the bios on Bill Wilson. He was a known sycophant, using others for personal gain. Marty was accepted because she would work without a fee for Bill’s recovery movement.

      Marty criss-crossed the country speaking to medical groups, promoting AA, and alcoholism as a disease, which Bill appreciated.

      It gave him more time to womanize, play with his Ouija board, and zone out on LSD.

  3. Wow Kelly! You’ve really got mad on for AA!
    My experience in 32 years has been that AA has shown respect for all persons who want to stop drinking and better their lives. The women in my groups are treated with honor and respect! As are gay,straight, whatever race, religion and mentally ill.

    • Yes indeed Tom,

      AA will remain totally unconscious of any allegations of abuse … as long as you… and all of AA … don’t ever open your mind to hear any outside criticism that anyone is abused in AA. That’s a powerful tradition in AA. /sarcasm

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