LOS ANGELES TIMES Puff Piece Promoting Alcoholics Anonymous from March 2011

We all wrote letters, we sent faxes when we saw this. This was the push back we got from the work we were doing. In 2010 I had a reporter say to me ” we need the police involved to make this a story.

Well now we do. Karla Brada is dead. Is that good enough now. The maddness needs to stop.

WARNING. Its not a great film. Its too long and its slow… but it was my first attempt to make something in imovie, so critics…go easy on me. I promise my next shorts will be better 🙂

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10 thoughts on “LOS ANGELES TIMES Puff Piece Promoting Alcoholics Anonymous from March 2011

  1. Thanks Monica…i needed this today….bless you and so many others attempting to help others know the facts of AA rooms….no one would listen in 2002 when my son was murdered by his AA sponsor just after his 21st birthday. Keeper of the Birds aka Veronica McGuire, mother of Thomas McGuire Jr.

    • keeper- I have been thinking strongly about you because a woman posted here about a man going into the rooms saying he raped an 8 year old. CAn you imagine, no one called the police. They sit there like robots. I think she could use your support. Her name on here is marie and she posted on the FILE a Complaint thread.

      I could hardly believe what is going on there , but it is and he is saying sexual things about members children and still they dont throw him out. AA is worse then the Catholic CHurch in some ways. Maybe not. Maybe it’s just as bad, just alot smaller, and alot poorer. No gold in NY vaults. Just Millions!!!

      Nice to see you here and you are so welcome. Im editing my film and looked at your footage the other day. Thank you so much for telling your story in my Documentary.

      • I was at a retreat in Mammoth where the circuit speaker from Reno openly said she abused her children in her speach. There were about five women in the audience who went up afterward to apply for sponsorship and get more validation for their own sex crimes against their own children.
        You could probably call Reno central office and get her name and contact info.

        • anon- this weekend or a while back?

          Thats disgusting. Thats why it goes on in AA. Many of the women are sexual predators themselves.


          • I think four years ago, perhaps five.
            Not this weekend, the Mammoth retreat is in the summer. Burrrrrrrrr, too cold to camp out now.

  2. Did you talk about this on stinkin thinkin years ago? It sounds familiar?

    Still gives me the creeps. GLad to hear it was a long time ago!

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