Lorain Cop gets 3 years of 3 AA meetings a week instead of Jail time!

Maybe not a good idea. Why not send him to jail and give him anger management classes. What if this officer doesnt  like AA and he just used this as an excuse. What if AA makes him crazier – because we know that no cop out there is POWERLESS> Geez – I wish I could talk to him, his wife, his lawyer and the judge.

He was already sent to AA and 12 step REHAB – it says in 2014 – I guess AA Failed him. So try something else. How are we going to stop this ? http://www.chroniclet.com/Local-News/2017/04/18/Lorain-officer-has-a-number-of-previous-alcohol-related-incidents-on-file.html

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Lorain officer sentenced, keeps job…http://www.chroniclet.com/Local-News/2017/07/22/Lorain-officer-sentenced-keeps-job.html

LORAIN — A Lorain police officer will spend five days in jail after pleading no contest Friday to a charge of disorderly conduct persisting. He will be allowed to remain on the police force.

Officer James O. Connell appeared before Lorain Municipal Court Judge Mark Mihok for the hearing, during which his original charge of domestic violence was amended to disorderly conduct persisting. He will report to jail Sunday.

Connell was sentenced to three years’ probation and will have to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous twice a week for those three years, periodically meet with Mihok and undergo random drug and alcohol testing. He also signed a last-chance agreement with Lorain police that stipulates he will immediately be terminated from his job if he violates probation in the next three years.

James Connell’s attorney, J. Anthony Rich, told Mihok his client is a good officer who has a drinking problem. Rich said Connell chose not to go to trial to spare his wife and fellow officers the grief of having to testify against “one of their own.”

“He’s able to salvage his career and keep his career moving forward at this point,” Rich said. “He’s a proud officer, he’s a good officer, and I think this was an unfortunate event we have to take responsibility for, which he has.”

Connell told Mihok he intends to stay sober and continue attending Alcoholics Anonymous and counseling. He also said he has apologized to his wife and family, and he apologized to the court and the police department.

“I want to apologize for the embarrassment I have caused,” he said.

Nicole Connell told Mihok that since her husband got sober four months ago, he has become a better father and more involved in family life. She said she doesn’t want her husband to do any jail time but she understands the decision.

Nicole Connell said James Connell formerly had a beer fridge in his garage “man cave” that was full of beer. Today she said it is full of bottled water and he places his monthly sobriety tokens on it.

“Every time he goes to see (the refrigerator), he recognizes ‘I’m not going toward alcohol anymore; I’m going toward sobriety,’” she said.

Police have said an intoxicated James Connell attacked his wife in March in their home, where he tackled, punched and placed her in a chokehold after a birthday party for their 2-year-old son. The two got into an argument when Nicole Connell took James Connell’s phone because he was texting another woman.

Police reported that Nicole Connell hit her husband and at one point pushed him off of her, but he grabbed her again and put her in a chokehold. She said she felt herself start to lose consciousness, but James Connell released her before she passed out.

She told police she then ran toward the living room, but James Connell tackled her again and held her wrists while sitting on top of her. She said she continued to fight until James Connell let her up, and then called her father.

James Connell told police that he was “defending himself” and received scratches on his face and left hand during the encounter and asked his fellow officers to take photos of those injuries. The police report said Nicole Connell had swelling and bruising on her left arm, a raised red mark on her neck and a split lip with dried blood.

James Connell has since been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly as well as meeting with a substance-abuse counselor and attending marriage counseling.

This wasn’t James Connell’s first alcohol-related incident. His personnel file shows he has had run-ins with fellow police officers in 2014 for walking around Lorain at night while intoxicated, riding an all-terrain vehicle in Lorain while intoxicated and driving in Garrettsville while intoxicated. In Garrettsville he was pulled over, but police took him and a friend to jail, allowed him to sober up and drive home later.

James Connell was never charged for any of those incidents, but he was ordered to undergo alcohol-addiction treatment after the last incident and received a three-day suspension from work that was held in abeyance on the condition of one year of good behavior.

James Connell also was required to report any contact with law enforcement within one hour of it happening and submit to random alcohol testing.

The personnel file also shows that Lorain Police Chief Cel Rivera wrote it was clear to James Connell’s supervisors that he had a drinking problem. An earlier report in James Connell’s file noted he told the police department’s employee review board that it was the last incident in 2014 that convinced him to seek treatment and begin attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Lorain police Capt. Roger Watkins told Mihok that James Connell is a good police officer, and alcohol-related incidents in his personal life have not affected his job performance.

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5 thoughts on “Lorain Cop gets 3 years of 3 AA meetings a week instead of Jail time!

  1. I just want to state: If you want to see the end of AA, you have to do away with every AA Based Substance Abuse Treatment Center. Every Drug Rehab that uses NA as its cirriculum. It is common knowledge that South Florida (Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties) accomodate a cluster of a disproportionately large number of Residential Rehabs. I’ve been to two of them. Both were systematically unethical and I can write page after page of both severe and minor problems with both of them-the 2 had much in common. And they both happened to be 501(c)3’s.
    Ethics violations (and plenty of Legal and Code Violations) were nested under the guise of Charitable Organizations.
    I wish to present my case in detail. Help me Help all of you that have major issues with 12 Step. I kept asking myself and others, “Where is The Line In The Sand between ‘rehab’ and regular, ‘normal’ outside AA Meetings?” I have concluded that there is no line. They are one and the same. And 1 Rehab had a Permanent Housing Program. Which turned out to be an Insane Asylum where people were only getting worse. The ostensible goal was to get long term affordable shelter for former drug abusers. The truth was to keep the people from re-integrating into society. It bred Institutionalization. And I thought I was perceptive enough and so self aware that I couldn’t become institutionalized like the guys who were in and out of Prison. They got me. They got me to adopt Learned Helplessness because in a bizarre way, it was pragmatic. It had survival value. Paranoia also has Survival Value, but it sure as hell isn’t healthy in any way. And it is no way to live. If a Tenant wanted to go out, they had better be going to a 12 Step Meeting and only associating with other 12 Steppers, unless they were going to work and school, but if they want to go ANYWHRE, they had to be onsite for daily “Supportive Service Meetings”-they were pseudo AA, like a Didactic Rehab group meeting. 16 a month was the bare minimum allowed, otherwise the lease would be discontinued. The Meetings were like being in a overpopulated zoo. I saw my fellow Kindergarteners behaving better than these Tenants back when I was 6. Everyone loathed the meetings and they took it out on eachother. Not on the Housing Authorities. If a Tenant became a Staff Member via Nepotism, then they could miss meetings. Otherwise, you need to hear that “There Is A Solution” yet again and have Bill Wilson’s writings read to you. AA Meetings were preferable to these clusterfucks called “Supportive Service Meetings.” The Housing Authorities allowed two Tenants which I did actually respect, two older men who were rational and at one time very successful and in respectable positions in society-to DIE. This year. Through gross incompetence and negligence. But they were not the first onsite deaths. They allowed a Tenant to become so unhealthy that he just died in his sleep, with no cause of death ever explained to the rest of us.
    The facility was a formerly Condemned Juvenile Detention Facility. They got it up to Code, then let it rot again. The infrastructure of the 70 year old complex is rotting beyond repair, ridden with bedbugs, without proper restroom facilities, and obvious eyesore from outside of the gate. Easily 200 Addicts and Alcoholics are in it right now, if each building is counted. IT IS A CULT COMPOUND. Their Chuck Dietrich is more pleasant and isn’t mailing me snakes but he exists. He is spoken of like he’s the Pope. Or the Mafia Don.

    The other Treatment Center I have been a Client in was completely court mandated. Due to AA’s and NA’s Zero Tolerance for anything in pill form, any tablet, any capsule, any medicine, even OTC, I was forced by a Judge, Marcia Beach, to go through Withdrawls from Benzodiazepines and Opiates Concurrently. I had to “cheat” to not have a Grand Mal Seizure or Die a painful death. I know the necessity to TAPER a person off of Benzos if they are physically dependent on one of them. I was coming off Diazepam and methadone and oxycodone and carisoprodol and hydrocodone and the occasional adderall all at the same time. I was permitted to be prescirbed the Rehab Cocktail-SSRI Antidepressants and Trazodone and eventually some Seroquel. This is the norm now. It gave me Serotonin Overload. I was sick from these meds on top of the chemicals I was in withdrawl from and I fainted twice. While briefly in the hospital, my valuables were stolen. SSRIs should NOT be taken with Trazodone. It can be deadly. But because they are not the “Bad drugs”, the Controlled Substances, that BigPharma was allowed to get its foot into the door of this rehab, as well as the other one. The correct meds for a detox protocol are Gabapentin and Clonidine, if any prescription drugs are going to be dispensed. Look it up on Bluelight. Ex users chimed in. I was only allowed to get Imodium if I got a script for it. Same for Pepto-Bismol or anything else OTC. At the Cult Compound Miami Rehab there were 100+ medication boxes in a giant cabinet. One box per person. It was filled to capacity. I’m not against psych meds but it was just one of many double-standards. Meds weren’t given out with any respect for patient privacy. I saw who was on the HIV meds, for example-not that I was trying to find out. The paperwork was simply left of the table in a binder that the boxes were also placed on in the Medication Dispensation Room. The Behavioral Health Technicians were all Steppers and with one or two exceptions, either clueless or on a power trip. There was no recourse in either facility for any complaint, no matter how valid. I learned to get comfort from chain smoking, just like EVERYONE ELSE. I had chronic bronchitis by my early 30s and had to quit completely. Cigs were sold onsite by staff, DTCs. The really cheap and excesively unhealthy ones. BioPsychoSocials are what the Counselors do during 1 on 1 sessions, and it is simply Data Mining every little detail of your past and your psychological profile. None of the info is put into any practical use. But it is mandatory for the Counselors to do. Once that’s completed, It was BIGBOOKBIGBOOK on infinte repeat in large cafeteria group sessions. People get into the literature for the hour or two and then forget what they all read aloud a hour later.

    It is just processing prisoners through a machine. Another brick in the wall, but at least government mandated school makes some logical sense. There is no sense to Government run 12 Step. This stuff has to get defunded so real true helpful treatment can fill the void. If 12 Step worked, why is drug addiction only getting more widespread?
    Drug Court Ensures that you can’t maintain a job because you have to drive 40 miles to piss in a cup and hear a “Instructor” tell the class what bad people we are for 90 minutes.
    I still can’t believe I successfully completed the Drug Court crap. Which took 18 months. What do I have to show for it? A broken spirit. I know-I have resentments and they are the number one offender and we die if we have resentments. Bill said it, so his arbitrary opinion becomes truth. We stood and the turning point, and wanted to see the end of AA, so we turned rehabs into rubble. Most true believers were in rehab early on. We need to shut down the RECRUITMENT CAMPS. Crackhead Gulags don’t help the addict or the society at large. Why remove someone from society completely for months to teach them how to live in society properly? Not that anyone was taught any practical employment skills or even survival skills. You learn how to get adjusted and acclimated to an authoritarian 12 Step Halfway House in which the poorest people with any cash get financially exploited. It becomes “Homeless Anonymous” and drugs and alcohol become side issues.
    I can go on and on, I hope this might shed a little light on what is going on coast to coast right now, If you bash rehabs, you sound like you hate addicts and want them to suffer and die. The rehabs ironically ensure that this occurs. I may write more later. Sorry to be off topic from your current discussarions.
    “Jake Palmer”

    • HI Jake – Thank you for contacting me- I appreciate all the detail you have provided me. We are going to be making a short Sizzle reel to show to networks for a limited series. I will read your entire post and get back to you .

  2. Interesting – I guess it depends upon if cops going to AA and talking about other cops drinking on the job….

    Trooper was stripped of his gun for attending AA meetings: suit
    By Joshua Rhett Miller
    July 25, 2017 | 3:48pm

    “A state trooper in Michigan says he’s been declared unfit for duty and lost his gun after attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting three years ago, leading to an internal police investigation.”


    “Trouble started for Tuer, 48, of Warren, after he attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 2014, according to the lawsuit. While at the meeting, Tuer relayed a story about how fellow troopers in a special enforcement unit drank alcohol and then drove state vehicles during out-of-town training sessions.”

    Read it all: https://nypost.com/2017/07/25/trooper-was-stripped-of-his-gun-for-attending-aa-meetings-suit/

  3. In the case of Michigan State Police Trooper Craig Tuer who went to an AA meeting in Southern Michigan AA General Service Area 33, District 17 in Warren starting around 2012, it was the infamous ” vow of confidentiality” from the AA slogan of “what is said at an AA meeting, stays at the AA meeting” that failed once again. There is no such rule in AA.

    “LANSING — Michigan State Police Trooper Craig Tuer thought he was protected by a vow of confidentiality when he spoke at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting about how troopers in a special enforcement unit drank and drove state vehicles during training sessions.

    But another attendee reported the infractions to the State Police, prompting an internal investigation and trouble for Tuer’s colleagues.”

    Source: Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/07/25/trooper-alleges-msp-retaliated-against-him-attending-aa-meetings/503992001/

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